February 26, 2020
Leveraging Your Time with Outsourcing eBay Amazon Business.

Leveraging Your Time with Outsourcing eBay Amazon Business.

– Hey guys, Neil Waterhouse. Yeah, look, I’m a
self-confessed numbers geek. You know, I actually
love getting new numbers, especially with spreadsheets
and crunching away at numbers. I even have a spreadsheet
for my model aircraft, my model planes, so when I fly them, I record how many times I fly them. Well, my wife thinks I’m
pretty crazy for doing that, but yeah, each their own. Anyway, what I want to get to is, I wanted to show the
power of just crunching some small numbers,
because a lot of people just don’t realize, a lot
of sellers don’t realize, what they’ve already got. And I’m talking about, you
know, I’m just on the way back from doing presentations
for the eBay, Amazon group here in Australia. I’ve explained to a lot of small sellers, and they just don’t
realize how close they are to having six, seven, eight
plus digit businesses. Now you really only need to get excited about this one product. Now, let me explain. If you have say, just one
product that’s making you know, say, $10 profit per sale, and it sells just say, once a week. So it’s a new product, unless
it’s a drop ship product, it sells just once a week
and it makes just say, $10 profit per sale. Obviously that’s $40 per
month, or to be exact, because there’s 4.3 weeks in a month, so that’s $433, sorry $43, per month. Now, if you just take that
one product, and work it, okay, how did you get that product? You’ve researched it,
you’ve found that product, you’ve listed that product. If you leverage your time,
because this is the secret, is leveraging your time,
using virtual assistants that cost you one to two dollars per hour, that’s the way that you
build your business up, that’s how you get to your
six, seven, eight digit businesses, by leveraging your time. And a lot of people think
that it’s all about, I’ve got to work harder,
I’ve got to work harder, no. It’s not about working
harder, it’s working smarter. It’s just, learn how to
find just one product, get that product listed, get
it optimized, get it sold, and then just leverage it out. Sit there, crunch the numbers. So you know, if you already
have a business already, sit down and crunch those numbers. And you know, what if, you
know, if you’ve got one product, you’ve got five products,
ten, 100, whatever you’ve got, work at, double it. Whatever you’re doing now, double it. How much would you be making then? Then double it again. Two, four, eight. And then start putting some
zeros on and play with it. That’s what gets me excited, is just being able to leverage time and get excited about it. So it’s not about working harder, it’s literally working smarter. So, that’s all I’ve got for you this week. Please scroll down and
leave me a comment below. Until next week, list more, sale more, this is Neil Waterhouse.

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