November 19, 2019
Losing Friends to Suicide Inspired Our Business To Support Mental Health | My Shopify Business Story

Losing Friends to Suicide Inspired Our Business To Support Mental Health | My Shopify Business Story

Mental health is a tough subject for
anyone to admit that they’ve been depressed or they’ve struggled that they’ve
you know, had severe anxiety or they’ve just had really, really tough days or
they didn’t want to get out of bed it’s not easy. It’s not easy. My name is Ben
Miller and I co-founded WIRTH Hats to honor my friends and bring more
awareness to mental health. I met Jakob when I travelled abroad to
do my master’s program. One day we had a break from our class; came up to me he’s
like man I’ve had this idea and I haven’t really told anyone before and
then he just blurted out, he’s like “a hat company, man, I want to start a hat company”
I didn’t know Jake was struggling and I don’t think anyone really knew but I got
that message that no one wants to receive. “I hate to be the one that
informs you of this Ben but a Jakob Wirth is no longer with us.” You started to
question a lot of things but the one thing I never questioned was his dream
to have his hat company. WIRTH Hats was just meant to be a one-off
it was meant to be for Jake to have his dream for 25 hats to be created. I went
back to Copenhagen for my second semester of school and I travelled to
Austria to where his family was I just have wanted his closest 25— I wanted the hats to go
to them. Each hat came with a tag round Jakob’s dream and a reminder that you
know we’re never as alone as we sometimes think we are and that we all need
to be willing to be a little more vulnerable and open with each other.
For me I had my hats later that year I, I moved back to Vancouver. I of course would think back to Jakob and
WIRTH Hats from time to time but slowly got more removed from WIRTh Hats and you
know, went on to creating a career for myself. One of my best friends
Philipp he was in the program with Jakob and I and you know friends with Jakob
and one day it was on a Tuesday we’d always have our call. l got in the call and
I’m like, “Hey man how you doing?” “Yeah I’m not, not doing not doing that great.” and
and I’m like, “What do you mean?” and he’s like, “Aww you know don’t worry about it
it’s it’s fine, it’s— it’s all good.” Never, ever my wildest dreams,
in any dream I could have imagined that I would be receiving that….ah, same
message again. You start to question a lot when someone who’s so talented, just such
a beautiful in being that that can happen to and you obviously if that can
happen to that person it could, of course, to happen to anyone.
“Have a great day bye-bye buddy.” I remember I went for a walk and I— I just
decided it we’re gonna put WIRTH Hats in the world again, I’m gonna fulfill the
promise to my friend of making the best hat company I ever can and my friend
Philipp who’s someone who desperately wished and wanted to communicate freely
with the world and was unable to do it himself at times. Who here knows what WIRTH Hats is, first
off? You? Everyone? With every hat sale 100% goes to mental health initiatives.
It goes to the work we do at WIRTH Hats and supporting counseling and therapy.
One of the things that we want to do with WIRTH Hats and the revenues that
we generate is to provide counseling to people who could otherwise not afford it.
But we are looking to partner up with some of the big online platforms for mental
health and for therapy. We have a goal of paying for a thousand
sessions of counseling and therapy we can touch and reach people wherever they
are in the world we can help them get the help that they need
and we can help people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.
If WIRTH Hats is to be successful it can’t just be sad and hard stories
sometimes it’s gonna be hard and then things are gonna be serious cuz that’s
life that’s you know being human and sometimes it’s gonna be fun, playful,
exciting, joyful, smiles all that because that’s human too. I think WIRTH Hats
this much more than hats we are a hat company but we are a hat company that cares
about mental health. When we get that dialogue going I think that a lot of
stories won’t end as sad as Jakob’s. Neither Jakob or Philipp went and saw a
counselor, neither of them liked to talk about it. If I can change and help one
person, one person, then it will be all worthwhile.

50 thoughts on “Losing Friends to Suicide Inspired Our Business To Support Mental Health | My Shopify Business Story

  1. Phenomenal company and phenomenal cause. Thanks for sharing this story Shopify. I'm on my way to buy a hat now!

  2. Thank you for this, makes me feel as though I'm not so alone, this being said by someone who battles mental illness daily…

  3. Love for bringing Mentalhealthawareness up to light. Helping eachother is the only way we can all live well and happy.

  4. I found out this weekend my 15 year old daughter is trying to end her life asap in a suicide note. Please help save her before its too late, if you can on goFundme, search "Help with Hailey’s URGENT rehab”

  5. … I mean….. In an age of people only caring about the suicide rate of trans-people whilst screaming hysterically at each other over Twitter……

    Thanks. Thanks a lot, helps knowing we aren't forgotten or neglected like we have been for decades. I'll be buying a hat and wearing it proudly.

  6. Thank you. I’ll never ever be able to thank you enough. You’ve just made me realise my life is worth fighting for. Good luck with all that you do and keep up your excellent work. You are like a true gift from God. You will always be in my prayers

  7. What a fantastic initiative I won't be taking part but I really appreciate what you guys are doing, keep pushing forward 🌝

  8. People want to accept death ..there is reasons why bodies are being ceased oof breathing people just don't want to accept that fact something happened a long time ago….Depopulate

  9. This is amazing to watxh as someone who suffers severally with mental health telling people whats wrong and trying to get them to understand is horrifying. I suffer with bpd alongside other things and trying to explain to someone that i can change who i am as quick as you switch a light bulb is horrid specially for my family

  10. Im only 12 and i suffer more than people think i have depression and anxiety im constantly paronoid but i love nothing more than to help people and see people happy. Stay happy and dont forget people will support you no matter what you suffer from☺️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜👍

  11. You know I’m glad your addressing the issue of mental health the US doesn’t address it very well they sort of just sweep it under the rug and act like it isn’t an issue. It’s mental health that leads to suicides, killings, mass shootings / school shootings it’s very worrying.

  12. This is amazing. Me and my group lost a friend the other month. Its been so hard for everyone. But sticking together is whats keeping us strong. I think its amazing what you guys are doing. Especially to help others.

  13. Thanks for sharing this video❤️no one should suffer😢don't suffer in silence your not alone❤️❤️

  14. I feel you brah,I'm 41 now and tried to overdose on smack two weeks ago,a selfish act as I've got a family that has made me realise that I am needed,please keep doing what your doing as for every life you touch you give that life a reason to live.good luck

  15. thank you for the like,people who do this for the reasons highlighted are doing the good work,town I live in trying to get support for mental health issues is nigh impossible I know of two suicides in the last five years that could have been prevented with this sort of support,I'd like to help in some way but I can't work with teenagers as I have a awful record for violence and drug supply but two promising guys gone through lack of support,on the street I will lend shoulder as it means a difference to people who can't find someone to talk to

  16. Trust me I know about depression.. bit there are different levels.. some humans have tougher challenges then others, some born into real hard poverty where they need to survive and struggle for a bite to eat to stay alive,

    Some people need to realise how fortunate they are and try to focus on the positives in their lives,,

    Being deep in depression myself I find some say they are depressed but I find that word used far to often

  17. Are you serious the mental health people need to be helped not advertised to everyone as soon as they leave the house , all that does is help the capable people single out who to bully !! I wont be asking anyone to don a hat to humiliate themselves . Mental health needs addressing properly , not marketing it and profiting from it . How could you ?

  18. At the time of watching/reading this vlog, there were 227 dislikes for the video, my question is why & whoever those heartless 227 are you should be ashamed of yourselves. This video is one of true humanitarianism, inspiration, love & kindness; what's to dislike about that. Kudos to you my brother for setting up this hat company in the honour of your friends & continue the good work. Peace & love. G

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