April 7, 2020
Learn from how High Street shops increase their Average Order Value

Learn from how High Street shops increase their Average Order Value

One of the things that people
do worry about is the, if you pushing something too hard, in the
shopping basket stage. You know, imagine if you’re queuing
up in to pay for something and they in a shop, and I mean you
know, look at Primark. You know, when they want you to queue, cause obviously queuing up, you’ve
got, I mean, you know, I don’t know a hundred things to buy on the way. It’s the same with Marks and Spencer food. . What the retail high street is
really good at average order value pushing getting the higher amazingly, you know,
and compared to eCommerce, eCommerce with pathetic as an industry. Yeah, we’re absolutely, we have no
understanding of getting the Average Order Value up and you just have to
go into a high street store, any store, any decent brand. You will just go, “Oh my God, look at that. Look at what they’re pushing at the you know, in the shopping basket when you’re queueing up. Oh look, they’ve
got the nappies next to the red wine.” So, when the dads come in after work to go
and get some nappies, cause they’d been asked to get some on the way home. Well, I suppose sexist
decades could be a woman. You’re getting the nappies on the way home and there’s a bottle of red wine next to the nappies because they know that let’s say
an impulse or you put the red wine next to nappies. Oh, and how you know, and how many
more red ones are each so switched on. And they’re watching you through cameras. Yeah. And the ceiling and watching people, what
they do and whether they go for red wine and e-commerce practitioners need to copy still this entire strategy and put it
online, which is why one of the most important things is what would we do? How would you lay out your shop and how
would we think about Average Order Value if you were real physical shop? And that’s like the biggest kind of tip though, isn’t it? Mmm Hmm.

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