December 12, 2019
Lead Funnels Review – 114 Lead Generation Funnel Dissected For You

Lead Funnels Review – 114 Lead Generation Funnel Dissected For You

Hello and welcome to another episode of
#supercalifunnelistic with me, Christiana Rauchenwald. In today’s episode, we are going to take a
closer look at Lead Funnels, an ebook that you can get online and that will teach
you the basics of lead generation funnels. Now, before you hit the back button,
because you think that you don’t need lead generation funnels. Think about it for a moment. Even if your business is trying to sell
something in the end, you can only sell it to qualified prospects a.k.a. Leads. So even if you’re trying to build an
eCommerce store, it makes sense for you to build out a lead generation funnel, that
provides you with a constant flow of potential buyers that you can then convert
to buyers simply by using an automated followup email campaign. Usually most websites that you see have
some kind of lead generation on them, even if it’s just a signup for a newsletter
field in the bottom of their website or something. But there’s obviously more sophisticated
ways and Lead Funnels an other book by ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson is
showing you exactly how you can do it, and is dissecting 114 unique lead generation
funnels for you, providing you with enough examples that you can
use for your business. Now, if you’re already familiar with the
ClickFunnels universe and everything they have to offer, you’ve by now already
learned that it’s important to give before you take, for example, by creating free
content like the videos we are hosting on our YouTube channel, we provide you
with valuable information before we ask anything in return. The same applies to lead generation
funnels where you could just have, like many websites, a newsletter signup field
anywhere randomly on your page and some people may opt in. You have way better results if you give
people something in return, like for example, you may have seen it in many
online stores, that when you try to leave the page, a pop up appears that says,
okay, give me your email address and you’ll get a $5 or 5% discount
code for your next purchase. This way you give people something in
return for the email because people do not value their email address. It has no value to them, but it has a lot
of value to you because if you look at the cost of running Facebook ads, Google
ads or other paid advertising to your potential customers, and then you compare
it with the cost of email marketing, email marketing is almost for free. You pay a fraction of a cent to send users
that already showed an interest an email. If somebody opts in for your 5% coupon
code for your free checklist guide or something like that, they are more likely
to become your customers compared to people that you randomly show
your Facebook or Google ads to. Now, before we take a closer look inside
the actual book, I want to quickly share an example from ClickFunnels
itself with you. They used a barebone two page lead
funnel to generate over 185,000 leads. Now imagine that it’s like two pages that
you can easily create in less than an hour with the ClickFunnels page editor that
generated them a list of 185,000 potential new customers for any of their products. What would you do with
185,000 potential new leads. Now let’s take a closer look inside
ClickFunnels’ Lead Funnels book. I want to point out that while I’m holding
a printed copy for you here, that you can actually see and roughly estimate the size
of the book when you invest is $7 that it costs to get a Lead Funnels, you actually
only receive an ebook version, a PDF file, but just as we did it, you can just go to
your local copy shop and have it printed as a hard copy. I personally prefer it that way,
but in the end, that’s up to you. Now, what’s inside that lead funnel spoke? It’s quite simple. It comes with free different chapters
telling you everything about the lead funnel history, lead funnel strategies,
and the lead funnels implementation. How lead funnels came to be in general,
which different strategies you can use when setting up your lead funnel, and
also how to actually implement them. Followed by 114 different funnels that get
dissected and are split up into funnels and landing pages. With additional information
for each of those funnels. To give you a better understanding of how
you could apply this specific funnel or structure of a lead generation
funnel for your business. As said, in the beginning, you may be
asking yourself, now, how can I benefit from Lead Funnels? Does it even apply to me? And the answer is quite simple. If your business is selling to customers
in any way, then you can also utilize the power off lead generation
funnels in your business. Now, while coaches and realtors, for
example, will have an easier time to integrate Lead Funnels or lead generation
funnels into their business and benefit from it. As mentioned in the beginning, it
applies actually to every business. Even as an eCommerce store owner, you can
build a lead generation funnel by giving away, I don’t know, a low priced
product discount code coupon code. Anything else, a checklist, a free guide
or whatever it is to your potential customers to get their email address in
return, build your email list and set up a followup campaign that automatically will
convert those leads, or at least parts of those leads into loyal customers for you. Considering the quite low investment of
only $7 it actually automatically is an irresistible offer for every business and
entrepreneur out there, simply because you get a breakdown of 114 different funnels
that you can simply model for your business needs. You can look through all of them and find
the one that’s closest to what you are trying to achieve and simply model it. Without spending hours or even days
thinking about, okay, how could my lead generation funnel look like? What kind of copy could I use there? And, as said, you get a complete breakdown
of those funnels, so you will know better why they work as good as they do, and you
will be better able to apply these to your business. As always, with ClickFunnels,
there’s also some up and down sells. Once you make the purchase
and also in order bump. You can get an additional video training
for just $37 when you order the Lead Funnels ebook. After that purchase, you’re also able to
sign up for ClickFunnels’ One Funnel Away Challenge for $100 or even better decline
that $100 offer and get a downsell offer to sign up for the digital version of the
challenge, which pretty much contains the same stuff for just $47! Now, if you’re not familiar with the One
Funnel Away Challenge, I will put a video card up there, so you can just click on it
later at the end of the video and watch my review or my summary of the One Funnel
Away Challenge and decide for yourself if it’s something that you and or
your business can benefit from. Overall, that sad, as always, ClickFunnels
offers a 30 day money back guarantee, so you actually cannot make anything wrong. Click on the link in the description
below and grab your copy of Lead Funnels. Again, it’s an ebook, so
you will get it immediately. If you feel it wasn’t worth the $7 for
your business or for your personal gain, then simply write an email to
[email protected] and they will immediately issue a refund. So nothing to lose, but
a lot to gain for you. Last but not least, again, I personally
think every entrepreneur or business owner should take a look at Lead Funnels because
in some way you can apply it to every business out there and it will help you
increase your revenue because you will be able to send email campaigns at almost no
cost to your potential future customer or to then existing customers to sell them
on new things, upgrades, new offers, new discounts, and this and that. So there is, in my opinion, actually no
reason why any entrepreneurs should not invest those $7 into his financial
future and into his business. That’s pretty much it. I would like to know now in the comments
below, do you already have a copy of lead funnels? If so, do you agree with me that
it’s worth the $7 investment? If you don’t have a copy yet, click on the
link in the description below to grab your copy straight away and let me know once
you took a look into Lead Funnels, if it’s worth the $7 for you or if you think that
I’m full of crap and that you should have saved your time and
money with Lead Funnels. Thanks for watching. See you next week with another video. Until then, bye. Bye.

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