April 7, 2020
Lucky Orange to Understanding User Experience

Lucky Orange to Understanding User Experience

What’s up sprocket Sears, it’s your boy George B. And yes, we’re back again for another interview And this one’s gonna get crazy because we’re gonna talk about recordings and heat and maps and all sorts of weird stuff Hey, you know what time it is. Are you a hub spot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprocket. Ah, that’s right. It’s Georgie be back again And I always love these interviews because for the first little bit the few seconds I know that we’ve got a mysterious guest that you’re Wondering what in the heck do the words that I said in the beginning have to do with what we’re about to talk about for the next 10 15 20 minutes well Mysterious guest why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself what you do and who you do it for a sprocket? Here’s the name is Danny Weissman. I’m the CEO and co-founder of lucky orange And lucky orange is really the premier All-in-one platform to help you and understand how visitors are interacting with your website So you can improve those sales leave their conversion And so Danny and a fifty thousand foot view if you just had a couple moments to explain What lucky orange is and why somebody might want to use it? What would your answer be? I? think website owners really struggle with understanding how their website and traffic performs an our goal to pull back that digital curtain and give you that transparency in the forms of visitor recording dynamic heat map Conversion funnels and pulls and more to help you understand what? Friction a road block points visitors might be having that might be preventing them from signing up purchasing or contacting you So Danny, that’s awesome. And one of the things I’d love to do is kind of get that elevator pitch So when I think about like why would most companies use a tool like lucky orange? Let’s say you had six floors you walk in at ding. The doors are closing. Like why would you tell a company? This is why you need to use lucky orange Well, let’s start with the very first ground or first level which is let’s simplify the understanding of what people are doing on earth You know, what are the entry-level friction points? How are they even navigating the page a very classic example of how lucky orange supports? This is something within our dynamic heat mapping called a scroll down now We’ve we’re all familiar kind of oftentimes We’ve seen heat maps or we’re familiar with the fold on a website Which is what’s the content you readily see when you land on the page? however We like to look at something called the effective bulb that says we recognize people land on pages and depending on their screen size They’re going to see different concepts, but on top of that people do tend to scroll a little bit so we like to take a shot of that page and we’re going to tell you how far down do most people scroll and What’s that effective fold? Where’s that real cut off? And what content is above it? And what is below it? I think we often have a case up of over bloated landing pages where we have value propositions and Testimonials and quotes to prove what we do By the time they get down to that main call to action that sign up now that purchase button Majority of your visitors didn’t even see it So how can you improve your conversion rate when a huge percent of your traffic doesn’t do it? So that’s again a type of those visual insights that you don’t need that PhD in analytics. We don’t want you Diving deep into Excel and looking at bounce rates Look at a patient understand Oh people aren’t signing up because they don’t even see this button or they’re clicking on something They thought was my sign up button Oh sprocket talk viewers and listeners That you don’t need a PhD in analytics. I absolutely loved that one so when you’re talking about this stuff Danny I my mind goes to Kind of the question of is this tool just for marketers. Is it for marketers and sales folks? Is it for CEOs? So maybe let the viewers the listeners know exactly who could be or should be using lucky orange yeah, and that’s really an interesting point is because We’ve really built this to be a very collaborative tool within an organization We’ve really seen that the more people within an organization not just within one department Okay We went from two market the three marketers but across many different teams the way somebody in marketing and sales might benefit from looking at a key map or visitor recordings and the insights that they learned might be different than someone who’s in customer support so one of the tools built into lucky orange is um chat So you have the ability to chat with visitors right on your website and even cobrowse with them? so how somebody in a chat function or a customer support function using chat might differ than a Web developer who’s looking at the lucky ones recordings to find console layers and drop the JavaScript issues So a wide range and it’s really nice that you can kind of bring the team to the table and say hey What do we all learn? What’s the insight? We’ve learned that this airs happening Ok, who’s the stakeholder within the company that can then implement it so really the more buy-in you get from? across the team the more gets adopted and certainly the more value you’ll see for me and you know when you have a tool You want to get value out of it? So I love that you may want to rewind that part sprockets ears and just listen to it again so Danny one of the things when we do these interviews on tools that we start to pay attention to is the Benefits the features if you will that we start to hear about and so far in this conversation you have mentioned like heat maps and recordings and Collaboration and other like chat you mentioned that too. And so a lot of the viewers listeners. They might be thinking. Oh my gosh Like I don’t probably have the budget for that can you just take a hot second and talk about cost and what that looks like as far as if a team was going to Use the tool Really does try to be an all-in-one solution provide a lot of value and we mentioned the recordings and the dynamic key mapping in the chat we also have other features like form analytics which will identify fields of your for more people drop-off and historical analytics But yes, you’re absolutely correct in that you could provide all these amazing tools But if it’s at a price point that just puts you out of it or you learn from it But then you don’t have enough money left over to implement those changes then it’s not going to do Of value so that’s why Consciously. We recognize how lucky orange really should complement your complete digital marketing strategy and our pricing reflects that so every tool that we’ve mentioned is Available in one package and it starts at truly $10 a month now that’s no bait and switch you get one website up to I think 20 or 25,000 pages for just $10 a month. I’m from there it continues to scale So whether you want to track a few sites It goes up to 20 dollars a month and again with each one of our plans all Pictures are included and a really nice thing that we do that might be different than some of the other people providing either recordings or heat maps is that stone is always on that means we do not sample your traffic and this is a Major differentiator I want to talk about for just a moment here because when you talk about utilizing different tools and which tool should we adopt as an Organization because you know there you always want to do your research front to make sure you’re onboarding the right Technology that’s best for how your organization’s gonna use it Well, I’m lucky oranges case because we don’t sample data. That means that there is a lot less Babysitting that needs to be done because you don’t have to go in and set up experiments date today I want to track these pages and tomorrow and want to set up experiment for these and oh, you know what? I really learned something interesting I hope that page was being tracked lucky weren’t able track all of your pages and all visitors to those pages again without the need to Babysit those experiments and that’s something we really pride ourselves Yeah, I love that like the the least amount of babysitting and the most amount of analytics is absolutely beautiful you Know Danny, it’s funny. We’ve covered cost. We’ve kind of covered some features when I think about tools sometimes I inherently say hey this tool is for any type of company and then there are some tools I’m like well maybe there are industries or things like that that they’re not a good fit for so when you as a person who is inside of lucky orange and you think of like who’s the best type of Companies for us to sell to that are gonna get the best benefit use it for the longest Like are there certain companies that you would say? Hey, if you’re this type of company shy away. If you’re this type of company, you should go like feet first head first all in yeah, and that’s such a great question because In our experience in seeing the tractions success we’ve had we’ve really been exposed to so many different verticals, you know We might have initially thought hey, if you’re in ecommerce, this is perfect If you can track the visitors journey all the way through checkout if you’re in Li Jun This is nice because you can see how visitors land on your page and read your blog and ultimately decide To get a free estimate or a quote and that’s absolutely true. But as we’ve been able to onboard new types of users It’s the range of customers that has really blown my mind. I’ll give you a few examples for one case American Red Cross is one of our customers and they’re not really an e-commerce or lead-gen and they’re very Seasonal and so that’s been interesting to see how they’ve implemented and used lucky orange Northern Tool or TaylorMade Golf very much either ecommerce or Li gen depending on How they’re using it even recently untuk it. So those are very much Ecommerce examples, but just seeing how even government websites work come visit the you know City of Maryland have used it. The if the range of sites has been really interesting to see but we really say it’s gonna be a good fit if you have a website if You monetize that site in some way. Maybe you’re trying to grow more leads more sales Sign ups or click throughs and then the third condition is you want to improve those metrics? So for if your site’s on autopilot, and you’re not really looking to make changes Then don’t use lucky orange because you’re gonna learn from it but if you’re not gonna implement changes, then it’s gonna be money not well, so other than that were pretty agnostic as far as Vertical in type Danny we’re about to play Interview volleyball if you will I’m gonna ask you a question it’s really me setting up the ball for you to spike it and that is if I wanted to do some of the things that We’ve talked about today. Who else could I look at in other words who are your competitors? and then when you say Here are people that we are kind of in competition for but here’s how we’re better go ahead and have that conversation for a hot minute Yeah, absolutely. So you’re gonna you’re gonna really look at this space and you’re gonna find people like Anywhere from crazy egg to click tail to Mouse closed session. Cam Hotch our whole story in each one of those Tries to put a little bit of their spin on it in saying we do recordings and this or we try to implement You know some other feature and each one of those again tries to do their own special sauce But really what has separated lucky orange and a lot of the traction we do is one Prices we’re very much affordable. We do not require annual subscriptions we allow you to go a month by month and change or upgrade or cancel plans at any point to our Reinvestment back in our technology, you know, we’re very much a product first focused company So for example, a lot of these companies just have standard heat maps but we really Kind of scrap what we used to do with the maps and built dynamic heat maps where for example if you have a single page app or you have hidden content on the page our heat maps allow you to interact with your website itself open up things like Expandable menus and see those interactions behind them again, but all without the need to go in and set up Experiments or mess with your sampling and again one other major difference is our approach to privacy first You know, we anonymize fields and keystrokes two out of the box We have a lot of protections in place that you can scramble text and that’s allowed us to work with Many different types of site from loan and government so we are very much, you know We want you to get the data and the insights that are most important to you all without being at risk of Collecting the data. You don’t want to collect so a lot of those things and then I’ll say one other key benefit is not just that we also include a really robust chat system built right in But how we seek to work with third-party companies? So for example a lot of you might be using hub spot out there and you were saying yeah We’re lucky orange customer and we have our recordings coming in. But we also have our HubSpot CRM So we said, you know, what look mirror and impair those together So we now have an integration with hotspot that will take any Lucky orange recording that shows up as a lead and passed up recording into HubSpot So when you’re in Hub 5 before you’re about to go do your your sales calls? You can play back the recording of that leads right through HubSpot or generate a heat map of that visitor so to us we really want to play nicely with other companies and that’s always been kind of our MO is we want to Complement the work you’re already doing and help you be more successful Jamie that’s amazing and actually where I kind of wanted to head towards like the first part of the interview could have totally been Platform agnostic, but I want to go into the microwave HubSpot integration And can you maybe talk to us on a couple different levels? Like how hard is it to integrate? What does one have to do? You sort of mentioned a little bit of what happens when you do integrate without swap But are there other things that they should be paying attention to or things that they should be doing that they might not be doing once it’s integrated talk us through that whole kind of Wonderful. Joyful bundle of HubSpot and lucky orange goodness But I’m not a developer. I’m not technology know tech savvy and we kind of have this Situation or phrasing here that can Danny do it if Danny can’t do it then it’s too complicated and that’s really how we look to Build our tech how we look to build our integration. So we’ll touch on your point about how hard is it to integrate? You’re lucky orange with HubSpot. Well, the good news is Danny can do it. We’ve made it so all you have to do is click a button right within your lucky orange account that says yes enable the connection you put your HubSpot login information and you’re done. It will pass it in For all the Danny’s out there that even that might be too complicated. We have a support team That’s completely free that will help you assist you with it. And the good news. Is that once it’s on For every new leads showing up in HubSpot immediately in that time line. You’re gonna start to see new event It’s gonna say did this person chat with you if they did here’s their chat log It’s gonna have a link of every page they went to and the ability to play that visitors session right through a window within HubSpot so you don’t have to keep jumping back and searching lucky or for this visitor it’s gonna be right there within HubSpot and You know earlier we’re talking about what teams can also use this this really just became a huge sales enablement Tool and that before I go call on this new lead I can go back and watch and see all the products They looked at what services most interested them so I can have a more informed conversation right off the bat and again No extra cost with it completely free. Love it. Love it. Love it. It’s good stuff. There’s a ton of good stuff, Danny I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of this interview already but one of the things that I like to do at the end of the interviews is I like to have our guests give us Some type of parting wisdom or strategy this can be professional This can be personal It can be towards a tool or not to leave the sprocket talk viewers and listeners with some something that they’re like Oh, I’m glad that I paid attention to this interview. What do you want to leave them with? I come from a background of I didn’t we don’t like getting in Excel we want to make data and then the story that data tell very Approachable and grounded in no matter what type of department no matter what time the team size and even your capacity You may only have it a little bit of time on nice and weekend because you’re just starting up. We want to make insights It’s visual and readily available and understandable and that’s really our goal so my hope would be is that you give it a try I know will extend out longer free trial for all your Sprocket, ah listeners out there But just see that date your own data your own visitors journeys for you for that first time kind of gives you that Hair-raising moment where you almost want to reach through the screen and tell them oh you’re doing it wrong You’re moving your mouth but Sometimes they take you know full exposure to really see no difference how many people are doing it and I need to learn from it Yeah, and that’s funny story because we have had clients and we ourselves have been like no, it’s like the button at the top Right, like what are you doing? And you will find that with your own sites, if you use it too like this Danny if people have questions if they want to reach out to you if they – you Know I don’t know maybe buy you a dinner or a brand new car Where can they get in touch with you on the interwebs? Yeah, let’s start with reaching out and then I’ll kind of tell you some of the cars. I’m most interested in But we’ll go with I’m readily available Danny at lucky orange Calm daamn y at lucky orange calm. We also have tapped readily available on our own website lucky orange calm. I Love to talk to you more about your website kind of what you’re doing if you’re using a different tool out there and you really have a Feature comparison question happy to chat through that If you want to talk about HubSpot and some of the new things they’re working on how we can help implement those more But really just even the things that you add impulse and what you guys are doing is so phenomenal it’s just fun to talk about what things people are in the industry are doing so we always love a good chat and conversation and Certainly looked forward to catching up awesome Danny. I love that. I really appreciate you taking the time for being on the interview today Well, thank you everybody and looking forward to it sprocket talk viewers. Wasn’t that awesome? Danny was amazing with some of the information that he had about lucky orange and I will tell you that they have given us a Special code that’s right. If you want a 30-day free trial and 10% Off your purchase, then you have to check out the code the code. They sent over is lucky orange. Calm Ford Promo equals sprocket go ahead and check that out. Do you like these tutorials? Do you like these interviews then make sure you head over to sprocket talk comm /fb that’ll take you to our private Facebook group where we can carry on the conversation Make sure you also check out sprocket accom for size audio or /video that’ll get you right to our podcast as well as check out our Facebook page and our YouTube channel hit the bells the likes the Subscribes all the buttons that we know that you’re part of the community. Do you need training passes tutorial? Check the links below That’s what we do one and two-day workshops as well as weekly training Hey, make sure you check out if lucky orange is a good fit for you Make sure you’re looking at those chat features or heatmaps or scroll maps or all sorts of crazy things Even recordings of how people are using your website and while you’re doing that make sure you’re also doing some happy Hubb spawning

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