April 5, 2020
Launching your Webflow Ecommerce store — Webflow tutorial

Launching your Webflow Ecommerce store — Webflow tutorial

After you’ve built your store — when the
design is right and you’re ready to go? It’s time to launch. Not so fast. Except, this’ll be fast. Let’s go through a quick pre-flight checklist. First thing. Make sure you have your Ecommerce site plan
enabled. You can do this from you Project settings. Once you get there, it’s over in the Hosting
tab. That’s the first thing on our checklist. Second thing. Enable SSL. This is also in the same tab, but SSL is required
so customers have a secure checkout process. Third thing. Make sure you’ve added your payment provider. (Can’t collect payments unless there’s
a place for all that money to go.) Just add your payment provider and you’ll
be ready to move on to the last step. Fourth thing. Enable checkout. This is done from the Designer itself, right
in our Ecommerce settings panel. All we have to do? Is go in and enable checkout. Save. Publish. Done. That’s it. That’s our pre-flight checklist for Ecommerce. Keep in mind there are other things you might
want to do. Like spell check. Or testing the site using a staging domain. So if you’re using a custom domain, and
you want to test transactions on a published site, you might want to publish to your webflow.io
domain for testing in a staging environment. But those are the basics. Confirm your Ecommerce site plan, enable SSL,
add your payment provider, and make sure checkout is turned on. And that’s the pre-flight checklist in Webflow

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  1. is your inventory handle (decreasing number) when users buy something or you have to managed that manually on webflow's interface?

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