April 10, 2020
Live Stream-Why Most Typically Lose Money w/ Affiliate Marketing

Live Stream-Why Most Typically Lose Money w/ Affiliate Marketing

and on YouTube so let’s you’re hopping
on watching the replay I would maybe skip to like a three minutes and three
minutes I’ll get into the content for now I’m just gonna get set up it’s so
interesting like running this through the iPhone not much makeup I’ll be
honest some and also it’s really bright when I do this with the YouTube so this
is super cool I’ll be able to check my chat to still working out that OBS and
restream stuff so I’m super excited for this if you’re just getting on we’ll
start in about two minutes until then I would love to hear how you guys are
doing what are you up to how’s your Wednesday going I’m trying to like use
my room more as my like studio so make it like oh decorative so have you guys
ever live-streamed on on youtube I know I know some people on here I’ve been
doing that a lot I’ve been studying a lot of like youtubers like the youtubers
that teach about YouTube I think it’s super cool hi Jonna how are you thanks
for asking good questions and the group could YouTube questions
too Tim’s here we’ll see what kind of questions he has he’s always got the
good questions hi Dora over on YouTube how exciting it says I got three people
watching on YouTube seven here on Facebook in the group so that’s super
cool so in I’m like a minute or so I’m gonna go into the topic I got my note of
do I have my notes some notes of why people are like people typically lose
money with affiliate marketing Tim just happy birthday Thanks it’s actually
tomorrow well actually I guess at midnight
oh my gosh so every year I’m like not ready I just I am one of those girls but
um I gotta work on that it’s fine I’m alright I’m not freaking out too bad
it’s not that big of a deal but every year I’m like not ready and then once I
hit the actual like day of my birthday I’m like okay now I feel like it so Mike
I’m still 27 I’m still 27 then I’ll hit 28 AB 2800 bruh that left a good update
I’m so glad she says awesome day just about done with my website my business
in a box my resources page going live I haven’t done you should be it you’re
talking about maybe a webinar on how to do it live and set it up there is a
little trainee in the DCCC portal about how to do lives but Tim says we all love
you oh good love you too hi Farrah over on YouTube okay guys so I
want to talk I want to go and talk about why most people typically lose money
with affiliate marketing and I say typically talk about most people article
people not make sure what makes your ordinary and I’m gonna do honestly this
week I’ve been kind of tired like on Monday had a late start sleep was all
messed up took a nap stayed up late I still do my stuff though you guys I
still got stuff done maybe I could have got more of them it was more of a
regular day it wasn’t like super super productive day but it was still good it
was still didn’t it’s not like I did nothing wasn’t like the weekend and then
and then Tuesday – Tuesday again I’m kind of tired take a nap sleep in wake
up stay up late I kind of did the same thing honestly today I did the same
thing slept in a bit got my work done still worked on my emails still want to
upload a YouTube video but I’m doing stuff with you too
still glad to still live sure we still doing stuff still took a nap maybe won’t
stay up late especially since I kind of want to go fall asleep before it’s
midnight so it’s before my birthday so that I wake up and it is my birthday so
I’m not like alone here in my room during my birthday okay um
Ferris is YouTube quality is so much better than Facebook live yeah you know
the quality here on from my webcam is looking real nice compared to here I
think it’s like the lighting though too super interesting hey Christine hey
Quinton hey mo so back to this lot of you guys not all of you guys but a lot
of people they have those tired days but then they like keep having those tired
days and it’s like they’re okay with it I’m okay with having a tired day on a
Monday maybe on Tuesday maybe today okay maybe you like it’s just kind of a
little bit tired but if you’re getting too tired it’s too much fatigue that’s
not good that’s not good and that’s the health issue and that’s something that
we might need to look and you know I might for my selfie to look into
eternally if I am too tired maybe too much coffee or like not enough coffee or
like not enough exercise or not really eating too much junk food and Cheetos
probably the freaking truth hey Andre nice to see you um come but when you’re
coming back to LA so here’s so so so one of the reasons I just added this is this
even in my note but it’s like where people typically lose money with
affiliate marketing is sleeping and why not title this why people aren’t making
money because it caught it still cost money to run this business you can’t
really do it for free you still need some landing page software usually or
you still need some email an email autoresponder or used to like mean the
internet so we still need certain things we still have expenses but the good
thing is that affiliate marketing is basically one of the cheapest on
to start and is one of the easiest to catch on to so if you compare this like
affiliate marketing to e-commerce e-commerce takes way longer to get the
hang of and it can be very expensive to get into and start testing Jace’s
balance better go a little slow than burn out and quit that is true like you
do it be healthy but I see these videos online it’s Gary Vaynerchuk versus
Arianna Huffington who’s all about sleep and gary vaynerchuk’s all about hustle
and I’ll tell ya I’ve been having a little better luck on when I hustle
versus when I sleep I think it’s good as good to sleep seriously got to put in
the hard work so that puts one of the things so then the next why people are
typically losing money with affiliate marketing like I said losing because you
still have your expenses every month every month your clickfunnels payment is
gonna hit every month your convertkit or your Aweber or your get response is
gonna hit every month whatever program you’re in or training you’re in is gonna
hit and you really need to also be bringing enough money and to cover those
costs plus more money to be profiting from those things which means you need a
bigger audience need to be sending out the offers every single day so why
people are typically losing money its affiliate marketing because they’re
oftentimes typically does the typical people not the extraordinary people they
move on to the next shiny object they were looking for a get-rich-quick thing
I don’t know who who’s done that who’s done that here Tim I know Tim has done
that right Tim Tim have you ever experienced that
um you thought you saw it you saw it something was so cool
and you were gonna just kill it with it maybe Stacia baby you’ve related to that
you’ve really joined some opportunity your program and you thought wow this is
the next thing this one is gonna be easy this one
I’m gonna like start making money quick Dora over on YouTube says me to join
something and you saw maybe you know okay maybe not overnight but maybe like
in a week Jonas has cryptocurrency haha exactly
um and it’s fine if you’ve seen that it’s like there’s great marketing online
that makes us think that we will make money quick and then when we don’t we
move on to the next shiny thing so affiliate affiliate marketing maybe
didn’t work for you right away okay let me try crypto crypto MLM mining didn’t
work for you right away okay let me try retail arbitrage with
Amazon or drop shipping with Shopify or FBA fulfilled by Amazon with Amazon or
now let me try to sell ecommerce all this extra product a half and a funnel
and click funnels and all now let me go be a life coach and like oh now let me
just shut and it’s okay it’s okay I’ve done it all
but we’ve all done it all like seeing like okay what do we like the most but
honestly like I didn’t start making good money until I was like I’m gonna like
this is I gotta pick a niche gonna pick a niche I’ve got to pick affiliate
marketing cuz I’m not gonna have to film in I’m not gonna have shipping in
products I’m not gonna have clients unless they’re like coaching clients
which is but not like done for you client work and I’m just gonna learn
everything I can about these cool offers to promote and promote them and that’s
what I’m gonna do it it’s not for everyone especially this influencer
marketing that I like to I’ve niche down even more cuz there’s so many types of
affiliate marketing you can start affiliate marketing and then you must be
following some of my teachings that influence your affiliate marketing and
then you can see all but what about doing CPA with Google Ads and which face
or what about Facebook ads or what about like Laura
like the SEO and it’s gonna take six months to rank or what about if I go in
the sleep niche what if I go in the diet niche what if I go in the crypto niche
it’s like jumping from so many things you can do it you to what you like do it
like excites you for me it’s like influencer elite marketing in the online
marketing tool and education niche simple easy fair is that a fair ascending my way around YouTube but I am
excited actually just filmed a new ad video I think I’m gonna run on YouTube
so maybe it’ll target you let me know if you see it um I am very sad they lose
money because the ROI is negative exactly sure on investment is negative
Tim said what do you think about straw before Rachel I think it is um if you
want to do EECOM and you don’t want to be like the influencer and do some fun
things like this isn’t for everyone going on live not that you have to do
live it’s not for everyone starting a YouTube channel it’s not for everyone
making videos and tutorials and talking to people is not for everyone
hey Evan so good to see you talking to people like me emailing Evan and talking
with him and coaching people it’s not for everyone and that but that’s not for
you like it’s not nothing is for everyone some people gotta be doctors so
people got to be freaking wrestlers like WWE
some people got to be Olympic athletes some people got to be chefs some people
got to be store managers not everyone could be an affiliate marketer but is
cool if you want to stay home you know if you wanna I do I do you wanna if you
don’t work alone if you want to work from traveling if you want to just this
is work right now I tell my roommates I’m like oh my job is so hard I have to
be an actress all the time he’s like you got to perform you got it
I had to like do my makeup real quick I barely finished whatever and you going
in you you gotta talk to people and not all affiliate marketing you have to do
that you don’t have to do that for all date marketing you could do like
the SEO type affiliate marketing or behind the scenes affiliate marketing
but for implemented marketing you get to do this fun stuff like I said it’s not
for everyone but it’s for some people Forrest had a great point in the
comments here on Facebook he says affiliate marketing is one of the only
opportunities in marketing where if you’re willing to put in the work up
front and you can truly realize the long term benefit and make it easier for
yourself over time you can’t say that about many other marketing channels it’s
true because the videos that I put out four months ago they didn’t get a
thousand views the first day but there are thousands of views as the months go
by as people keep searching and as I keep adding more videos and putting more
blog posts out there and LinkedIn blog posts out there there are day you don’t
have to show up every day like it helps to show up every day and make new
content every day but you can still take days off so let me go back to my note on
that was only like my first thing here’s the next one you guys oh this one is so
good they quit after they can’t get some tech working this is why people are
losing money with affiliate marketing they start affiliate marketing they sign
up for click funnels they sign up for convertkit they sign up for click magic
they they find some cool offers to promote they they start and then they
run into some tech issue like their emails stop working their emails don’t
send they have an issue with their autoresponder their SMTP they have an
issue with their domain oh my god I just I don’t cry about it because it’s kind
of funny like I know I’m trying to laugh at you guys but it’s like oh my domains
not working it’s redirecting or like my and they don’t try to free configure it
how can post your issue in my Facebook group with a screenshot and say hey can
someone please get on a call with me and help me or people who are like in my
private program we look at that to suffer get coaching get help figure it
out my email is sometimes don’t send and I got issues with emails great I’m gonna
stay up and work it out I’m gonna get a talk
with clickfunnels I’m gonna get on the phone with godaddy I’m gonna figure it
out and then I’m gonna get back to business I’m gonna go to sleep like it
didn’t work screw this it’s a scam I’m gonna I’m
gonna go learn Shopify now I’m gonna go this is the domain didn’t work so now
I’m gonna go learn Google Ads and CPA when oh wait I was supposed to be making
YouTube videos and YouTube tutorials and ranking that for SEO like even even me
sometimes like I have my webinar I’m working on different variations of
webinar was forest and people on my team and like oh okay I did it didn’t make
sales for a few days it doesn’t mean it’s like broken it’s just keep working
on and figuring it up or you might have bought like 200 solo ads or you might
have spent 200 bucks on Facebook and it like it didn’t work and then you quit
okay maybe don’t keep doing the exact same thing figure it out
Debra said I had major domain issues took me a week to fix but I got it done
good and even when things are down even when my action etics was down I was
still sending emails out through convert kik
even if my domains down I still send people my other link that’s built into
clickfunnels even if I’m working on different sales pages and landing pages
I’ll send someone a freakin PayPal there’s still ways to to make sales
forces barrier to entry with the affiliate marketing is so low but most
people quit the keys not to quit biggest Ecklie just figure something else out
just figure it out ask questions as it’s good questions okay
here’s number three oh these get better and better you guys I owe these are
gonna turn this into a face book written post and an email repurposing my content
this is Robin they have people like people typically are losing money with
affiliate marketing because they have no idea what they’re doing and they’re just
shooting in the dark and they didn’t actually finish watching a training or
they buy a course and they don’t watch the course content or they go into a
program and they don’t show up to the group calls or they join my program
daily missions Club and they spend the money
and then they don’t watch the videos or don’t ever make it any group calls or
don’t show up to their 101 call that they had with one of the coaches or they
I don’t know there’s even course I want to buy like there’s some courses I want
to buy but I know like I heard this week like I’m just not gonna have time to
watch it because so what I did actually like think there’s one person they have
this course I want to buy but I I’m not gonna have to until later next week so I
think when I buy it and but I still bought the coaching session from them
because I’m gonna like I could get my specific questions answered right away
oh my gosh I need a plug in this computer right okay so people they have
no idea what they’re doing they’re just shooting in the dark they hear ideas but
they don’t know the specifics so maybe you think oh I want to make a youtube
video but then you didn’t finish like watching a training on how you should be
making the YouTube video for affiliate marketing SEO so you spent all this time
making the video but then you didn’t properly optimize it for YouTube and
yeah hey that’s that’s why is maybe not gonna just still lose money with it so
it is work it’s worth taking massive imperfect action don’t be perfectionist
like to still get it out there my YouTube videos aren’t perfect my dreams
are perfect I don’t really there’s so much more I
can be doing but I’m still learning I still am taking the time to learn you
still have to keep learning follow learn from people that are doing what you want
to be doing some some things summit ideas great ideas can come about in the
shower you’re like oh that’s brilliant I’m a marketing genius or some ideas
like you could dream about you could like wake up
Naoko my gosh that’s brilliant I’m gonna implement that you can be creative for
some things but a lot of things you don’t have to be creative just literally
follow the instructions on how you’re supposed to do it like there’s pastors
thousands of topics you can be making for YouTube videos or for SEO or blog
posts and content in emails and ways to be promoting different affiliate offers
where you don’t really have to think about it you just gotta show up
good put on my makeup brush your hair and show up if you don’t want to be on
camera you don’t have to be on camera I wake up you wake up and type get that
wake-up copy and paste um let me go to the source this is actually the fifth
because what was my first one me my first thing why I said why people are
losing money with affiliate marketing is I said something what did I say oh
because they’re looking no I said to get rich quick oh because they’re tired like
okay cuz they’re tired like this is why I notice a lot a lot of you guys and me
we get tired so we don’t know but anyway so number five this is the big one this
is the bagel can anyone guess what it is I want you guys to guess what it is I’m
gonna memorize the west’s number one what people are losing money they’re
tired so they’re literally sleeping so they’re like they’re exhausted and
they’re not doing work and they decide to go to sleep or watch TV instead or
whatever they’re gonna do okay number two moving on to the next shiny object
yes you got it Tim great and what am i doing for my birthday I’m gonna be
freaking working tomorrow I’m gonna go out to dinner with my roommates and then
maybe on Friday I’ll go out but I I don’t I’m not in a position right now to
walk for my birthday I don’t want to take work off I am so happy with what
I’m doing I love it that it would be punishment to me if I couldn’t work on
my YouTube for a few days or if I couldn’t work on my Facebook and my
videos and grow my business and my audience for a few days that would pain
me if I couldn’t do that so I’m not going to punish myself I’ll definitely
be working okay number three the third reason why I said is because they quit
because they can’t get their freakin tech working and they freaked out about
tech I freaked out about tech my wife I don’t work I’m on hotspot right now
still freaking making it happen for have no idea what they’re doing and
they’re just shooting in the dark they’re not watching their trainings or
showing up to their coaching and then five I don’t know no one guessed it yet
let me see on YouTube let’s see no one guessed it you guys I’m gonna tell you
what it is tell you what it is do you better not be like I knew you were gonna
say that okay they wanted a reason to quit their
mind their subconscious reason a quick because they wanted to prove to their
mind that they always quit they wanted to prove they’re their devil there’s a
devil on your shoulder in your head there’s a devil in your year or whatever
is in your brain sneak it in there and it’s like your subconscious mind but
like the not good part of it is trying to tell you yeah that’s right Rachel
didn’t you know you were gonna fail didn’t you know this wasn’t gonna work
for you because the other stuff maybe didn’t work for you so of course this
wasn’t gonna work for you too so duh duh you know it didn’t work after two months
it didn’t work after three months and told you told you maybe maybe the next
thing maybe maybe the crypto coins will work for you maybe the EECOM will work
for you maybe the life coaching will work for you maybe
speaking on just like just different things just jumping to different things
maybe that will work for you but see this one didn’t work for you told you
like I’ve done this so many times where I’ve loud my the evil part of my brain
the part that doesn’t want to see me win that wants to see me lose tell myself I
told you told you Rachel that I was gonna work and yeah screw that guy screw
that guy yes that is that is fake that is fake our subconscious mind is looking
for excuses and reasons to quit I still do this like maybe I still do
this I still do this even act like they’ll the level I’m at it’s not good
enough it’s definitely not good enough yeah paying my bills and paying staff
but it’s it’s not good enough no ethic I am NOT making 100k a month like I want
to be and sometimes I might tell myself Oh
told you told you you weren’t gonna do it and this bullcrap so let’s see what’s
going on here on YouTube Joseph says on YouTube what would you do to start
making money online as a kid in high school
literally I thigh I can’t tell other people what they should do but me if I
was 16 I was doing affiliate marketing I’ll be doing what I’m doing because
it’s so freakin fun doing I’d be doing this I’d be making videos for YouTube
and I would be making videos for Facebook and I would be helping people
and I’d be learning about online marketing and training people and then
giving them suggesting to them software’s and tools and trainings that
they should be using and how it is establish myself as an expert and since
you are in my school you actually as an advantage because you older people would
know that like they’ll think of you as a social media expert so if you get really
good at like Instagram and YouTube and then you become an affiliate for
different Instagram software’s and courses in YouTube software’s and
courses people watching you from around the world will trust you more if you put
out good content they will trust you and then the click on your links and by with
your commissions and and Joseph says is it because they’re scared yeah it’s our
subconscious mind is scared even if we say I’m not scared I’m brave I’m brave I
wake up today I’m gonna be a boss I’m brave all of us I think feel fear and we
just have to like go for it anyway so you guys I want to share with you
something super cool super cool super cool the other day I made a livestream
showing you guys like my new page showing like an experiment I wanted to
do with daily Commission’s Club my private mentorship program where you
learn there’s tutorial videos new videos all the time there’s all the templates
that I use there’s group coaching there’s systems there’s offers super
mothers everything you need to have your influencer affiliate marketing business
but I thought maybe I should break it up so some there’s auction where you could
just get the course or get the coaching is not everyone wants the coaching but
then I realized I don’t even want people in it that don’t want the coaching cuz
if you just have the course like I just don’t you maybe can succeed in its that
you’ll learn stuff from it but I don’t have to cater to everyone I only want to
cater to the people that are gonna be taking action I only want to cater to
people that show up and listen and take action are you freaking kidding me you
know how many people in my group and daily commissions cook or putting out
YouTube videos now like amazing YouTube videos I’m watching and learning from
them and that are starting Facebook groups and live-streaming
and creating like learning things that I don’t even know about because they’re
taking freaking action that is what makes me so happy every day that’s why I
love my group freakin love it hey Christopher hey Jade I see you guys um
Jade says the only thing that would make Jade’s and daily commissions Club she
says only thing I would make daily Commission’s come easier is if you came
to my house and copied and pasted the links for me Oh cuz I give you
everything to copy and paste but like I mean you still have to create content
but she’s saying like if I could just do the the typing work for her um you know
sometimes that sometimes I do that with like
like we’ll have like stay group so we’re like okay guys let’s just work together
or like work parties or my roommates were like isis-held like sixty minutes
of silence and let just work together or you can do that like on our live stream
so what I realized is I don’t want to just offer the chorus only like I want
you to go all in so if you go to daily Commission’s
club.com you’re gonna see everything that’s in there what’s in there bunch of
training videos all the training videos I keep adding stuff like more advanced
stuff but honestly you need to be getting through the the first stuff
before you’re even ready for the more advanced stuff templates my website
template for rachel is like on my website templates for my resources page
my bonus pages opt-in pages bridge pages the things that you need for an
affiliate marketing business also if you’re looking through my funnels and
you see a funnel you want your going through my sites you want that funnel
people in my group thinking I’ll give them that fun look if use a funnel
here’s where I changed it I was like okay we’ll do three months three months
of coaching you get three months of coaching three months of coaching it’s
it’s not gonna be good enough I don’t yeah you wouldn’t get stuff done
in three three months I want you guys to get results in three months but I don’t
think I want to see you like if you won’t be making good money like real
money like money that you’re proud of like not just like thousand dollars a
month or fifteen hundred dollars a month but quit your job money or what there’s
a new book out called like fu money I’m gonna be making fu money where you can
tell your client and your old job if you I don’t need you anymore or like how I
told my old partners after you I don’t need you anymore even though I did that
before I was at the point I just jump ship and did it um I think six months is
better I just I want to support you for longer so price is still the same I
don’t I didn’t raise the price or anything I’ve made the program better
made it even better more value added it’s only six ninety seven you’re gonna
get lifetime access to the videos and the templates like you can log in to the
portal get lifetime access for that but six months a single week we get in a
zoom and I coach you guys and I answer your questions if you can’t make it to
all the calls it’s fine you amp you fill out the form ahead of time and you could
catch the replay for the questions or even catch the replay see everyone
else’s questions the holidays are on different days and times because I have
people from all around the world and I want to make sure everyone can make it
to at least like one or two calls a month and then there’s the private
Facebook group and we’re doing good stuff in there
good stuff people are making money making shmoney is the hashtag that we
say we say got bars so when we make Commission’s like when you make your
first clickfunnels Commission or if you make more clickfunnels commissions once
you’re in the group you gotta got bars mug I didn’t get mine yet Cybil got hers
and Melissa just got hers in the mail everyone else like I certainly just sent
out like 15 of them like 15 people in my program like you’re getting there got
bars my mind’s coming I think mine will come tomorrow on my birthday hopefully
hopefully the neighbor didn’t steal it and then the shirts are coming to end as
if you hit different levels cuz the little point like yeah it’s fun I want
you to be happy I want you to have fun bah bah bah bah bah but I want you to
make daily commissions that’s kind of the point makes the daily commissions
and then do what you want with the money do you want to you know do good things
with the money and donate to charity and stuff do that I just did that actually
to UM crisp records a autism campaign he’s doing I donated $100 of the company
money on behalf of daily Commission’s Club and then I matched it hundred
dollars my own so it’s cool when you start making daily commissions you can
do those kinds of things um some people honestly like with the money that I make
I reinvest it back into my business so I can reach more people
I got like I’m best into gear for my YouTube but you could like go shopping
or whatever and you want to do um here’s something that I wanted to share with
you guys cuz a lot of you guys basically O’Jays have the best money I’ve spent on
a training good I didn’t want to just make it like a training where I’m like
okay Hugo watch it there that’s like last earlier in the week I was it maybe
I should do that because every else does that everyone else is of
course and they say just watch the course but I don’t got to do what
everyone else does like it’s just better that we’re all in it together that were
in the group together if you guys want to try out the page its daily
Commission’s club.com actually if I’ll type it I’m going to type it in here I
don’t know if I could put a link though in my own YouTube video you can and I
can put a link in here you guys will see that um Jonah had a good point about
cryptocurrency I want to let you guys know ice I’m still down for
cryptocurrency so if you guys invested in cryptocurrency and you don’t want to
cash it back out into regular money but you still like want to make money from
that money you can join with your cryptocurrency we can set that up you
can join the program with your cryptocurrency and continue on your
money-making journey um okay this is something new that I worked on with my
coach today I have a coach I’m in coaching you you like I’m not only like
listening from science from the universe I’m following mentors and daily
commissions Club it’s good I’m happy with it I love it like I think the
program is good I like how its structured it’s I’m open to letting more
people in the group I like the price point I’m confident in it but I was
seeing thinking there needs to be the next like level for people that want
more support like they are super committed to this they’re they want more
when I want to like they want more support and that’s when we drafted this
up in advance mastermind so with the advance mastermind you bring everything
in daily commissions Club I want you to go through the course content I want you
to show up to the group calls I want you to be active in the Facebook group I
want you to talk to your accountability partner willing to use all the templates
but also I wanted to add some things I’m going to do extra group calls
it’s going to be weekly advanced group calls and I am going to limit this to
just five people on it I’ve known in this advanced mastermind I just created
it if you’re the one person is gonna join big that wants to do this today
you’re gonna get one-on-one coaching every single week until I can get more
people and like I’m gonna limit it to five people once I hit five people we’ll
see how it goes I might some have something extra advanced after that or I
might start like another group you’ll see what I can handle
but the reason I’m doing this is so I can give you the time I’m in the
attention you’ll also get messenger access to me every day like my messenger
box here on Facebook it fills up I don’t I can’t get back to everybody I just
can’t I’m sorry I can’t but the people who are gonna be in my advanced
mastermind I will and I’m gonna help them more and we’ll be on our weekly
advance group calls but hey if yours only one that joins will be on our
weekly one-on-one calls or if I get two people then we’ll be on our weekly two
to one calls and then one other thing I wanted to add in person lunch in
Hollywood I thought that would be really cool one of the students in the group we
actually have done some in-person lunches oh I should post the photo and
it’s so fun we like me in LA and we go to lunch but we bring our computers and
we work on stuff and I help him and that’s something I wanted to add to the
advance mastermind so if you’re interested in the advance mastermind I
don’t have an order form I don’t have a sales page I want you to DM me DM me on
Facebook let me know that you’re interested in more info and I’m gonna
have like an application form because I’m gonna need you to I need you to it’s
not for everyone it’s not for everyone it I need tech savvy people cuz I don’t
really want to talk about tech on the advanced stuff I don’t want to like yeah
okay we can do some advanced tech I don’t want to like show you how to buy a
domain I don’t want to show you how to schedule an email I want to go
let’s talk like higher level strategy you have to be an
action taker for this like yeah some people they join daily Commission’s Club
they’re not action takers it’s okay you spent 700 bucks I’m not gonna force
you to take action can’t force everyone to take action but the people that will
join me in the advancement mastermind come on take action like do the things
that I’m gonna tell you to do those will be the people that that do that in the
way I know they’ll do that is that Aldi I mean they’ll fill the application the
follow the steps that’s how I’m gonna weed out the people and won’t get anyone
that joins that’s like wait a minute I don’t like this um it would be great to
if you’ve already been doing some online marketing for a while like you get it
you understand what a funnel is you understand you know who Russell Brunson
is or like what click funnels is or just like you’re not totally brand new if
you’re totally brand new daily commissions clubs for you even if you’re
not totally a brand new daily commissions Club would be for you but I
mean for this advanced mastermind I need people that like smart smart
smart smart and very coachable and not sensitive to feedback I try to be nice
to you guys here on YouTube though and I trust here on Facebook and try to be
nice to people in daily Commission’s Club but Jade knows Deborah knows
sometimes on the calls I’m like I’m a little tough call you guys out and in
this advanced mastermind I’m like super gonna be calling people I’m not gonna be
like mean but I’m not like not your boyfriend you know
trend coach people and help you so I don’t know I said they’re not your
boyfriend okay so it’s not gonna be for you if you can’t turn on your computer
it’s not gonna be for you if you give up after three hours it’s not really for
you if you’re like in a position where you need to make money now you need to
make money tomorrow it’s good it would be good if you have money to invest in
your online business especially in the math mastermind and like in software’s I
don’t this that’s who I want in the group Oh
Deborah says I’ve done a lot of affiliate marketing groups and trainings
and this has been the most complete simple to put to action and support is
awesome thanks so much oh my gosh I’m gonna use that testimonial please
the reason why you guys is because I didn’t set it and forget it I didn’t
film a bunch of videos one day and then I like put them in a portal and I’m like
okay bye bye my course no this is like my new life like I’m in this every day
not only am i building my own affiliate marketing commissions with all my
traffic sources and making commissions from fricken oh my gosh now I have a lot
of things I promote now and I give you guys everything that I promote and I
teach you how I promote them I just promoted those hustle shirts the other
day those that hustle channel the free plus shipping one Joshua if you are
watching this you should check out that funnel um super cool funnel I’m already
making commissions from that like there’s other things to promote so I
focus on that but also I want to say focus on that part time and then the
rest of my time is making sure people in daily Commission’s Club are getting the
training they need the support that they need it’s like my freakin that’s my
boyfriend I’m not gonna be your boyfriend but daily commissions clubbing
my boyfriend just kidding but I just love it and I really want it to just be
the best program ever I want everyone to get results people are making money in
it people are getting there got bars mugs some people already were really
good affiliate marketers and are getting even better the whole goal is I want
ever you want to be making daily Commission’s if you want to be making if
you’re okay with making thousand dollars a month with affiliate marketing that’s
great but think about – how much is your um how much is your software’s costing
you how much you wanna spend on traffic you should want to spend a thousand
dollars a month minimum on your like affiliate marketing so you can be
bringing in like five thousand dollars a month come on we’re if you’re okay with
that five thousand school great okay great
yes five thousand dollars a month once you hit
need if you’re not like if you’re okay with it there’s something wrong
really if through only it’s great Tim says it would rock it would rock but
once you’re there come on come on over more you can do more good in the world
what’s your a 10k go for more you can do more good in the world you can help more
people Tim are you single or married frickin super single because the boys
cannot handle this okay let’s see what’s going on here okay guys
I hope you learned from this livestream I’m gonna summarize again I want you
guys to memorize this stuff memorize this and whenever you catch yourself
falling into this slap yourself in the face when you’re getting tired slap
yourself in the face or go to sleep if you need to go to sleep or exercise if
you take care of yourself because it’s it’s kind of really this not good to
freaking be tired if you’re trying to grow this business find ways to not get
tired too moving on to the next training object if
you find yourself moving on to the next shiny object slap yourself in the face
remind yourself why affiliate marketing is good if you already were convinced it
was good maybe it’s not good for you but I shouldn’t like you guys are in here I
don’t think imagine if you were trying to explain this business to like your
sister or something you think they would get it probably not so you’re in the
right place surrounded by the right people being here you got this far I
think you’re probably is still good for you three they quit after they can’t get
the temp working if you think like like for me I haven’t figured out how to set
up OBS on the live stream whatever slap myself in the face I’m gonna figure it
out tonight figure it out tonight you need you need
my accountability partner that’s my accountability items for tonight figure
out this freaking OBS live streaming thing for they have no idea what they’re
doing they’re just shooting in the dark so if you
if you find yourself thinking I don’t know what the Frick I’m doing slap
yourself in the face and watch it freakin training and get some guidance
and following the steps of people that know what they’re doing that have done
it before and do it the right way and five looking for a reason to quit
proving to their mind that they’re they were meant to fail like this if you
catch yourself saying to yourself oh shit I knew this was gonna happen
I knew this wasn’t gonna work slap yourself in the face
get realigned that’s what I have to share with you guys today
okay um one more thing to you guys in the daily commissions Club daily
Commission’s club.com there are a couple of bonuses aren’t always there I take
these bonuses off I’m gonna tell you what the bonuses are real quick um where
is it I’m on the page right now whew one-on-one coaching call with the
DCCC coach so you get the group calls but you’re also gonna get a one-on-one
call I need you to do that book that call like this week if you join me
you’re gonna join us tonight call for like friday or for monday let’s get
started let’s get going for people that want to get going good we say yalla
let’s go we go we go we go go fast um we’re gonna start doing how we do all
these hashtags let’s you guys we should do hashtag slap yourself in the face
flat no slap myself hashtag slap myself in the face and then the bonus over 30
offers that I promote your rate and I get a spreadsheet the offers I’m
promoting I actually have a few more I need to add on to there cuz I have like
some really cool ones that I’m promoting so plenty of work for you guys to do
plenty of stuff to get done in the next week plenty of stuff to get done in the
next six months if you want that advanced support DM me ask me about the
advance mastermind like I said I’m only going to take five people
so I can give you guys enough attention but hey if one person joins they’re
gonna get all all the attention so okay guys I love live-streaming with you guys
this is fun I’m gonna go figure out the OBS laughs I’ve streamed things so when
I’m live-streaming on YouTube and on here I could have like I don’t know
Debra says hashtag side hustle Queen Jade says hashtag bitch-slap Tim says
splash cold water on your face that is good yeah I like that yeah take away
slap yourself in the face okay guys talk to you later get take
massive frickin action if you if you only if it’s already 11:00 p.m. where
you are you’re going to bed I mean hey at least you watch this but if there’s
one more thing you can do what one more thing can you do today to grow your
business could you post something motivational in a Facebook group I’m
gonna I’m gonna take the freaking my summary from this now I’ll post it in
some Facebook groups can you run some solo ad traffic can you write up an
email can you schedule an email can you join daily Commission’s club and be
ready to get started tomorrow morning plenty to do okay guys talk to you soon
weekend this one here thanks for watching especially on YouTube love you

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