April 3, 2020

Linsay Moore: How to Be Successful With E-Commerce

hello everybody how’s it going Ben
Gothard here with another project day interview and today we’re going to be
talking with Lindsey Moore from Florida how you doing today Lindsay I am doing
great I’m doing great so thank you for having me on here today
absolutely absolutely it’s my pleasure so let’s jump right into it Lindsey my
first question for you is what is your story well my story I used to work for a
Medicare contractor I did that job almost about about four years and you
know I dabble with you know network marketing off and on for some time or
whatever and after working in that job for four years I just knew that it had
to be a different way for me to actually to actually have a life to actually
experience life to make money and things like that have those two things exist in
the same place so I got back into network marketing which also introduced
me into online marketing and once I came into the online market started to get
you know introduced to other ways to make money online and I started fall
farther and further down the rabbit hole and to the point where I do more so uh
promoting of affiliate products and also ecommerce and I’ve been working
full-time from home for almost four years come this summer last two three
your some of this number three years wow that’s awesome so yeah you said you said
you started out or won’t be you know Medicare contractor side can you maybe
give us a little bit of insight on your upbringing kind of where you came from
and take us all the way to when you started with that Medicare deal sure so
my parents both of them college-educated my mother um no she started off as a as
a math teacher in elementary schools and then went on to become a trainer at Blue
Cross and Blue Shield for quite some time
and my father he has his PhD in law I was in private practice for quite some
time also became a a college professor during
the last few years before he fully retired so everybody in my house you
know it’s you know you had to go to school had to go to college and I just
was never bitten by the bug I’ve never really liked going to school so like
both of my father’s my two other sisters they loved going to school they both got
the master’s degrees and things like that
me on the other hand I did well in school I guess I just never want to go I
initially went to college for two years before I just dropped out and I’m you
know I was jumped you know no jumping from one job to another and things like
that so I finally settled at you know no Vietnam the job for the Medicare
contractor and I was like the longest I ever been at a job was like four years
and then like I said like I just knew that it was just something else for me
to do like it had to be a better way so that would let me like sit back into you
know that we’re marketing in the online space and I said falling down that
rabbit hole pretty much but yeah like I said everybody my family is just really
college educated educated cause oriented and I just went the other way
absolutely and and is there anything about your character that you you would
be more inclined not to go to college like like I think a lot of entrepreneurs
a lot of the time it’s just it’s it’s kind of a rebellious in the cinah more
or it’s it’s some problem with authority or something like that would is there
anything you can point to in yourself that is a reason that you may not have
been as as fond of that hold out of traditional school and getting a job um
like I don’t know if it was more so like being rebellious or anything it was more
so that I just knew that there was a better way like I’ve seen like you know
with my father and things like that always go on you know every weekend or
these like every you know every few weekends we used to go to Orlando or go
to Savannah go to Miami and things like that for these quick trips and you
always see people who are living in these nice houses and these driving
expensive cars and they’re having lunch in the middle of the day on a Monday and
you’re like okay well he’s not at work but he’s the king of
nice car and things like that so there’s more sort of the surroundings I had saw
and when things I saw on TV and I just knew that coming to you know going to
school gone to college and basically just regurgitating information over and
over again and just keeping things by memory this wasn’t the way to go and
during my college years like I said I knew there was a it had to be a better
way to make money you know it’s a little different lifestyle and I just I
couldn’t translate that to other people because people it was just always
ingrained you have to go to college you got to get
a job and I just didn’t know what I could do to achieve that so that’s why I
started with network marketing in my early 20s I felt miserably several times
but it just seemed like it was the way to go I just couldn’t really you know
have success with it until about 2013 when I started when I started network
marketing all over again absolutely so you know I want to talk about when you
when you start at college and you went for two years dropped out what did you
learn in that time about yourself that gave you the confidence to say you know
what it’s it’s time for me to to move on from college and and what advice would
you give to other people who might be thinking about going down that same
route um well definitely um one thing I learned like was college like I was
pretty much I guess I was kind of pressure like you know like psycho that
belief system that she had this is the only way for you to make a lot of money
and this in his lifetime is that you have to go to college and things like
that um I already knew before like I went into college I didn’t want to go
this route I didn’t want to go this route but like I said because of the
pressure of the family and you know if you want to stay in my house you have to
go to college and type of thing so you know I was like said just because of the
pressure I had to go so I would tell people if you really feel inside of
yourself that that is not the option for you to go then don’t do it I would say
need to do that or maybe even take a year off find out who you are as a
person before you made that commitment to go to college and start wrecking up
all this debt that you don’t really need um and that’s what I pretty much learn
from that and it took me two years to kind of basically just put my foot down
and just say like you know what this is not the option for me and I just refused
to continue now I’m part of that decision came like you know I had to get
my own apartment I had to move out and all stuff like that but it was a
sacrifice that was needed and it helped to shape me to the person I am now so I
would definitely tell people don’t rush it to the college situation and don’t
just do it it’s because everybody else is telling you this is what you have to
do to make large sums of money in this lifetime because that is not the case
anymore absolutely absolutely and so you know I really like what you said about
not really worrying about what other people are telling you okay and and I
think that it’s an important point that that I want to talk about a little bit
because as entrepreneurs we’re going against the grain and we’re taking paths
that most people are not going to take whether it be because they don’t feel
comfortable they don’t have the confidence you know they they might just
be scared to do it so can you talk about how important it is to be able to kind
of you know shut out that that negative talk from other people so the best thing
that I ever did for my business to kind of shut out that negative talk is to
surround myself with other people who are doing the same thing as me that is
by far the best way because sometimes if you try to do it on your own and it’s
been sometimes during this time I’ve been building my business and I just
been by myself and it’s very easy to get caught up in your head and like all that
negative talk like you know that’s just trying to you know pull you back into
the norm I guess you call it or you know another
kind of Rick note if you fail if you come out we’re gonna keep you in that
failure those type of negative thoughts if you don’t have nobody to talk to that
can relate to the same thing you words well in those thoughts that you end up
quitting you end up giving everything that you worked so hard for and when I
tell you it’s by far the best thing for me to connect with other people that’s
why I tell people is important to go to events like I just went to I just spoke
at an event for a private mastermind in Vegas this past weekend and I was able
to meet some new people that you know people that
already connected with on social media but now I’m actually physically got to
meet them and things like that and you know share ideas share um you know
things that Lee Strobel with every case maybe and just by me doing that you know
it helped me to get through some of my issues my my challenges house actually
bounce back from failure a lot often because if you’re going to be building
the business online you’re gonna have to I don’t want to say really embrace
failure but you have to understand that you’re gonna fail so many times but it’s
the the fact that you get back up on the failures the better and I had to learn
that from you know like I said the people then I’m surrounded with so
definitely be some business friends in a circle of people who are all doing the
same thing as you or at least going towards the same goal as you and that’ll
help kill all those negative thoughts so where it caters maybe that’s going on
with you absolutely and you brought up a few really good points but but I want to
touch on failure first okay and and I like what you said you know it’s not
about really embracing failure but it’s about when you get knocked down getting
back up every single time and failing early on and failing a lot in order to
figure out how to succeed so can you really expand on that and talk about one
how important failure is and two if you know if you feel comfortable sharing
maybe some failures that you’ve had and what you learn from them absolutely so
like um actually I see failures and really just learning situations so what
does is it Thomas Edison who say he didn’t find you know 10,000 ways that
failed he found 10,000 ways it didn’t work and I say you had their approach
there so like I said like early part of my um my network marketing career when I
was doing this I was started business like and I would fail of course but then
I would I want to start up another business until I you know I love the
year or two and that was that kind of like that kind of heavy like I’ll start
another business I failed then I wait about another year a year
and a half before I started something else and like so I went to a mastermind
event and from this event I learned about how to approach failure kind of
coach about how to be you know overcome on failure inside of your business
and when I tell you that I have felt so many times in my business but I become
so much like almost second nature that I forget like you know how fast I’m
actually getting getting back up so this isn’t plenty times during this you know
last few years that I’ve been a part of network marketing companies which I no
longer do anymore but I’ve been a part of companies where
I have success with that particular company and then all of a sudden the you
know the company falls apart they can’t pay any affiliates and it’s real easy to
fall into pits and don’t do anything but that’s just not a plan for me so I just
immediately okay well this didn’t work all right so what can I promote now what
okay okay I’m getting fixed now so I can start generating some income and I get
back up so quickly now like I said I came to tell you how many times I failed
but I could say how many times I got back up and every time I got back up it
pushed me somewhere you know so a different path to the point where I am
now like I said with e-commerce and also with affiliate marketing and also hope
have been of the people to you know make their first their first money ever
online and for me to get to that point I had to go through a lot of failures for
me to become a better leader for these people that I you know helping I coach
every single day inside of my business absolutely absolutely
and you know again you brought up some more points but but I want to talk about
something you said earlier you were talking about how important it is to to
network and to surround yourself with with like-minded people like-minded
individuals but for a lot of people it’s hard to identify who those people are
and it’s even harder to actually surround yourself with those people so
so what advice would you give to people who are entrepreneurs just starting up
and they need to find a group an entrepreneurial group or a mastermind or
even a mentor how would they go about doing that find the leaders in your
industry find a leader because most of the time the leaders like the big ones
they always have events so like some of the people that I like to follow on
lines like that Grant Cardone he’s had an event in Miami like in a few weeks
somebody else has really popular indie young internet space is Ryan Deiss he
has an event on Wednesday maybe once or twice per year um if you’re you know
like Tony Robbins Tony Robbins has several events throughout the year so
those type of events you find those type of leaders and you find out where their
events are and you go to those events and then you’re gonna meet other people
that’s the one way you can meet um you know uh you know meet other people
that’s inside of your niche for people who are you know going the same path as
you also I go through YouTube like I said just fine leaders finally beaders
and then when I go to these particular events like how I got started I was part
of a particular network marketing company back in 2013 I went to an event
in Denver and I met some people there they became my in a circle for quite
some time I’m still connected to quite a few of them but by me meeting them it
actually branched out here like always so just branching out pretty much but
for starters if you’re just brand new find the leaders inside of your industry
I said you know like a Gary Vaynerchuk like a Grant Cardone as Tony Robbins a
Ryan Deiss a Frank Kern I don’t think he he does like private maximize a thing
when you find people like that find out where their events are you make sure you
go to those events is an event coming up this summer Affiliate Summit East in New
York get to those events network with people get some names and that’s how you
start off building up your inner circle so to speak absolutely absolutely that’s
great advice and I just like to add one more way which is through Facebook if
you go and and let’s say you’re in ecommerce there are tons and tons of
e-commerce Facebook groups that you can join and you can ask questions to meet
people you can network and all that or most of the people in those groups are
doing the same thing that you’re doing that just didn’t started or they’re
further along the path so definitely utilize Facebook that that’s actually
how Lindsay and I got connected was through Facebook so I’m glad you I’m
glad you know expand it on networking and speaking of networking you talked
about how you spent a lot of time in network
marketing and for some people there you know that they they have a bad you know
they’re kind of a bad tasting enough from from network marketing so without
getting to you know to 202 of the line maybe could you just talk about what you
learn from that experience and how it benefited you not so much you know
anything about the industry but but more about how it impacted you I’m so like I
listen up I no longer do no no we’re marketing but the benefits the things
that I did love about it is that sense of community that sense of being a part
of something and then also likes to be on be the whole idea what someone
talking about going to sweet events and networking that’s a huge part of it also
basically like like work at it because I don’t know when I first initially I
started a you know I know actually makes you tougher
let me put like this so you know when I initially got started you know what most
of that were marketing companies you have to you know start with friends and
family and things like that and I was always even nervous to ask my friends
and family you know about you know joining my business or you know buying
products for me or whatever else and for every company I’ve been a part of many
network marketing companies guys and I’m at every company I had to start with the
same same way as friends and family experience a family so that part of it
made me really tougher to that you know and also getting used to rejection and
that’s something else and you don’t have to get used to when you’re building
business is getting getting rejected and how you actually bounce back from it and
things like that and know that is not anything personal it’s just that you
know people’s don’t want your products and your services services at that
particular time so Lexi just but I don’t I’m not gonna take things really
personally and I said I’ve built it on into other business ventures and then
I’m like said on network marketing like I said I don’t want to talk bad about it
because know what marketing started all of this if I didn’t
network marketing I wanted to come online and try to figure out a way to
actually build network marketing better I wouldn’t found out about you know
other ways to make money online I would’ve bet the amazing people that I’m
surrounded by so listen just because I’m not in it anymore
I definitely don’t want to talk negatively about it because network
marketing has produced some of the most amazing people you know in business and
things like that and they like say has been a pathway for me and my business as
well so if you’re watching this and your thing about doing it with marketing give
it a try you know what hurt at all absolutely and and again you know I I
don’t want to I don’t want anybody to think that I’m knocking network
marketing or the other we’re talking bad about it
but you know I do like to keep this these interviews very personal and not
really talk about anything besides you the guest so that being said all right
you said you said earlier in the interview that you wanted to be able to
both make money you know earn a living and also experience life and and I
really like that you said that because you know that there’s that old saying I
don’t want to live to work I want to work to live so how haven’t you achieved
that in your life and how would you what advice would you give to other
entrepreneurs who might be struggling with with that concept of finding time
to experience life well for me basically how I was able to even achieve that to
the sort of point where I am right now my business why I’m able to do both is
that I had to stay in the game and I say this a lot when I do like livestream
videos and things like that that you know I came into online marketing in
2013 and it was a horrible year I wasn’t making a lot of money anything like that
I’m goes differently a learning experience I call it you know my
transitioning year pretty much and at any point I could have just quit and
just gave up on the drain gave up on on you know like I said you know living
life and making money at the same time but the fact that I’m going up
single day you know even if I fail I think up every single morning is showing
up and just by me doing that just by me doing that you know it led me to success
I’m it you know by me being consistent in my actions with my videos and you
know my constant messaging on Facebook even me emailing my list um it you know
you know explain to my audience to more and more people knowing more about me
now they’re starting to reach out about my services now they’re wanting to join
my team the weirwood case maybe and when that happens that means you’re
making more money and because you’re making more money now you’re able to go
and more tricks so that’s why some people have to make sure you stay in the
game and not just only just just show up every single day but make sure you
actually join the work every single day you have to do the work in order to get
those results to get that in that income so you can live that lifestyle most
people kind of over complicate the process and that’s really the logistic
it’s just showing up every single day and doing the work and anything you want
anything you want is no you know I palm of your hands pretty much all you do is
do the work and go through the process it’s always a process for everything
you’re gonna have to go through all the ups and downs the emotional ups and
downs the the family drama the friend drama all this stuff it’s just part of
the process if you can understand it’s only a process and as you go through it
you will you know see the light at the end of the tunnel so um in the tunnel so
to speak so that’s how you do it absolutely absolutely and you brought up
earlier point of a lot of people over complicate things and a lot of people
probably spend time doing things that just isn’t necessary for them to be
successful so based on your experience and your knowledge what advice would you
give to people to cut out the noise and focus on that that piece that that piece
the business that really generates the most return for them yeah so life or my
business life for me that’s really gonna make me money it’s not my business only
takes about three to five things so people need to determine what those few
things are people day that you have to be
at work 24 hours in order to make money when you really don’t if you can’t
determine what those three to five things that you need doing every single
day it’s out of your business and do them every single day they will get
redundant okay cuz it’s gonna be the same exact things every single day but
if you do it every single day it’s going to pay off and then also when I tell you
earlier like earlier to find those leaders find one to two people that
you’re going to listen to and because so many people won’t want to listen to you
know fifteen different people and what’d I tell you if there’s they all
information you’re gonna get from all those fifteen people it’s gonna start to
counteract with each other somebody’s going to say you don’t know
your list this way somebody’s gonna say you shouldn’t build your list this way
email them every single day email them once a month it’s just all
sets of information so find one or two people at most as you’re going to listen
to that you’re gonna subscribe to and follow their methods on how to earn
money online and cut out all the noise that means also going inside of your
email your gmail accounts and you know unsubscribe as to all of those you know
those people that you ascribe to or whatever and cut it down to one or two
people max and follow what they said for about a year give it a year following
that one those one or two people follow what they say stick to it show up every
single day do the work you’ll get results absolutely absolutely I think
that’s a really good point that we as entrepreneurs need to be persistent and
we need to stick with things right you said give it at least the year well they
they say and I say they say that it’s not really a credible source at all I
read in a book one time that it takes I believe between 5,000 and 10,000 hours
to master something right and so if you’re putting in the work every single
day day after day for a whole year you’re gonna be a lot closer to that
$10,000 five or ten thousand hours then if you you know spend one day doing this
and another day you know dabbling and that and dabbling
in this and you know so I really I’m really glad you said I think that’s
really important so you move from network marketing into
online marketing could you maybe talk about your experiences in online
marketing and you know I really I really want to focus on that first year what
were the things that you did that looking back now you wish you would not
have done you shouldn’t have wasted your time one and it may not have been all
waste of time but but I think I think you understand right yeah so just what I
mentioned earlier I was listening to way too many people getting caught a big
internet drama or Facebook drama I was getting caught up in you know all that
crazy noise and then trying to do so many different things so I came online
with to build a network marketing company and then I saw something knows I
wouldn’t shun Eos the shiny ball syndrome shut up I’ve suffered yeah I
suffered terribly from that and she hugged me thirteen because everything
looks good everything looks good and I wanted to join everything and like how
you saying you know one day I was doing this another day I was doing this and I
end up wasting a lot more time actually wasted more and money doing that by
jumping all over the place instead of just finding one thing finding one
person to listen to and just stick with it for at least a year before I made any
type of other decisions like so I’ll just completely all over the place
and I was also treating my business like a hobby know if I wanted to show up I
show up if I didn’t I didn’t and you can’t approach business like that at all
and like I said I learned you know 2013 is where I learned that because I came
into online marketing wanted to you know quit my job and I just didn’t see it
possible because like I said I wasn’t doing the work you know I’m doing the
things necessary for me to achieve that and then I went to a mastermind event in
Dubai at the end of 2013 for a full four full week and actually hung around some
people who were really crushing the game like we’re talking about the guy who
hosted the event is like worth over a half a billion dollars and after being
about that I came back to the state six months later I quit my job something
that I’ve been trying to strive to do for years were when you get
focused and you know do the work you can achieve your goals a lot faster like I
said I did response absolutely that’s incredible and so so you know when
people are first starting their business I feel like and and and what you said
about shiny object syndrome is absolutely correct you know a lot of
people struggle with that how is somebody supposed to identify that one
thing the the one thing that if they continue to do it and they they find and
listen to that one person who’s gonna teach them about it they’ll they’ll be
successful how do they know when they found that one thing that’s gonna work
for them um what I would say is do the research beforehand um like I said most
times we’ll see something that pops up in our newsfeed and it’s like oh how you
can make money really fast or something like that and we just immediately want
to join that this because we want to make money fast and then once you’re in
it you find that you know you don’t want to build your business a particular way
you don’t want to spam people’s inboxes all day to make money and things like
that so it’s important to do the research before you just jump into
anything see like even though the person that you plan on joining or maybe
purchasing their content or you know like their coaching or whatever else see
how they work their particular business see that’s something as you see yourself
doing – I’d like some people feel like they just like for me I love videos I
love to you know market do video if you know you’re not a video person at all
then I probably won’t be the person that you want to as you want to work with
because I love videos I love you know expressing my opinions through videos my
coaching my teaching my value of whatever the case may be so I think it
really just comes down to research and don’t just act so quick to make a
decision just because you’re looking to make money in the next two weeks just do
the research before beforehand I even said even with my coaching clients you
know who’s in e-commerce you know they just want to dive in headfirst it’s like
you know what if you actually spend a time and just do the research they’ll
make better decisions so just do the research research the company research
the person you’re about work with join or purchase their
coaching and on that way you kind of make a better decision or whatever taste
maybe but I’m I know for me it took me about don’t when from network marketing
– you know affiliate marketing – e-commerce and by me doing that actually
having some experience and getting those results is where I really found my
passion with e-commerce and things like that so um you’re definitely gonna have
to go through a few things before you actually find the things that you love I
will say that sometimes you want to find it right off the bat because I sure
didn’t but um but whatever you try I mean you know give it a try don’t just
give it no just two weeks and just like oh I don’t like doing this actually give
it a try put some time into it get some results with it see how you feel when
you get those results and see if there’s something that you see yourself doing
for the long term absolutely that’s fantastic advice that’s fantastic advice
now I’m interested because you said you were doing online marketing but you
wanted to affiliate marketing and then into e-commerce then you found your
passion at what point did you feel like you were successful at what point in
what were you doing that that gave you that feeling of being successful um I
would say when um all my traveling starting to pick up so um before you
know my my travels would just be in you know it’s Miami like I’m it I’m in
Florida I’m in North Florida so the Miami is like a five hour drive
or maybe I went to Atlanta you know that’s about it um I noticed that my
women travel really started to pick up like I said I’m going to Dubai you know
my mom is Jamaica they’re loaded Baker you know I started
my online business and I’ve been to Vegas six or seven times since 2014
so when that started to pick up and then when actually when I’m you know being
interviewed for no podcast and webinars that’s when I was really successful as
out of my business and I came a long way so it was things like
that it was like the natural rewards and the actual you know I’m when people
leave me testimonials or they hit me up hey I got my first sale because of
something I saw you teach on YouTube or something like that that’s when I knew I
hit that low that’s awesome that’s awesome
so when you went from affiliate marketing
to commerce and then you say you also do some coaching what exactly do you do is
ecommerce ecommerce and I do take on a few students every single month for
coaching for e-commerce but ecommerce is my everything right now okay and you
know let’s provide some value of this column because this podcast the show is
for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are all about value so if you could give
some advice to people who are trying to get into the commerce world what would
you say are the three to five most important things that they need to work
on in order to become successful in e-commerce with e-commerce most
important is product research I’m starting off you want to find products
that are proving winners buying products that are already winning keep it really
simple for yourself the second thing you want to do is do the research so when it
comes to you know finding your attorney to find your target audience things like
that take the time to do the research find
out what magazines they’re reading find out what TV shows they are watching the
books everything like that do spend a lot of time on the research prior to
this because when it comes to creating your Facebook yeah that’s our girl
whatever side but every time you plan on using all that research is going to come
handy all right and then the third thing just keep it simple keep it simple don’t
over complicate the process and it just show up every single day
and make sure you are launching often and if it doesn’t work move on to the
next product and do it all over again absolutely absolutely so what what
platforms do you use for e-commerce because there’s there’s a lot there’s
Shopify there’s commerce through the Amazon what platforms do you use and
what do you suggest onto your students um I use Shopify I even used Shopify for
my main web site where people can find out information about me and also my
info products and things like that um and like you said there’s other
platforms of our case maybe I just feel more comfortable with Shopify you can
set it up within like less than 20 minutes and you can have it up and
running and ready to promote in like 20 minutes or so so um that’s my definite
my recommendation for every time for anyone is to start with Shopify I keep
it simple and if you want thing else later on you can do that but it started
obviously Shopify 14-day trial free 14-day trial so you know you jump by
doing a product research research with your target audience and you have your
products or you’re still have your store nice and built down how do you recommend
to get very targeted buyers to come onto your site and actually purchase um so
like I said that goes in with the research so I use the audience insight
tool I use that heavily and also as a you know and I also use Google’s like
another fine like magazines and things like that but just even when I just was
a my coaching client when we were in audience insights and there’s a lot of
tools out there that you can use um but like I said just starting off like learn
the manual way of actually learning how to research so when you actually you
know start using tools you actually appreciate those tools a lot more but
you still always want to do the manual way and like us and I swear by the
audience inside tool insights tool and that’s inside of Facebook and I will
spend about you know maybe an hour hour and a half and I’m going into a new
niche I spend quite some time in audience insights doing my research
learning about my particular audience and I do this
before you know I said with any new addition I’m a part of I make sure that
keep a track of all the new interest and I’m finding so when it comes time for me
to create my Facebook ads it only takes me minutes to create them cuz I’ve
already done the research beforehand absolutely absolutely and and you know I
definitely want to add that Facebook’s audience insights is brilliant I mean it
is just really it gives you so much information and such good accurate
information that it really does really decrease the amount of time you have to
spend but I do think that what you said was profound in that and that you should
always learn how to do with the manual learn how to do it as if Facebook’s
audience insights did not exist because then you not only appreciate the tool
but you can probably use it a lot more accurately so you know we talked about
doing niche research products and store using Facebook ads and and now I want to
I want to move more on to your history but but I still want to provide a little
bit more value how do you structure your Facebook Ads
no what what copied use with images to use how do you go about deciding those
things I keep everything simple I keep everything some bottom and over
complicate things so was my deal with my images they’re
usually just the image I don’t like to have busy backgrounds it’s gonna be if
anything just a solid white image um and then my ad copy is very simple like the
whole point of the ad is to get the click so I’m not gonna say like oh if
you come here a limited time offer say this say this banana banana banana I
don’t do any of that hey this is available right here click
this button and tag somebody who will love this that’s my ad copy the whole
point of the ad is to get the click we just trying to get them to the website
we don’t we’re not trying to sell them on the particularly at least that’s what
I do with my ass for e-commerce I’m trying to get them to click and come
over to the store and purchase that’s the whole purpose so I keep it very very
simple in the same thing like I said with my images white background the
image itself and that’s it that’s perfect so just
keep it simple tell only only attract the buyers by saying this ad is meant
inform me about this product by this side by that that’s bro that’s awesome
so yes you know I want to thank you for providing that value I always think it’s
important to give our listeners something that they can they can take
back with them so I do appreciate that but but I want to I want to talk more
about your life so so you’re doing your e-commerce you’re doing your coaching
maybe a little bit of affiliate marketing there
where do you see yourself going in the next few years what does the future hold
for Lindsay um I said I love ecommerce but I definitely see myself working more
so with corporations and also you know maybe big-box companies stores and
things like that because ecommerce is the wave of the future it really is and
I’m completely sold by it so I definitely see myself so right now I’m
doing my own stores and I also like that you know coach you know my students and
things like that but I definitely see myself working with more larger
corporations and things like that I’m getting their stores created showing
them how to incorporate social media and also Facebook advertisement and as well
to help them increase sales in their bottom line every single month with
their song then with their company so that’s why I see myself in the next few
years that’s awesome that’s great so I just have a few more
questions for you I really do appreciate your time so far but but you know we
talked about your your earlier years how you dropped out of college and and you
did all these different things and it seems like most of that time was spent
learning and was spent trying to figure out how you can best approach
entrepreneurship and what works best for you and I think learning and
self-improvement and personal development are really important as
aquanauts that being said one of the best ways to
do that in my opinion is through reading reading books what books would you say
have been the most influential in your life and maybe give a top three top five
what everything so one book I always swear by and people
may say it’s the cliche book but it’s a cliche because it works they can grow
rich Napoleon Hill guys so though I finally I finally read that book in 2015
this is like maybe a few months before starting with e-commerce I read that
book and was blown away and two days later I even share a story about this is
my facebook but two days later like you know I was implementing what he says and
I made $2,000 from that book so when people tell you that I read that book
and I’ve made money I’m one of those people I swear by that book and one of
those people that love to follow is Bob Proctor and if anybody follows him
anybody knows that he bought that book and what he was like 20-something years
old bought partners over 80 and he still
reads that book still reason to this day so for me that is my forever go-to book
and I always go back to that book as a reference at least read here but we
definitely that book also the power of the subconscious mind that’s one of my
favorite books as well and then also the one that I just completed is dot-com
secrets by Russell Brunson if you want to learn how to crush it with like the
internet marketing game get that book you need that book and then I said the
other two books they help with the mindset also is a thick and Grow Rich it
also talks about the power of the mastermind you know finding other people
the whore like you with similar interests and you start to work with
them so you’re gonna need bigger goals so most of the stuff that I you know I
shared and things like that kind of relates back to I’m thinking for a rich
because a lot of those principles are inside of that book Girish definitive
book the afternoon read it then read it again and but make sure you Napoleon
Hill gives instructions inside of this book follow those instructions do what
he says and you will make money from this book I guarantee it yeah you learn
that’s awesome yeah absolutely absolutely you got to do the work don’t
do the work so you know I just want to talk a little bit more
about about your your future because you seem to be going in a very successful
path now you’re coaching people you’re killing it ecommerce and you really
really seems like coming into your own as an entrepreneur but what do you want
to leave behind a short legacy I’m you came in and out of it here the last one
oh sorry about that what do you want to leave behind as your legacy understand
um this is something that I went to an event in 2014 and they talked about this
about you know about legacy and up to that point I never even thought about it
I was talking about you know what business I can do and things like that
or whatever else but as part of my legacy um I definitely just want to
leave that you know that anything is possible that you know whatever you put
your mind to that you can’t achieve it no matter what point in life you are and
that’s what I want to leave and I want to make sure like you know even like for
my kids kids kids like you know the the income the the work that I’m creating in
this lifetime will have you know will help them you know give them that
launching pad as well you know when it’s time for them to start up a business
become adults of whatever the case may be and break that cycle that’s been you
know part of my family or maybe other people families where you know we create
you know income or create some type of savings or something like that but it’s
never enough to you know really know help your kids we’re gonna know for the
next no they’re their next part of life or whatever the case may be so I
definitely want to break that chain II that’s something that’s heaven in my
family and I says for most families so it doesn’t want to break that chain
you’re gonna mount launching pad to start with and to always continue
building that arm that wealth over time for you know my kids the kids kids kids
kids kids kids so that’s my legacy that’s what I want to do absolutely
absolutely so Lindsey I want to thank you so much for jumping on the interview
today it’s truly been a pleasure if anybody wants to get in contact with you
how do they go back to I’m the best way to in contact with me
is through Facebook through me goes by me at Lindsay more Li and sty and also
go to my website in is Lindsay more calm you can find out more information about
me my coaching packages and you know how you can work with me in other videos and
value and trainings as well on that website absolutely and I highly
encourage everybody to reach out to Lindsay I’m actually gonna put all those
links in the description below so go check those out get in touch with
Lindsay she can absolutely help you ton and and provide a ton of value so
Lindsay I just have one more question of before before for the interviews of it
is there anything about yourself that you think is an important part of who
you are that I did not ask you about today in other words what did I miss anything according to me um I would just
say basically I don’t sound really cheesy about saying keeping things
positive but when I tell you it by me actually being more positive it actually
has more of an impact on my business and things like that as well I used to be
one of those people that would dwell in you know you know sorrow or feeling
sorry for myself um it was bad thoughts of like know that
everyone has a depression or whatever else nice and swelling those but um
might say after you know you know increasing my knowledge reading these
books and things like that that’s no longer the issue and I also treat you
almost almost like you know like failure like if I’m feeling blue I’m finding you
know ways to actually get myself out of those um you know those states of you
know feeling sorry for myself whoever else I quickly get out of those things
because I know that the longer I stay in those things I’m walking my blessings
and the better I am in my positivity and you know feeling upbeat being happy and
things like that the better I can be to other people the better leader I can be
to others as well so but I said I want to sound – cheese was truth is being
being positive as much as possible absolutely
that’s awesome that’s awesome so again I want to thank you so much for coming on
to the show today it has been a true pleasure talking to you and to everybody
who’s listening I want to thank you you’re the reason I would do this and
this show would you know it wouldn’t be for anything if it wasn’t people so I
want to thank you so much for listening and this has been another project egg
interview today we’ve been talking with Lindsey Moore from Florida thank you so
much you

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