March 28, 2020
Link Training Video – How to build links to ecommerce sites – ecommerce seo tips

Link Training Video – How to build links to ecommerce sites – ecommerce seo tips

– What is up YouTube? I don’t know why I said it in an accent. I have several different
demographics of audience, so, there’s those people who
wanna start an SEO agency, make some scratch from sat on their ass, I have people who own
their own businesses, so sort of, they sell shit. E-commerce sites are a big one. One of the ones that I get
the most questions from is the e-commerce guys. The reason is because it’s a much, much harder type of link to get, primarily, because people know that if they send you a link,
they’re sending you traffic, and if they’re sending you traffic, they’re sending you money. People don’t like to
give you money for free, so they’re generally gonna ask you for money in exchange, or
something in exchange, right? I’m gonna quickly run through
four types of links to get, how to get them, and this is how I handle pretty much most of my e-commerce clients. The way that I’m gonna do
this is just concentrate on link-building at the moment. I do have another video coming out. This is part of a 20-day
content challenge. At some point during those 20 days, I think it’s day 13, we’re
currently on day two, I’ll be going through the
entire e-commerce strategy. So I’ll show you how to set up a site, structure it, what type
of content you need, the general whole content strategy. You’ll put this with the previous video, which is yesterday’s one, and with the structure and
setup of your site video, and you’ll essentially have an insight at e-commerce strategy. If you have an e-commerce site, use these three videos, and you’ll sell a billion products. Or, a fiver’s worth, whatever. (laughing) Okay, jumping straight in. Building links to e-commerce sites. First off, non-commercial, it’s in capital letters ’cause
it’s super fucking important. Do not, do not, do not
put content on your site that we’re gonna get links to that is trying to sell stuff. Basically what I mean by this is, if you’re creating a really
core piece of content, something informative, and you slap on the bottom of it, buy this, or a pushy sales tactic, it negates the entire usefulness
of that piece of content. It’s fucking useless to you once you try to sell using it. So if you’re creating content for links, don’t sell in it, end of story. We’re gonna concentrate
on links in this strategy, well, the initial three
links are gonna be to these, we have the fourth type at the bottom which I’ll explain later. So we’re gonna sell links
to either your homepage, the category page, so the page where you list all of your products. So if I’m selling t-shirts for example, this is my t-shirts page. And then the products page, so to the individual t-shirts, if there’s something special about them. First one, guest posts. I talk about it all the time because it’s the best. (laughing) You’re gonna be able to get guest posts to absolutely any website in the world if you play them right. Here’s what to do. Bridge the content. So you’re not gonna go to other websites that talk about, I’m gonna use t-shirts throughout this whole
video, I’ve just decided. You’re not gonna go to other websites that talk about t-shirts and say, oh hey, I’ve got a cool t-shirt article. And why are you not gonna do that? Because they’ve already
written everything in the world about t-shirts. You might get lucky because they’re hungry for a bit more content, but essentially look for
stuff that are bridges. If you can say, for example, build a little bridge to another industry or area. So fashion for men, dating for men, all of those things come
in useful for people who need t-shirts in those places. If you’re writing articles
for dating websites, showing men how to
dress simple but stylish for a first date, it’s perfect material to talk about t-shirts. So think about things where
your audience overlaps, but they’re not in direct
competition with you. Those are the people you wanna approach, because they’re gonna be
hungry for your content ’cause they don’t already have it. When you publish these type of content, somebody asked me this
is a group this morning, it’s the only reason I’ve added this, you want to try at least, to get a link in the actual content of the article. So, you’ll be saying, oh,
so the best type of t-shirts to wear, and the word t-shirts should link to your t-shirts category page. Or if you’re writing
for a fashion article, you might be more direct,
and you’ll be like, try this plain white t-shirt or whatever, and you can link to the product page. Every single guest post will generally give you an author box, so this is Dan Ray, he’s
writing for you know, and then you can link to the homepage of whatever your website is. Or try to get both. They will all give you an author box, try to get one in the content as well because these links are more valuable in the eyes of the
almighty Google algorithm. So you want to find an
angle that has an audience. The best way to do this is
to think about some sort of, I do this in my brain,
you say me do it yesterday in the content paths video, you will have also seen,
I half went through what I call my core four. So I look at these four things here, elderly people, children,
people with learning disability, and people with a physical disability. If you can create content
for any of these four types of people, that’s
helpful to them and useful, their industries and their communities are very, very passionate
about their products, and anything that mentions them or aims to help them. This is really powerful because
if people are passionate they will link to you
without second thoughts. Oh, that’s helpful, here’s a link, ’cause they want to help other people in their situation. So if you go through those four things and you can link content to it, it’s gold. Beyond that, you’re gonna have to go
through the same strategy I went through yesterday where you’re just thinking about things that are relevant and who
is this content useful for. Who needs this? If you’re selling t-shirts,
who needs t-shirts? Men who are cold, men
who are going on dates, et cetera, et cetera. If there’s something going
on that’s big in the world, something like Donald Trump
being elected president for example, Star Wars coming out, a new Avengers film, something like that, people are so hungry for
content around those things because they just want as much as possible ’cause they want as many
eyes on it as possible. So what they do is, they
will take any content about those things. So if you can relate your stuff to that. For example, check out this
Star Wars Jedi-worthy t-shirt. So it’s t-shirts that a Jedi would wear. Or Donald Trump wore this
t-shirt on his vacation to, I don’t know where he fucking goes, probably not Mexico though, right. (laughing) Here’s what Donald Trump
wore on his vacation to Cancun. Stuff like that. If you can write about
things that are timely and relevant, you can write about things that are unrelated to your industry. So you’re telling t-shirts, you can write about
whatever the fuck you want, so long as there’s a huge
demand for that sort of thing. And it only happens for generally, a week, two weeks. If you know something’s happening, like a movie release, get
your content loaded up a couple of weeks beforehand, start sending it to people, ’cause they’ll know at that time, they’ll start having their
publishing schedules ready. So three, four weeks in advance, send them your content and
you’ll get a shitload published. And again, in a guest post, do not sell. Right, you’re not trying
to sell your product. What you’re trying to do is get that link. The link is the most important thing with guest posts, because
for the most part, they’re not gonna be interested
in what you’re selling, especially if you go for
these sort of timely, relevant ones. You perhaps can in the core four. Think of audience first but
don’t try and sell them. You’re not trying to sell t-shirts, what you’re trying to do is
get eyes on your product. So you get the link on there, people might click through
to it, they might not, but just get that link. Don’t try and sell, ’cause
people will reject you, your guest post, ’cause again, they don’t
want to send you money, think about that. They’re happy to take your
informative piece of content as a value exchange for
a link back to your site, but they’re not gonna
send you their traffic and therefore their money
without paying them. And that brings us nicely to the next one. I’ve separated these two things, but they’re very, very similar, so reviews and sponsored, because you can generally
get the same things, right. So everything I talk about with reviews is relevant to sponsored too, but you don’t always
have to pay for reviews, that’s the thing. The important things to
remember with reviews, generally what you’re gonna do is send somebody a
couple of your products. So send a couple of t-shirts, a couple of your finest things, maybe something that’s new, maybe something that’s old, send them your entire back catalogue. Whatever you can send to
people for them to review it, always let them do it honestly. Don’t ever say, we want a positive review, or we want this to be said, or please mention this. Just send them the shit and
say, review this for us, have a look at it, wear it, wear it round, roll in some mud, whatever, and send us, not send us, write an honest review about it. This builds trust because people trust the person who’s writing the review. Their audience trusts them, so whatever they say, if they don’t come off genuine, or they’re not quite congruent, people know that straight away. You can smell it. Send more than one thing. So like I said before,
don’t just send one t-shirt, ’cause people just be like, oh, yeah, I got a t-shirt. If you send them five or six t-shirts, a nice selection, who’s
guaranteeing they like what you send them? They might be shit. They might hate that
but love the entire rest of your catalogue, so send
them a nice little sample of things. They really appreciate that, it starts to build your
relationship with that person which we’re gonna get into later. The relationship you
build with these people is so important. YouTube is your absolute best friend when it comes to this. There are so many channels out there, so many channels that have
growing little audiences, cheeky 100,000 people
looking at every single video they make. And it’s just stuff like, I was selling corsets
once, not selling corsets, I had a client who was selling corsets, and we were really struggling
to just get influences to come and do it, ’cause they want so much money, ’cause they have access
to a million people. I found this one girl, she did something called,
what was it called? Yeah, get ready with
me, every Friday night. So she’d be going out for a night out, just clubbing, whatever, she had 300,000 people following her, and a million watches
of every single video, ’cause it’s a hot girl getting ready. We sent her some corsets,
a nice selection of them, we sent her like four, five. She, four weeks in a row, got
ready wearing these corsets ’cause she liked the look of them. So for four consecutive videos we got over a million
views on our product, which you can’t really buy. Do you know how much she charged me? $200. She charged me $200 to wear it one video, and then she consecutively
wore it in what, four or five videos. Find these people on YouTube who they have a little audience, but they’re not making money yet, and they’re in your industry. They may not be directly in it. This girl didn’t ever talk about corsets, but she did get ready, and people who are getting
ready are the audience. Think about who the audience are, what else they’re interested in. Again, bridge content. Fan Instagram accounts are huge. The same client, corsets, we knew that one of our
main targeting demographics, so people who love Kim Kardashian. We’re never gonna get Kim Kardashian, not with our budget, to
write about our content, but Kim Kardashian has
a million fan pages. Kim every day, shit like this, right. I don’t even know if
that’s one of the names, I just came up with that now. The thing is that these people have hundreds of thousands of followers, and they’re not making money. They’re doing it to try
and get the attention of Kim Kardashian. They want Kim to retweet
them or follow them. They’re just doing it for numbers, they just want as many
followers as possible. They’re probably like
12, 13-year-old girls. These people, for very, very little money, will write about your shit. Whatever it is you have,
send them a tiny bit of cash, maybe just a product, and they’ll happily, happily link to it. And they’ve got hundreds
and hundreds of thousand. If you do that with five or six accounts, you’re getting a million views. Make the people that you’re
sending stuff to, your fans. It’s like I said earlier, we’re talking about
building the relationship with this person. Imagine if I send a t-shirt to a guy who writes about men’s dating. How many times is he
gonna write about fashion throughout his career? And who’s gonna be the
first person he thinks about when I send him 10 t-shirts? I might send him 10 t-shirts a month, I might send him a t-shirt every
time we have a new t-shirt, I might send him that thing, just because he wrote for us once. The thing is, maintaining and
building these relationships is so important because you get mentions without even asking for them. Later on in his career, this guy, he’ll be writing about t-shirts and you’ll be front of his mind. Just think about stuff like this. Keep in mind that these people will grow and if you grow and they
know about your industry, you can grow with them. Or not with them, but as part of them. The next stage of reviews
is sponsored reviews, sponsored posts, basically
people who want money in exchange for what you’re doing. So you can send them some t-shirts, send them some cash, they’ll
take a look at your t-shirts, wear them, write stuff about them. These people, a lot of the times, will let you write your own post, just give them a bit of cash and they’ll publish it for their audience. I don’t like these as much
because you lose this honesty and trust side of things, but what you do get is
a little bit more sway when you’re writing the articles. So you can be, you can
write what you want, mention specific things, stuff like that. They’re very, very similar to reviews, but you get more sway. Send them stuff anyway, even if they don’t ask for
stuff, and they just want money, just send them a few t-shirts. Remember what I said earlier
about building audiences and making relationships with people, send them some stuff anyway,
they will appreciate it. You can sell in these articles, but just don’t be a dick about it. You can write your own
article for these sites, which you’re gonna be very tempted to say, oh, how great this t-shirt is, and people can tell when
something’s an advert. So what I like to do with sponsored posts is make sure I read the site first, match the tone, see what
people are interested in, and sort of write it as
a sort of guest post, and don’t concentrate on sales with it. Remember, non-commercial is
the key to all of this stuff. Write a nice post that their audience will be interested in,
make it a bit funny, edgy, and publish that type of stuff. Don’t be cheap. If someone asks you
for 200 pounds, or $200 to place an article on their website, and you’re going to
argue with them over 150, get fucked. There’s no point arguing,
sending those extra five, six emails trying to negotiate and souring the relationship. If someone says $200 and
you think the audience, it’s gonna send you a
few people, whatever, you found this person in the first place which means they are useful to you. Send them 200 pound, forget about it. Never worry about it again. You have to not worry about
these small amounts of money. If they’re asking for five grand, and you’re only willing to pay 500, by all means negotiate. But if you’re knocking 10 pounds off and 20 pound off, don’t even
waste your time with it. Remember the relationship. You don’t want to ruin a relationship with this person who could send you hundreds of thousands of visitors over the lifetime of your business just for saving 20, 30 quid. Fuck that. And you base all of this value, when you’re deciding if
it’s worth the money, you’re basing it on the audience access, not the link quality. So earlier when I said
go for the link first, with the do not sell on the guest post, with these type of links, you pretty much want to
base it on having access to this person’s audience. So if they have 100,000 visits a month, you want a little chunk of that. You want to be front of their eyes. You’re not saying, oh,
it has these metrics, or all of that stuff. So that’s the core stuff sorted. Resource links. This is where you really want to be. You want to be getting
these type of links, but they’re a little bit harder to get because you can’t just
produce a bit of content or send some t-shirts or pay some money. I’ll step over this way so you can see it. Create badass, non-salesy, helpful, core four, bridge content. Create 10 pieces of it and
go for these type of links. Or, if you genuinely and
uniquely solve a problem, you can get on resource pages or be involved in content links if you are the unique answer to a question or a problem that people have. That’s core. But if you want to get resource links, you have to have all
of these other things. You don’t necessarily have
to have 10 pieces of content, but the content needs to be badass, it needs to not be selling, it needs to be helpful to somebody, essentially core four, if
you can get one of these, that really helps, and bridge content. So write about stuff that’s not necessarily
what you’re selling. I try and create 10 pieces, then get 10 links to each piece, that’s my sort of go-to core strategy, and then you can go for resource links. Other than that, try
and stick to these three and you’ll be able to
sell a bajillion products. (laughing diabolically) Anyway, that should do it for this one, and I will see you probably tomorrow, ’cause, I’m in the middle of
a 20-day content strategy.

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