March 28, 2020
Luxury Logistics – Global Fulfillment Solutions – Capacity LLC

Luxury Logistics – Global Fulfillment Solutions – Capacity LLC

Capacity is able to support bigger
high-end brands because of our experience because of our understanding
of what the higher end client is looking for. Some of the longest standing
relationships we have are with folks like Tarte Cosmetics, Korres Natural Products,
Weleda North America, Becca Cosmetics which is now a subsidiary of
Estee Lauder, and many other color cosmetics brands. We
consolidate for Sephora and for Ulta which means that they can
come every other day and pick up about a dozen different orders for a dozen
different brands. We have fulfillment centers in New Jersey and California. Most recently we partnered with a company in the UK to provide
international fulfillment for some of our clients. And we’re now expanding into
France just this year. The number of orders that we ship, which could swing
from as little to a thousand per day, because that’s what the client needs or
that’s how many they’re receiving upwards of maybe 30,000. So popping up
and creating solutions for the success of our clients is really what we take
pride in. And some of those swings of variability is what makes it most
interesting for us. In fact we just passed our twentieth million order and
I’m sure 21 is right around the corner.

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