November 19, 2019
Law Firm SEO Basics: Does Your Website Have These Basic Elements?

Law Firm SEO Basics: Does Your Website Have These Basic Elements?

Hey, everybody. Andy Stickel here. I hope you’re having a good day. I want to show you something real quick. This is something that you can
check on your own website to make sure that your search
engine optimization is at least going the right direction. It’s a problem that I see over
and over and over again. It’s really SEO 101. I try not to get into too
technical of topics with search engine optimization because I know it’s going to be
over most people’s heads, but there’s some very basic SEO. This is the first stuff that I learned when I started doing SEO many
many years ago. It still is applicable today but so many companies and so many websites just don’t have the basics correct. I want to show you, just so you can
spot check your own website. If you don’t have these elements correct, then it’s probably why you’re not ranking. If you don’t have these elements
correctly and you’re not ranking or if you don’t have these elements correct and you have an SEO company, then you really need to
start thinking about if this is the right SEO company
for you, in my opinion, because this is a very basic stuff. In SEO, there are three elements that are the most important elements on any website or any page of a website. Now, every single page on the website
is going to have these three elements. This is where your main key
words should appear. Now, there’s some variations to how
frequently they should appear and I’ll get into that in a few minutes. I just want to show you what they are. The first thing is going to
be your page title. Now, the page title is what
appears right here. Now, if I hover over, you will see it says Baltimore DUI + DWI
Defense Lawyer – Rice Law Firm. Now, I’m not going to get into
strategy in terms of how you should actually word this, but you do want to make sure that you at
least have your main key word in there. So, this law firm, they’re in
Baltimore, Maryland and they have Baltimore DUI and DWI, what was it. Let’s see. DUI,
DWI defense lawyers. So, they got DUI, DWI lawyers. That’s good. They also have Rice Law Firm. A lot of times, I see lawyers that will
just have their brand name there. If they just have Rice Lawyers
and nothing else, then that’s not an effective thing. The page title is arguably the
most important place to have your main key word and it should be first. It shouldn’t
be Rice Lawyers. This is the law office of Randolph Rice.
I don’t know who this guy is. I just picked his website at random. Actually, he’s ranking number one when I searched organically
for Baltimore DUI lawyers. So, good work to whoever
is doing his website. Anyway, you want to make sure
that you got the key word first. He’s got Baltimore DUI and
DWI defense lawyers. I probably wouldn’t do it that way but
you can see sometimes it works. As long as you got the main idea there. Baltimore DUI, DWI defense lawyers.
It’s working for him. The second most important element is going to be your page URL. Now, take a look at this. He’s got Baltimore DUI attorney
in his page URL. One thing that you might want to do, let’s see, he does criminal defense. What Google has come out and said is that they think that pages, the closer to the root domain
here, the better. If I was doing this website, I would probably get rid
of criminal defense and I would probably have
the URL look like that. But, he’s got Baltimore DUI Defense
Lawyer up top here, he’s got Baltimore DUI Attorney here. This is probably the second most important
place to have a key word. Again, we want a key word. If you notice, he’s got attorney here
and he’s got lawyer here. Actually, he’s got lawyers, plural, here. Now, the third most important, and actually, it’s kind of a toss up
between URL and this next one that we’re going to talk about, which
one is two, which one is three. Honestly, they’re both important. The third is going to be your H1 header. Now, an H1 header is not as obvious
as your page title or your URL. An H1 header is actually what’s
known as the page title. Often, the H1 header is going
to be down here. However, this H1 header happens
to be right here. The way that I know that is because
I have a tool on my computer that tells me that I’ve got this tool,
it’s called Open SEO Stats. It’s a free plugin for Chrome. I go here and I click page info and
you could see right here, H1 is Baltimore DUI Defense Lawyer. You can also see the page title right here and you could see the URL. If you want to look at this in one
piece, you can do that. You can see right here, URL
Baltimore DUI Attorney, title is Baltimore DUI DWI Defense Lawyers, and then H1 header’s going to be
Baltimore DUI Defense Lawyer. Now, if you notice, he’s got attorney, lawyers, plural, and lawyer. So, he’s got a nice variation
of lawyer, lawyers, attorney, and law firm all
that type of stuff. That’s one thing, also. You don’t
want to do the same thing. You don’t want to have Baltimore DUI Lawyer, Baltimore DUI Lawyer, Baltimore DUI Lawyer. You want to switch it up a little bit. Another way, if you don’t have this plugin, is you can click on what you
think is the H1 header and just right click on it and inspect and then on the side here, you’re just going to see it’s highlighted
right here and it says H1 Class. That means it’s the H1 header.
That’s a little more technical. There’s a couple of variations to this rule. Now, how I do things a little differently is I typically try to make the H1 header, I try to make this right here, I try to make
it a little bit more conversational. You don’t have to but that’s what I try to do. I try to do something with Baltimore
DUI Defense Lawyer fighting for. I would do something like Baltimore
DUI Defense Lawyer Fighting for the Accused since 1984. Something like that. Another thing you can do, some people might say this is over-optimized and it typically depends on the search, it depends on the competition,
all that type of stuff. Sometimes, what you’ll do is you’ll
have a two-thirds rule. This is something that we do quite often where we’ll have a, phone’s ringing here, we’ll have a two-thirds rule where
basically you have the page title, it has the key word, and then either the URL or the H1 header
has your main key word in it but not both. So, you have two out of three. Now, like I said, this guy’s number
one and he’s got three out of three. So, it’s not an absolute rule. Typically, what you want to do is you want
to do a search for your main key word. So, if you’re trying to rank with
Baltimore DUI Lawyer, what we do is we do a search and we look at what the other pages on the first
page of Google are doing and then we pretty much kind of follow that. So, I thought this was important because I looked at so many
websites for lawyers that say they have a marketing company or they have a search engine
optimization company and this basic principle is not
even taken care of. This type of thing, we’ve actually optimized, we’ve had new clients that come to us
that their websites are not optimized, even like this. Even after paying SEO companies for
years and years and years, and then all we do is we go in, we make a couple of tweaks to
their page title, their H1, maybe change the URL if necessary. They get instant rankings boost and
they typically get cases out of it. Excuse me. It’s crazy that this basic
thing is just ignored so often. If you pay attention to this, if you want
to check your own website, there’s also some other variations
where you can try to work, Google my business categories
in and things like that. Those more advanced. We’re actually not even really
doing it that much anymore except for special circumstances. That’s it. Hopefully this helps. If you have any questions
about your own website or if you think something
looks a little weird, just shoot me a message or
leave me a comment. I’ll take a look at it and we’ll see if I can
figure out what’s going on for you. Otherwise, I hope this video was helpful.
I will talk to you soon. Thanks. 

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