March 31, 2020
LS Omni e-commerce suite

LS Omni e-commerce suite

Hello. My name is Petur Thor Sigurdsson, Product
Director for LS Omni and LS Pay. Let’s look at e-commerce. e-commerce plays
an ever more important role in today’s retail environment. With constant year-over-year
growth, e-commerce sales now account for one tenth of all retail sales and
this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.
We at LS Retail fully recognize the importance of e-commerce and we have
been investing heavily in building our e-commerce support from the ground up,
enabling our retail platforms to support modern-day e-commerce. But a great
e-commerce site is all about the user experience and there, the e-commerce
platform plays a huge role. So which e-commerce platforms do we support? Well,
first on the list by popular demand is Magento, one of the world’s leading
e-commerce platforms. LS Retail is focusing on version 2 of the Magento
platform with our support being released shortly. Also we have strategically
teamed up with two e-commerce companies providing their solutions on the
Microsoft technology stack. Avensia with their Storefront solution based on
Episerver and DynamicWeb which have their own local solution. Both are prominent
companies with a long history and a large footprint when it comes to
integrating with the Dynamics platform. Now, these companies have built their
first integrations to LS Retail, which we will be proud to present to our
partner channel shortly. But what about other e-commerce platforms than only
these three? LS Retail builds on its open architecture when it comes to
e-commerce, and in fact we offer any third party e-commerce provider to
integrate with LS Retail. Exposing the exact same APIs as we use
for our official solutions. So whether it’s Hybris, Demandware, Shopify or
just any other solution. Anyone can integrate with LS Retail. So we are
quite flexible when it comes to e-commerce. Let’s say that you’re already
running LS Retail in your stores and you would like to add an e-commerce
presence… So, which are the options? Well, first of all you need to decide whether
you want to be on the Microsoft technology stack or go with the Linux-
based Magento. If you go with Magento then we here at LS Retail can provide you
with a simplified deployment, using a pre-built look and feel theme, and cater
for customizations through our consulting team. But if you want to go
flat out and create something really special on your website, then we can
point you in the direction of multiple Magento solution integrators that can
further build on our work and extend it as needed.
Now back to the Windows technology stack. As I said earlier we have teamed up with
two excellent companies, Avensia and DynamicWeb, which places you in safe
hands with their many years of experience. And, last but not least, if
none of these options apply then rest assured that any e-commerce vendor out
there can integrate with LS Retail. So, from the e-commerce perspective, we are
ensuring total flexibility when it comes to your e-commerce choices. Thank you.

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