February 25, 2020
#LoveMondays: 3 Tips for Fashion Ecommerce Success

#LoveMondays: 3 Tips for Fashion Ecommerce Success

Hey guys, Luna here and welcome to another
episode of Love Mondays! So, I’m currently in the city and let me tell you I’ve been
catching up for lost time. Between going to my favourite ramen noodle spot which is Ippudo,
it’s the best in the city, if you’ve never been and then, catching up with friends, acquaintances,
business partners. And I actually got to also catch up with Nadine from Stone & Strand whom
I interviewed a while back. I’m launching in a few weeks E-Commerce Academy
with Pulkit from “I Love Fashion Retail” and so I wanted to pick her brain as to what are
the main challenges that E-Commerce businesses are faced with these days. So, in today’s
episode I want to provide you guys with the 3 quick tips to have successful E-Commerce
Business, so stay tuned. So, the most important thing when you’re starting
out your E-commerce Business is your Brand Perceived Value and there’s actually a really
interesting interview with Sophia Amoruso on YouTube and I’ll link to it below, where
she talks about how she learned about perceived value while she was selling in auctions on
Ebay, because really it’s about positioning your product so it feels more high-end.
She was looking for pieces that were vintage which didn’t cost her much, and she was able
to re-sell it because she was embedding her styling, working with a specific set of models,
etc. She was able to mark-up her product. When you’re doing E-Commerce it’s really important
that individuals feel the need to own your brand, and the following is usually done through
design, photography, the overall tone of your copy and also having the right look & feel.
Second, it’s vital that you have a functional site with a seamless checkout experience.
It’s important to have a website that has a good functionality, that individuals are
used to, along with impeccable design. Now, the easiest way to achieve the following without
breaking your piggy bank is to have a Shopify website or Squarespace. You can also look
into WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, in order to create your E-commerce, but I
personally recommend Shopify, because you’re part of a community, it also has a lot of
additional apps that you can include easily within your website, and they truly do E-commerce
the best. Now, obviously there are other solutions like Magento but this makes more sense once
you’re a more established E-Commerce business. And the reason it’s really important to go
with these different platforms is not only because it’s already built-in for you but
also a lot of the thinking that comes with the user experience and the design, have been
done for you, so you can use different templates and customize them to your needs.
The third thing you absolutely need to be a successful E-Commerce business is a mailing
list. I’m actually quite surprised as to how often I talk to different E-Commerce businesses
out there, and they just don’t have a way of capturing emails on their website. You
want to continue the conversation with the potential customers. If someone’s gone on
your site and they haven’t purchased anything, it’s really important that you capture their
email addresses for the opportunity to remind them to come back to your site and potentially
purchase. So, make sure that you have good incentives, whether it’s providing them with
a lookbook, or a specific discount the next time they come in and purchase from you and
make the offer as appealing as possible. Look out what your competition is doing and go
from there. Finally, I know you’ve heard this over and
over again, but it is imperative for you to have a social media strategy. So not only
being consistent with your content, you also need to execute it in a way that is appealing
to your consumer. Really think of your brand as a magazine, how can you expand the story
of your brand. What are different elements that you can bring in to get your audience
excited about your business. Alright guys, that’s it for today. Quick reminder:
I’m launching EcommerceAcademy.co in a few weeks with the guys from I Love Fashion Retail
so I encourage you to pre-register today. As always, make sure to Like, Subscribe to
my channel and share with your friends. Bye!

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  1. Thanks for the helpful tips Luna!! Are there any specific Shopify themes you'd recommend for selling luxury products (clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories)?

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