April 4, 2020
Learn Real English with Advertising

Learn Real English with Advertising

These are called advertisements businesses advertise to sell more so for example this came from my newspaper the Denver Post here they have mattresses beds so $399 you can buy this bed for and you’ll see things like here called a coupon, a coupon means you get a percentage coupons make things cheaper Wal-Mart. Do you have Wal-Mart in your country look at that, you can get ribs for $1.98 and different items you can just go through do you have Wal-Mart in your country my wife would love this, summer savings American furniture warehouse do you like shopping for furniture what you’ll see in ads a lot is 40% off, this percent off, 20% off, 30% off 60% off that is telling you that they have a deal a deal is when a store or shop makes the prices lower you can see right here, save up to 50% off, look at here, there’s one for Las Vegas, Las Vegas is the city where people gamble Las Vegas is the biggest gambling city in America and it is in Nevada you can get a good deal on Vegas I go to Best Buy, right now they have deals on smartphones this one over here is sporting goods so I can buy golf clubs at a discount 20% off here’s Walgreens, it’s what we call a drugstore. Sears is what they call a department store, looks like they have refrigerators for 30% off so that’s how they advertise in the newspaper now this is an advertisement of TV. Baths for old people and stuff and here are some ads on the Internet. this is from Toyota or if I go down here is an ad from netflix for movies you can see the ad here on google for that TV right here. Here’s Best Buy. This is an advertisment right here Adwords or Pay-per-click so these are all ads over here right here are ads as well so how do you do advertisement in your country

14 thoughts on “Learn Real English with Advertising

  1. Ads look almost the same here, but I think that none of these has its stores over here. When it comes to the food service industry. American brands are pretty strong here. A Starbucks was newly opened last month in my neigbour, It's only five Min walk from here. Within a thirty Min walk radius, there're two Mcdonald's shops, one kentucky fried chicken, one Denney's. two Starbucks shops. I like all of them. Thank you. QLE.

  2. It is amazing how many multinational restaurants there are. We have Outback Steakhouse, which comes from Australia, that is real popular. You would think it would be tough to sell steak as a foreign company in America. We have a Japanese style chain restaurant called Tokyo Joes. Do you have one of those in Japan?

  3. The word " Outback " reminds us Australia for sure, but the truth is Outback Steakhouse is an American casual dining restaurant chain based in Tampa, Florida, Even Here in Tokyo. A couple of shops, but not in Setagaya where I live in. As for Tokyo Joe. I guess the shop must be owned by a Jnese American, Ive never heard of such a name here. 3M and Sun-Micro System are also within 30 Min walk radius from where I live.

  4. I just looked up Setagaya on Google maps. You are a suburb of Tokyo. I also looked up Tokyo Joes on Wikipedia and it is only in America. There are 21 chain restaurants. They probably won't be going to Japan anytime soon. Take care, David

  5. Hi David. Thank you for the video. There arent Wallmart in Spain, but there are too similars like Lidl (from Germany) , Carrefour ( from France). Starbucks is only in big cities. The price is higher than a common coffeshop, but its nice place . People are used to staying longer with their laptons.
    Thank u again 🙂

  6. You are playing a big role for my learning English!
    Thank you, David!

    I want to tell something about an advertisement in my country.

    I from in Ukraine and I'm seeing a lot of promo videos in Internet and when I'm seeing TV

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