April 3, 2020
Laguna Wholesale Customer | Built with WebJaguar

Laguna Wholesale Customer | Built with WebJaguar

My name is Monique; my company name is Laguna
Wholesale, located in Mission Viejo, California. We import and manufacture
the dessert supplies and molds for bakeries, restaurants, resorts, hotels,
pastry shops, ice cream shops. We use our online marketing with the Web Jaguar
tool. First, what we use is we have the feature
for it to send email blasts for all of your email list on your website. We
are very happy with this feature because it helps us to keep a relationship
with our customers. Also we use the custom shipping, which helps to give a
flat rate shipping for the customer and free shipping; it doesn’t have
to do it based on weight or on pricing, and this is a very good feature.
Also, they have the deals of the day. You can set it up as the deals of the
week or you can do deals of the month; we are using this one also. The abandoned
cart is a very good feature also that the customer … the people
who abandon the cart, you can still send them an email. The email will go
with a picture that they have inside their cart, and it will bring you sales
again. Also, they have, Web Jaguar, the integration
between the website and to QuickBooks, which can save you time to enter
your invoices in your QuickBooks. It’s just one click and everything
is done. I’m very happy with Web Jaguar. Thank you for the opportunity
to give my feedback.

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