February 25, 2020

LinkedIn Skill e commerce

hi my name is David Deutsch and I’m the global digital marketing trainer for search tightness now recently I’ve been asked some questions about the skills that are required to do digital marketing from a LinkedIn perspective because I have a ton of skill sets on my LinkedIn profile other digital marketers also have similar skill sets so I thought I’d simply go through the process of explaining what they are one by one right here we go let’s begin with ecommerce that’s an easy one right so ecommerce as a skill set is the ability is the ability to use an e-commerce platform you’re not necessarily capable of building designing and structuring a whole ecommerce website with the programming behind it ooh that’s a lot of work no no when you we refer to ecommerce what we’re talking about is the ability to add products to use the CMS the content management system or CMS of the e-commerce platform to upload products to manage them correctly to market the the e-commerce products and to do anything else that’s required for e-commerce that doesn’t actually involve building an e-commerce website or designing one or anything like that now if you were an e-commerce developer that would be a different question but ecommerce is a skill alone just is the ability to use e-commerce to do business for your company you [Music]

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