April 2, 2020

70 thoughts on “Link Tracking with Google Analytics

  1. Have you ever thought about doing a video about DoubleClick For Publishers? I know this is an admin tool for ads, but it has something pretty similar to GTM with its gtag.js. It's called Google Publisher Tag, and for what I've read, it can allow you to call certain resolutions ads based on device and even reload ads without having to refresh the entire page. It would be awesome to see your approach and thoughts on this. Thank you for your amazing content!

  2. Hi Julian,
    Is tracking links to external websites is the same as tracking the links pointing to pages inside the website? If not, do you have a video for that?

  3. HI Julian, thanks for this very helpful video. Question: is this internal link tracking method you showed also recommended for links on the site leading to PDF downloads? Or is there another more feasible solution for that requirement?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Hi Julian – This in great info – I have watched it several times to set up an event. Everything seems to work fine in tag manager, but the info is not showing up in GA. Any ideas why?

  5. Hi Julian,

    I have tagged some external links (adwords, Facebook etc) using utm parameters.

    I went ahead and created a custom report in analytics using dimensions:

    Source = utm_source
    Medium = utm_medium
    Campaign = utm_campaign
    Ad content = utm_content
    ??? = utm_term

    In the example above which dimension would pull in utm_term data? Can’t seem to locate it. Searched “term” , “campaign term”. I suspect it may be keyword but not clear on this.

    Any pointers?


  6. So if you're using the convention "Click – text – clothing," is there an equivalent for images. In context: I'm trying to set up event tracking for campaign banners within my site that are in a slider. A unique characteristic of the assets in the slider is the div id "carousel" so could I do something like "click – image – carousel"?

  7. Hi Julian,
    i wanna identify source/medium of the specific referral session which modified new session
    after passing through the Payment module

  8. Hey Julian!

    Thank you very much for all your videos!

    How would I use this to track traffic from guest blogs or contributor accounts? What would the campaign medium be? I cannot figure out how to track traffic from link building.

  9. The command click trick is not working for me. The new tag and page load is happening but the gtm.click step isn't appearing. I'm on Chrome. I wonder if that's changed somehow.

  10. Great explanation…. I'm trying to do the same with CLICK URL but without success. Mayble would you be so kind to explain me how to do it?

  11. Amazing video! Loved it. Explains everything so intuitively. Was fed up of other spammy videos which were so confusing. Thanks!

  12. Hi, would you know how to delete a specific source/medium from my ongoing list in google analytics for link tracking, since I have no use for those particular traffic sources anymore. Thanks

  13. What about clickbank affiliate links cloaked with pretty link pro? Would I just put the actual clickbank hoplink in?

  14. You mentioned that it takes a half an hour for the Event data to appear in the Behaviour section. Is it uncommon for it to take longer?

  15. hi and thanks for the video 🙂 for some reason i dont see any activity in my links….i work with an influencer and i cant track the activity

  16. Another great video! I have a question – How do I track the conversions from an inbound link from another website to my webshop?

  17. Hey Julian, how do you feel about using ITMs for internal campaigns? Specifically the article from smashingmagazine.

  18. I recently changed my links, they were ending with / and removed that. Is there an easy way with filters to merge the data in analytics? I dont have many links at the moment because the site is still in sort of a building phase.

  19. DO you always need to add all UTM variables, i mean why not compact source and medium, they can be the same right?

  20. One thing one your website you specificially talk about the data driven wat. But if hardly any data is coming in what is there to measure? Getting data can be very expensive putting out all kinds of ads on all kinds of mediums. THan its sounds more like a gamble to me because you never know what will happen. I thinks its still kind of luck and guess work and one can be lucky enough if he/she throws in tons of money for advertisment.

  21. PS why do you have a dropdown for the medium and not for the source and such. I noticed there is also print medium, how can a flyer be a medium? shouldnt that be email or newsletter than?

  22. DO we really need to use variables for event tracking, i noticed there is flow in GA isnt that enough? Why i dont get is why would you need to track event click for links, those links are already tracked if right

  23. Is it possible to track a pdf download link hosted on my website but the link is posted on an email? E.g. https://example.com/ebook.pdf
    i tried your method and it only work on normal pages not a download link, do you suggest any other direct way (That don't require tracking a page that redirects to the pdf download and tracking that page)

  24. Thank you Julian! This is EXACTLY what I need to implement link tracking for the header and footer navigation for a blog.

  25. How do you share an affiliate link with an influencer so they can track how many sales were generated from viewers clicking on a website they put in their bio?

  26. Very helpful to track the link clicks on my client's website. Can easily understand the procedure. Explained so professionally.

  27. Hey Julian! Thank you so much for all your videos! But one thing I didn't really understand yet, also you don't show it in this video .. How can I actually track and retarget people who have just seen one specific FB ad? I guess I can't just create a custom conversion in Facebook with my shop´s url because then I would target everyone, or is there another way? How would retargeting work with FB ads in Analytics?
    Many thanks!

  28. Hi Julian, great video. Just for added clarity…assuming the UTM link is correct and traffic IS showing in the Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium I have a client who has created a rule for recording revenue by the appearance of the Thank you page. So, my question…is there anything else we have to give to off-site advertising agencies other than the custom UTM in order to see revenue coming from their traffic? Meaning do I need to add any other code to our thank you page OR will all sales coming from a specific UTM record revenue? BTW, the thank you page code works perfectly for our organic and adwords perfectly. Just need to know if anything else needs to be included in the UTM or in our thank you page. Cheers!

  29. This is a great bird's-eye-view of these two important concepts for marketing and SEO newbies. Thank you for creating and posting it!

  30. hi Julian!! I would like to search results after user search for a product. I think it can be done with GTM by using custom metric. I want you to make a video with this subject if possible 🙂

  31. I have set up a link with your excel file. It works in analytics under "Realtime", where i can see the source "tandlægebladet" as i typed in the link:
    But under "All trafic" – "Source/medium", it only displays "(direct) / (none)"

    Anyone know how to solve it?

  32. Hi Julian,

    Can I still track the Facebook ads in Google analytic without access client's WordPress setting? So, I got google analytics account for my website. I got a new client and she just wants to do facebook lead form ad without any landing page. When lead filled up the lead form, there is a button to go her website. Can I still track Facebook ad performance in Google analytic? Thanks

  33. Hi Julian, for some reason, I am not able to see the trigger in Google Analytics?? I have used the page URL equals to the actual URL. Any ideas on how I can make this work? I also noticed that whatever I do, under the LINK CLICK > TAGS > Tags Fired On This Event None?? How do I fix this?

  34. I have an utm error. if I use the symbol '?' (mysite.com/?utm = …) the results of the page were not found but were tracked on google analytics. when I use the symbol '#' (mysite.con / # utm = …) the results of the page are open to a destination and tracked on Google analytics in realtime. is there a suggestion to fix this?

  35. Thank you very much for this tutorial. I did observe that click and command+click are  registering but NOT "right click-open in new tab"

  36. This is so useful and I learned a lot. Btw, towards the end of the video, you mention that you can create segments for those who click the link (event), do you have video guide for this? Thanks!

  37. Hi Julian, Thanks for the awesome tutorials.

    I've got on my website an external contact form from my CRM, somehow I cannot track any clicks buttons on it.

    Is there any other solution I can maybe use to track how many people clicking on it?
    Many thanks

  38. Hi Julian,
    Thank you for all of the great content. I have a question. I want to track conversions from my bitly links on GA. I have the "/thank-you" set up on the goals section to track regular conversions on the site. Would there be any way to track bitly link conversions on GA using just the "/thank-you" page?

  39. Hey bro Great,

    I need your advice how to measure WhatsApp link from Facebook ads. Any type ads like direct WhatsApp business connect method or API short link to drive traffic methods.

    When am doing traffic methods it shows only who all are clicked the link it shown that measurements only. But the problem is some people not press WhatsApp send button. I need to measure only who pressed whatsap send button i.e only recivied WhatsApp messages.

    Thanks in advance

  40. i love you so much Julian <3 <3 you are saving my life for this amazing trick tracking. Now i'm not worry about my boss anymore =)))))))))))) love idol

  41. Hi! thanks for the tutorial, but i cant get to view the default mode to select the button for the link…can anyone help me please?

  42. Shit Bayrak! I searched on another request, and only after looking for 12 minutes, I realized that it was wrong. However, the video is fine

  43. Thank you Julian – this was very helpful. I just want to confirm, would this be a similar process to help us track a client's click through from an eblast to their website and then determine the amount of ticket sales an eblast may or may not have generated? Please reach out to me at [email protected] – Thank you again! Best Diana

  44. Do you know how to insert tracking pixel URLs to track ad delivery and Re-target potential customers who engaged on your Ad? Do you want to know how many people are clicking your links?





    Check out 👇


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