March 31, 2020
Lead Nurturing – Evergreen Content Trick – Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Lead Nurturing – Evergreen Content Trick – Email Marketing for Ecommerce

I’m going to cover a couple of things that
you’ll want to include in your nurture series First of all you want to educate the prospect
or customer Now even with the step by step frameworks
that I give you, for content creation there’s only so much that we could write about a pair
of sunglasses for example until our inspiration ran dry but i want to give you a way to get around
that now in another program that I’ve created i
talk about having a blog on your website but taking away the date of publication that particular action ties in perfectly with
the lead nurturing campaign we’re creating now and i’ll explain why you see a really quick method of creating
a nurturing campaign is to send out blog posts to your list as a form of education for example let’s say again that you sell
sunglasses your batch of blog posts could be anything from 10 ways that sunglasses protect your eyes,
The history of sunglasses from 200BC to now or something like, How to match sunglasses
to any face shape all of these blog posts can be used as nurturing
content to educate your subscriber it shows them why your product or service
is of value to them The reason I say to remove the date of the
blog post is because we’re using an automation so this automation could last for months or
it could last for years Even if the content that you wrote in 2012
is still valid today, dated content turns people off if it’s not fresh and new internally people
believe that old content is irrelevant so if you take away the date, people can’t
quantify the age of your content that allows you to promote this piece for
as long as you like

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