April 7, 2020
Lead Nurturing – Tagging & Tracking – Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Lead Nurturing – Tagging & Tracking – Email Marketing for Ecommerce

The trick for nurturing campaigns is to continue
sending out promotional and sale emails, but intersect those with nurture campaigns at
least once a week Or you could just follow a set pattern of
three pieces of value followed by a pitch and just rinse and repeat that sequence secondly when you are sending out nurture
campaigns do not copy and paste the entire blog post into an email sending a wall of text is going to put off
anybody that opens that email lead in like a movie trailer, send a snippet,
pique their interest and then get them to read the rest of the blog post on your site There’s a particular reason why I suggest
teasing them with the email and then pushing them onto your site for the full article It’s going to help you tag and track people
and segment them into different sections of your list based on articles that they’ve read and later on we’ll talk about why that is
super useful

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