April 7, 2020
Legit Bitcoin CLAIM BUTTON (Claim every 10 seconds)

Legit Bitcoin CLAIM BUTTON (Claim every 10 seconds)

I received now the payment i got from this Free Bitcoin Button worth 175 satoshi. Truly, this is legit application and they really pays. This is free! No membership fee and this is free application. Do you want to earn extra money online? Just click the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON and the bell as well, to get notified for my next videos where we can all earn extra money online. Hello everyone and this is Aiza Mercado. And for today, i will be sharing an android application where we can earn free bitcoin. Alright, check the description section the app LINK because this is not available in any Playstore. It requires us to connect VPN coz this application is based on US country. Alright, lets start! And this app is called “Free bitcoin button pro”. If you want now to get started, check the description section the application LINK. Let us first install it. It indicates here that For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources. What we do here is to click Settings. Turn on this “Unknown Sources” Click okay. Then go back so we can start installing it. And once the installation is done, you can now open or use any VPN application. For me, i will use HOLA VPN. And you can search it at Google Playstore. Lets start with opening the Hola VPN… Then we search for Free btc button… Here it is! Just click the BTC button, then click start. The VPN will start connecting to USA country. Just wait for and it will open soon. Okay it is now open, just click the allow.. Allow.. and allow… Alright, for new user of the app all you have to do it to sign up. Here in referral code, just enter “aizabe” “aizabe” “A I Z A B E” and ofcourse choose your Coinbase email. Good thing about it is you can payout instantly direct to your Coinbase Wallet. Once sign up is done, you can now log in your coinbase email. Just select your Coinbase wallet email, then click log in. And here it is! Our free bitcoin button. Alright, so… How can we earn here? Basically, we can earn here just by clicking the “claim now” button and you can claim free satoshi (BTC) every 10 seconds. So i will do the demo… I will click the “claim now” button. Here, you will see the ads thats popping. And just close it. You will see my earning satoshi here… More BTC will add up, and press again the claim now… earlier its 147 satoshi, and now its 150 satoshi. And you will do this repeatedly every 10 seconds. If you are bored waiting for 10 secs and worried doing this over and over… I will teach you how to use AUTO CLICKER. Isn’t that exciting? We will use Auto Clicker and we will use this app for automatic clicker. I will put in the description section where to download all this applications. Here in our Automatic Clicker, just the click the “start”. and here… You just need to turn on this Automatic Clicker. Okay. Then lets go back… Alright, so here now is the automatic clicker settings. And what we do now is to select this “Start Multi Target” Okay. Just click the “Start Multi Target”. ** Ads pops up. This is now the settings of our auto clicker. We do now is to go back in our free bitcoin button, and we click the PLUS SIGN or the add button. Automatic, theres 1 target the will appear. And you will place it here in our “Claim Now”. Second, is to click again the plus sign or the add button. and place it here in the upper left corner, coz thats where the close button of the ads are positioned. Now lets try. Just click the “Play Button”, then lets try. number 1 button will first clicked of course. and 2nd is the closed button clicked. Alright, as you can see… We can now relax, and we can now leave our phones using that Autoclicker. Take note: some ads close button positioned differently. You need also to monitor your phone about that. and… Whenever the ads closed button changes ro upper right, just locate the 2nd target to the right upper corner close button. So now.. I guess our tutorial for autoclicker is enough… What i will do now is to close the autoclicker. Now, were back in our free bitcoin button, and now i will teach you HOW TO WITHDRAW. We do now is to click “WITHDRAW”. and the minimum withdrawal here is just 100 satoshi. I have now 175 satoshi, and i can withdraw it all directly to my coinbase account. Just click withdraw, “Complete this TASK to withdraw your balance.” We need to wait atleast 20 seconds to watch the ads that pops out. Click “Task”. Coz we need to click this for us to withdraw. Click the ads the pops out and wait atleast 20 seconds. You will see the waiting seconds here. You can now go back to free bitcoin button once the timer sets to 0. Timer done. “Come back in app.” There it is! Payment will sent within 48 hours direct to your Coinbase Wallet. And you will also click the “Withdraw satoshi”. Alright, it is now “Successful”. And now, we need to wait within 48 hours so we can now receive the payment with this application. Hello and welcome come to my video, we will now check my Coinbase account, if i receive the payment from free bitcoin button pro. Alright so… Click the “account” here we will see all the assets or the BTC wallets. And as you can see, this where our BTC wallet located. and I received now the payment i got from this Free Bitcoin Button worth 175 satoshi. Truly, this is legit application and they really pays. This is free! No membership fee and this is free application. So thats how easy to use this free bitcoin button, And take note, you need: any VPN, the free bitcoin button app, auto clicker, and lastly, Coinbase wallet account. I will put all this to my description link and just click the links so you can now start earning your free satoshi. Hit the like button if this video helps you to earn free bitcoin. Also subscribe to my Youtube Channel, subscribe also to my Telegram channel… Thanks for watching! This is Aiza Mercado, and have a great day!

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