November 22, 2019
LiveChat webinars: Getting started with LiveChat

LiveChat webinars: Getting started with LiveChat

Hi everyone, welcome in our todays webinar on
getting started with Livechat The goal of this webinar is to show
you all the ways that you can effectively use
LiveChat to benefit your business. Let me introduce myself, my name is Justina I am a Support Hero here at Live Chat and I am joined by our wonderful key account manager Kuba.
Hi everyone! We have a Daniel joining us in the chatroom he will be available throughout the
entire Webinar so if you have any questions or just
want to say hi to him please feel free to do so.
Just before we start I would like to ask you a to give us a
shout if there are any technical issues either with but visuals or
sounds Okay let’s move on to the today’s agenda. The Webinar should last about 30 to
40 minutes and we will cover the following topics We will start from the application I will show you the user interface You will learn some of the most
important tools then we will carry out a test chats and go over some useful chatting techniques. Next we’re going
to set up the settings and
customizations to finally dive into tickets and reporting. We will end up with Q&A
session in which we will address some of yours
questions okay let’s start first of all what i LiveChat I guess most if you are already
familiar with it but for those who aren’t LiveChat is a support tool that allows its users to communicate with a a website visitors in real time. Setting
up and using LiveChat is really easy – you
only need to add a shorts JS script to your website
source and a login in to one of the applications that we provide. Users may download a desktop application to their computers either Mac or PC or if they don’t
like downloading stuff but they
proceed to the web based application What’s great about those is that both of them look the same so you can easily switch between the two and also the
fact that you can both chat and manage settings all at the same time. For those of you who are
at constantly on the go we have a mobile
applications that work for iOS an Android devices so
whenever you are doing grocery shopping, having a haircut or walking out
the dog you can always stay in control of what’s
going on on your website and get in touch with
your customers and never miss any lead anymore. Right, so I think that’s enough of
the theory Let’s dive in to the application I was signed in, there you go So this is the agents dasboard and that’s where you gonna work please make sure that you change
the status to accept the chats and you now ready to a to take your first chat. I have uploaded the chat widget
to a sample page so that you can see it in action Let me just mention that all
about the widget is customizable so you can change
its color, you can change its position, its size and the captition. After pressing
the check now button yours visitors will see a prechat survey Asking for your customers name and email is a great way to gather meaningful information which can
be then passed to your marketing automation tools like mailchimp for example. Other useful features in the pre-chat
surveys would be adding a department field and a department field lets your
vistors choose who they want to speak to depending on a nature of their
request so it can be a support or technical
department this way you support your customers
more effectively and resolve their problem quicker. OKay, so I will fill this out and started to chat. so since I filled out the pre-chat survey and write
my name in it Ray can now address me directly this creates a really generate and
personal experience for me. There’s some other nice touches that add to the affinity and friendliness of the chat window that for example an
agents picture, his name and some cute job title. At LiveChat we like to call our agents supports heros and you can’t
believe me or not but this a seemingly unimportant detail ads a lot to the actual the actual atmosphere of the chat it said great ice-breaker and great starting point to very fun interactions with our customers During the chat customers can rate their experience which
is a great tool for further evaluation and also can request a chat transcript
to be sent to them by email. Okay, so let’s say hello
to Ray After sending a message you as an agent will see a notification and hear a sounds.
Upon clicking on it you’ll be directly taken into the dashboard. All engaged customers will appear in those circles, so as you can see one agents can handle
multiple chats At LiveChat we do up to six chat at once. This again is something
that’s customizable and it’s best to tailor it to your
working style. Nevertheless we would suggest
keeping this number two a reasonable level so that you don’t
flood your agents with a with such
number of chats that they cannot handle. I think it’s a better experience to queue a few of your customers before
chat. Don’t try to serve them all in a hasty manner. The customer circle turned
red now because I haven’t replied to John for
quite a while, so let me just do it LiveChat allows you too support your customers
really quickly and we provide some great tools for
that. This little guy over here is the
message sneak peek this will give you a a preview of what
your customer is typing before he even presses the enter button so that you can
prepare a message beforehand. John is about to ask me how am i doing and this is quite a common questions so I have an answer prepared for him which is sorted under canned responses
and I can access it by hitting the ‘hash’ button and then typing in that up. There you go so I have the answer ready even though Joan haven’t even asked a question which
is great tool facilitating the whole
communication and adding and spinning up the whole
process Let’s move on to some other
useful features that we provide. At LiveChat we’re really crazy about a
great supports and we believe that the more personalized and
generated words, the better. That’s why we acquit our
customers with the some useful information about their
customers so not only those data from the pre-chat
survey, but also the location, a number of visits or IP address. Apart from that you can add some more
context to your interaction with customers by
integrating with a third-party solutions. In this case we
have TalkDesk and Salesforce. Desk will show you an overview of all
the cases that you may have with such a customer, so a I can see that John had asked about his order and about
discount so that I can the predict what this chat will be
about. And with SalesForce I will see John’s potential as a customer so I’ll be able to
present him with very tailored and specially prepared offer. Desk and SalesForce are not the only solutions that
you can connect your LiveChat with – we have integrated our tool with 46 most popular solutions on the market, including CRM, CMS and mailing and social platforms like Facebook, MailChimp Zendesk, Sugar CRM, WordPress and many many more. All those can be easily
accessed from the more button, you can add your
custom tools over here and then send information back and
forth between those platofrms adding
more context and making your interaction with customer more productive. There are some others useful tools in the more button
so you can transfer the chat to other agents, creat tickets or load files. There is also a ban feature, this well help you with customers who are being abusive. At LiveChat we get quite a lot of those, being Google’s number one search for live chat
so it’s not all of roses. Many customers that come to our website
are thinking that we are friend-seeking platform or a
sex-chat so with the use of this feature we are
able to filter such bad traffic and prevent such customers from
starting a chat with us. Okay so let me stop the chat with John,
so that we can move on. I’ll just add a tag to it which will allow me to later on find
such chat in archives. All concluded chats will we saved
in the Archived. Those are saved independently on your license, we never delete them so as long as your subscription last they will be here for you. You can search them with the use of
the search tool, just type in a clue, hit Enter and
you’ll get results, which can be further filtered with the
use of these filters So as I mentioned there is a tag filter, you can
search by date, by agent name, group or rating. Rating a is very useful if you want to spots chat that didn’t
went so well, so you just click on the Rating ‘Bad’ and Oh, there you go, even have
one chat that wasn’t rated good with John Webinar,
but this guy is not with us in anymore so there’s nothing to
worry about. I think that’s it about archives – let me now move on to the visitors list, and I don’t want
to show you that list from this license because we only have John
on our website so you won’t see the full scope of how the
list actually looks like – I would like to show you a
fully blown list so let me just jump to our
Live license. This list will give you a full overview of all people that are currently on your
website and it group them into handy categories,
so we will have people grouped in category like
chatting, invited or browsing the website. It’ll also give you some additional
information about such users. For example where they are from,
the site they are on at the moment and also icon which
indicates returning visitors. After clicking on any of such chatting visitors you will be shown some more details and will be able to supervise the chat. Supervision is a great tool
for managers who can monitor performance of their employees and can also whisper and send prompts to the agents and those won’t
be visible to a customers. I’m not sure what to whisper so we’ll
just say hello and this tool is not only useful for
managers but also for a rookies who can use it for
training purposes this way new employees can engage in real chats and just be
assisted by their managers who can just step in when such agent has any probems. The browsing list will show you people who are on your website, but not engaged on a chat, but you can also
proactively initiate a chat with them. It’s enough to click on any of such visitor
and then go to Start Chat button and the chat will
start immediately. It’s a good idea to invite people who are stuck on the product’s page for
example, so maybe they need some advice or who are on contact page. It’s even better to use a automated greetings for visitors
like that and make LiveChat do the job for you. We have done that on our contact page
and were able to decrease the number of incoming phone
calls by a 60 percent which added to our agents effectiveness in handling request because they were
able to handle all those customers by a chat which
is more effective than phone. Speaking of greetings, let me just show you how to set them
up so I’ll go back to our demo license Greetings LiveChat greetings are really great, they allow you for a number of automations so you can invite people after
some time, you can invite people from current URL, or from any geolocalization. You can also set up some more
greetings under this button, and those greetings can be
further tweaked so you can add more conditions or use already setup conditions. It’s good to remember to keep those as personal and relevant as possible. Let’s say you have a shop in Canada, so it may be a good way
to use the geolocatization greetng. You don’t ship outside the Canada,
so there’s really no point in inviting people outside of Canada, so you can add the condition to invite only Canadian and
maybe some other condition like time on the website so that you
don’t jump on them the moment the land on
your website. Just hit Save Changes, turn it on and it’s ready. Greetings are great way to make your chat
really stand out and great way to increase the number of
chats as well Another such tool would be an
eye-catcher. An eye-catcher is an image that can be
added to your chat widget, you can choose one from our gallery or you can upload your custom picture
just to resemble the design of your website. The widget itself could also be tweaked so that it fits to your website
design. This can be done in Theme section, where you can choose the style, change the color, add your company logo,
some social buttons and more. I think that customizing with your own CSS, the button like before, it’s where the real fun begins, because you gain a full control
over the appereance of your chat, so you
can change its size, you can change its shape,
you can change fonts, you can add custom background – well it the sky is the limit. Just not to stay empty worded,
let me show you some cool examples of customizations from my favourite websites. Here’s one from the ChatShop, iWeb and Triangl. Speaking about iWeb, you can see really great use of departments so the customers can
choose who they want to speak with, so it’s really great. Another ways to customize your chat
window would be to change its language. You can choose from 36 available translations, so I hope you can find yours
on the list. As you can also add pre-chat and
post-chat survey and both are also customizable so you can add fields to them and change color. Pre-chat is of course for gathering data and Post-chat is to
collect your customers feedback and I think I’m gonna stop
here and pass it over to Kuba. Thank you very
much. Thanks Justina, I will now talk about a way to stay in touch with your clients
outside the chat window – the ticket feature will
allow you to do that, of course we encourage you to stay
online as long as possible, however we are aware some of our clients
cannot provide 24/7 support so this is why we introduced this great feature
which will allow you to stay in touch with your clients even if your chat is offline, so your agents
are not available to answer the chat. You can
also customize the tickets form to get the information you need from
your clients, so an example if you need to it have
an order ID from your client you can add another field with order ID question to get
the information you need. Each ticket will be placed in the tickets section and whenever
a new ticket is send to you, your agents will receive
a notification via email so they won’t miss any new ticket.
To answer the tickets all you have to do is it open ticket,
you can reads the messages from the customer,
you can type the reply here, you can also use canned responses in
this section, you can add a private comments
to the ticket, add an attachment or change status of the tickets. On the right side of the
window you will see some additional information about the ticket, so you can see when it was created
or for example – the source of the ticket. You can also change the Assignee of
the ticket, so assigne it to one of your teammates. And if
you won’t find your teammate on the list you can always create a new profile for
your agent in the agent section. Creating
new agent is very easy – all you have to do is click
on the “Add an agent” button, entered agents name and email, you can
also choose a photo for the agent, you can use one of
our stock photos and you can also upload your own
picture and we of course recommend to upload your own photo, because thanks to that the contact with client is
much more personal. You can also change
permission for your new created agent, so you can
set him up as an administrator. Administrators
have access to the settings of your license, but
regardless the status both administrators and agents
can answer the chat from your clients. You can also
assign this agent to a particular group and as
Justina mentioned, groups can be used to divide
your LiveChat by the departments. You can also use groups to divide communications from
different channels, so from your billing section or from
your social media. You can also use
groups to implement the chat on multiple
different domains and customize the look of the chat for each domain. You will also see at
some report information for each group and for more reports there is a
separate section and here you can really quick check a scoop from last seven days from your
chats and tickets. If you have a free TV in your office or you are using multiple monitors,
you can use our LiveChat dashboard, and monitor your reports in the real-time and there’s always chats and ticket section for more information about what’s going
on on your license. Here you can check the performance for
your license and for your agents. Because you can also filter the
reports by a time period, agent, group or tag, and with report the similar rule apply
as with archives, so you’ll have cost access to all the
reports from the moment your license was created and thanks to that you can compare the
numbers check how they were growing during the particular months. You can also use the 24h distribution to check the report information
for the particular time of the day. In the chat
satisfaction reports you can see the rated chats from your clients,
so those thumbs up and thumbs down icons which Justina was talking about,
when she was describing the chat window and here you can check the top rated
agent so which one of your agents needs to work on
his performance and who is the best rated agent and
can lead as an example for other agents and in the company. Availability
statistic will show you how long your chat was
available and you can also check this formation for each
agent so you can really quickly check if your
agents where available and online when they should be and actually thanks to this feature one of
our clients found out that one of his agents wasn’t online when he should be and I think that he shared it on
webinar and now he’s no longer working at this company. The goals feature will allow you to measure the
effectiveness of your chats so you can use the goals features to check how many chats for example ended
with a sale, so if you have an online store you can setup a URL
of your checkout page as a goal and if your client will land on
this page during the chat or after the chat it will be marked as a goal, so it’s an additional feature to measure the
effectiveness of your chats. The queue conversion statistic will show
you how many clients proceeded to the chat from the queue
and how many clients left the queue before the chat had a chance to start and
this is a great statistic because you can use it to predict stuffing for your license.
If you’d use the 24 hour distribution statistics you’ll see during which hours
your queue is the biggest and you’ll be able to
add some additional agents to reduce this queue number to
absolute minimum. Of course if some of your clients
will leave the page before the chat had
a change to start, there is always queue abandonment statistic
and here you can check the contact
information for clients that left your website before the chat
had the chance to start so they were placed in queue, but left your page.
And an example, you can use our ticketing system to create the ticket
for such client and continue the communication via ticket.
Lastly, chat service statistics will show you the answers for closed questions in both pre- and
post-chat surveys. In example you can ask your client
in the pre-chat survey how did they find out about your
website and example if you are running a marketing
campaign you can check your marketing campaign is working or not and post-chat survey can be used to gather feedback from her clients and we have an example
from our company – we are asking our clients and if they are talking with us a about the problem for
the first time or they are returning with the
problem and if the problem was resolved during the chat. Thanks to that we can measure if our agents are able to handle the problems immediately or they need to be
escalated. The tickets reports will also tell you
about the performance of your tickets, so how many
tickets were created. You can also see the satisfaction from the ticket, so whenever a ticket
is solved your clients can rate the ticket
so you can also see if your client are happy with help
they received from your agents. The first response time
is a very important statistic because it will show you how long your clients has to wait before he received first response for
his ticket and in our office we want to keep this under one
hour so we also recommends to keep
this statistics under 1 hour, of course if it’s
possible. Solved tickets report will
show you how many tickets were solved, how many cases were closed
during a particular time period. Resolution time is the time from the
moment that the ticket was created to at a moment the ticket is marked to be solved, so it’s also a performance statistic and lastly – ticket sources. It’s a statistic that will tell you from which channels
the tickets were coming to you. Of course this is just a basic overview of the key
features of our software. There is a a lot
more that you can learn and for a customer that are hungry
for knowledge we provide our knowledge base
feature and you can open it and check one from over one hundred knowledge base articles.
You can also sing up for new webinars and if you want you can here start the
chat with one of our agents. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can always
start a chat with us and ask us any questions you

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