April 9, 2020
Low Competition Products to Sell on Amazon 2020 (HIDDEN MARKET)

Low Competition Products to Sell on Amazon 2020 (HIDDEN MARKET)

Welcome to this new workshop mini this week. I am so excited about this topic. I’m going to be talking about something that
you may have never heard of before. Before we get into the good stuff, please
go ahead. Like, subscribe, comment. If you’re on YouTube. So I’m going to get right to the chase. It’s Amazon. You’re probably like, yeah, I know, Debbie. I know that you can sell content on Amazon. Kindle has been around for like ever, and
you’re not telling me anything new. Well, hold on, I am. We’re going to be talking about the digital
world versus the physical world on Amazon. Physical books are on both ends of Amazon. Their digital and their physical. Probably are very familiar with the digital
version of selling content online. But you also know on Amazon that there is
a physical marketplace. That’s where we get all our clothes and our
gadgets. Pretty amazing the day and age we live in. I didn’t even have to go to the mall to do
any shopping. I just got everything online, all beautiful,
all delivered, shipped to me. It’s freezing out, I don’t want to go outside
too much. It’s amazing really, and it’s only going to
be crazier and crazier as the years go on. You can actually sell content in the physical
format. And when I show you this next slide you are
going to like [inaudible 00:01:34]. People buy information on CDs still. Like for me, I don’t even have a CD player
anymore. I don’t have anything that plays a CD. Everything is digital, but that’s me. Some of you on the call, some of you watching
on the replay, that might not be you. You might like to get that tangible thing
in the mail that you can actually take out. You can touch, you can hold it in your hand
and actually put it in your device and it works perfectly. My friend Greg Caesar, who is literally an
expert when it comes to selling content on Amazon, because it’s so much more than just
putting up products. It’s knowing every intricate detail on what
to name your product, strategy behind that, strategy behind getting positive reviews,
the strategy to having happy customers. It’s every little thing along the way that
he has learned for several, several years. This is really exciting and it’s a new concept,
especially if you’re just used to having the digital version, not really having costs associated
with selling your content. Because Kindle, you are paying Amazon when
you sell books you’re just not paying for it to be published. But at the of the day, Amazon is getting its
royalties. So while it might be a lower cost of entry,
you’re still paying for that later on. What I forgot to mention with the digital
versus physical is that on the physical side of Amazon there is so much more money to be
spent. Think about it, Greg says this in our workshop
that I’m going to tell you about. He says, what’s the most amount of money that
you’ve spent on a Kindle book? I know for me that answer is like the highest
is maybe like $14.99 and the lowest is zero because of Kindle Unlimited. With physical products, people are spending
more. They’re spending 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and upwards
dollars on physical products. So that means that there’s more money to be
made, which is really, really exciting for us folks that love to produce content. The kind of content, everything is covered
in our workshop that we did this week at debdrum.com/azonprofits. We did a whole workshop on this. Greg talked about a lot behind this business
and the easy simple things that you need to do to set everything up. But what he also showed, which was really
quite amazing, is his income proof where he made literally thousands of dollars just passively
just by setting up these systems that he has selling products. And it’s not like he has eight thousand products
on Amazon. He doesn’t. I’m sure, he didn’t really say, but I’m sure
not all of them are hit out of the ballpark, amazing. Because we all have products that do well
and don’t do well. You have to try and see what works sometimes. He’s probably got more than a handful that
bring him in a nice penny, not doing any marketing, no list, no nothing like that, which is awesome. And it’s very appealing because it kind of
lets you be in that content creation mode more often than you are in that marketing
mode where you’re constantly having to get yourself out there just to sell a 99 cent
book. We have to think sometimes where should we
spend our time and where is the most opportunity to make money? While this was a short one today, I really,
really urge you to go ahead and check out this workshop that we did. This has really got me really excited about
Amazon and the endless potential. This is not the only Amazon product that I
recommended in the past couple of weeks. Another one had to do with audiobooks, which
I’m probably relaunching. There’s such opportunity with Amazon and if
you kind of make Amazon almost like a buddy or a friend that you want to be interested
in and start to learn, then there’s a lot of potential opportunity, everything, when
it comes to… Because it’s only going to get better and
it’s just incredible. So Amy says, “Enjoyed the webinar the other
day with Greg. Lots of good tips. I wasted another year and plan to make this
model work for next year. I have so much on my hard drive that I can
use already.” Oh my God. Thanks for sharing that, Amy. Greg’s amazing. He knows a lot of stuff. He’s a great guy to follow. You didn’t think CDs were hot anymore. You know what? It surprises me, and it doesn’t surprise me
because a few years ago when I went to the book expo that, I think the first year I went
was 2016, and I heard statistics that print physical book sales were on the rise. And I was kind of young and dumb at that point
so I was like, what I thought everyone’s reading on their Kindle. It’s the digital age. I’m selling digital books, everyone’s doing
it, blah, blah, blah. And the print books were on the rise. So I was very shocked to hear that. So when I see the statistic about most people,
or not a statistic, but income revenue sales of somebody who’s in this business saying
you’d be crazy not to do this. I’m going to listen. That’s what you do. You listen to the people who know what they’re
talking about and who are experts. Barb says, “I was especially impressed that
Greg said he personally calls everyone who buys his training. He called me.” Want an awesome thing that do. That Greg. I’ll tell you. That’s a great question, Donna. Does Amazon fulfill the products like with
KTP journals or…? So there’s two types of ways to sell on Amazon. One is print on demand and the other is Amazon
FBA. So print on demand, you don’t collect any
inventory. It’s literally printed when there’s demand
or when there’s a sale. That’s one side of the business. The other side of the business is FBA where
you do make a small investment in the pieces of content, but it’s very, very small in relation
to what I’m going to tell you in a second. But essentially you buy the inventory, which
is small, to test it out and you are sending that over to Amazon and they fulfill it for
you, which on a lot of cases is better because it’s faster shipping for prime and maybe you
get other perks. I’m not sure. The reason why I brought up free with Kindle
is because with doing the content by CDs, it’s free to get… Well, you’re in Amazon Central, right? So there’s a fee for that, which $39 a month. And you have to purchase maybe like 10 CDs
or so, which is like less than $2 or something like that. So he shows you how to get a need, where to
go, how to do it easily and seamlessly, everything like that. And then Amazon fulfills it for you. But if you look at like you’re selling anything
online, like a digital product, do you know how much time and money and resources go into
the sale of that product? Like the the sales letter? Have you ever seen that sales letter? You’ve probably seen one of mine. Where you talk about the product, highlight
it. That takes a long time to do. And that is definitely nowhere near the cost
of buying 10 CDs, which might cost you $20 versus selling something else online that
you might not be ready for. Like digital products, putting together long
sales letters, putting together buy buttons and all this stuff. Look, there is a process for everything, but
a lot of processes are just easier. And Greg talks about this a lot. Amy and Barb, you probably can contest to
this when you were on the workshop yesterday. Me and Greg, we were talking about just keeping
things simple. Don’t make it hard. That’s definitely this method. So again, that link is debdrum.com/azonprofits. Go check out that workshop. It’s awesome. Consider going to the other side of Amazon,
which is digital products where there is more money to be made than selling a 99 cent Kindle
book where Amazon still collects most of the royalties. So drives me crazy. But you know what? Amazon is our friend and we need to be nice
to her. So try it out. Go check it out, do something, sell something
today. Get it out there and I’ll see you next week.

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