March 29, 2020
Looking For Product Ideas To Sell On Amazon? Here Is What To Look For …

Looking For Product Ideas To Sell On Amazon? Here Is What To Look For …

all right a common question I get asked
is what Alex what are you looking for right I’m looking for something unique
something I haven’t seen before something that I think of itself right
that’s really what I’m looking for and also things like the parameters that I
set out in the course right so if something lightweight less than a kilo
in shoebox-sized ideally 45 centimeters right things are doing over 5,000
Australian dollars a month and turnover things that I think that I have never
seen before I’m going to be storage you actually slightly invention before if
you find products that you’ve never seen before you find new products that I’ve
never seen before and I’d be in the business now for ten years one such
product is the bamboo the eco-friendly the sustainable the bamboo products you
know so these sorts of products right this is where the markets heading Sochi
eco-friendly sustainable environmentally friendly friendly things so you know
people don’t like straws that aren’t like BPA plastics they don’t like any
less sort of stuff it needs to be things like this because even the cutlery right
here you’ve got a lot of potential right you can sell this on Amazon Drive we
actually whisk products or on Amazon on eBay we build websites for some of our
clients but you know these particular products are actually quite good because
there’s a lot more potential like you can actually sell retail you can sell
wholesale all these other things that you can do build on the side of your
Amazon business so you’d still sell on Amazon you sell on amazon Australian and
USA but you can sell a lot of these bamboo plates a lot of this stuff has a
lot of other uses you know you think picnics you’ve been camping you think
actually be catering space which is huge the catering speech is huge we’ve got a
few clients in that space but yeah just keep that in mind guys okay you don’t
want to just be selling at Amazon you want to be selling on reeds now you want
to be doing wholesale I mean you can do eBay and you can do both right to make
sure you check out some of these products any product that you actually
bring in right now whether it’s there’s glass jars or or straws right I think
this is plastic right think is that asking soft is it sustainable
is it eco-friendly because that’s what people are looking for right now it
needs to meet those specifications eco-friendly sustainable environmentally
friendly vpa can’t be leaching plastics especially in reviewing the baby names
right so to keep that in mind all right

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