April 5, 2020
KEVIN DAVID QUIT YOUTUBE : Here’s Why? Reason No One Told(@kevin david)

KEVIN DAVID QUIT YOUTUBE : Here’s Why? Reason No One Told(@kevin david)

This is exactly right. One of the top video creators of the Armani
on nine inch on YouTube Gavin David is growing too. Good to have you. After having around eight hundred nineteen
guests subscribers have just welcome to another video invisible
to me explaining you about Gavin David one of the top video creators of the earn money
on a niche on YouTube is going to do with you but make sure to go down this video and
click on the subscribe button and press on the belt icon and click on to get my videos
notification at the first. Meet you to watch this video completely. Guys because in the last at the end of this
video I’ll be explaining the exact reason and replied that giving debit is given for
creating his YouTube channel. Here you can see some days earlier I was scrolling
down to my feeds guys and when I was calling down these video has bobbed up here it is
showing giving dude with with facial expressions very and then he’s standing right here. Why am I quitting YouTube. And here again see that these guys having
done so views and if you land on money on a niche on YouTube and if you want to make
money on it you probably have seen his video once in a while in your lifetime. I’ve also seen his video in the lifetime. Was liking his video guys but here so I don’t
need that. I’ve seen that he’s going to quit YouTube. I was very shocked and why he’s doing this
things. His video has inspired tons of people it’s
out there. Here you can see here what he done down why
I’m quitting the YouTube guys this I have got I’ve researched something and I’ve got
some of the answers right here he avoids doing this things here a week after squirting dolphin
a little bit here again see one of the video that this guy is sitting here and he’s telling
that he should be dead or something. He’s it Bro said or something. You can understand guys this guy is sitting
in his chair and he’s comfortable in his room with this small compact room and a table and
a chair on his table. And with the mike he’s speaking about Gavin
debit that has. I am well it’s I have a good laugh off you
think this thing’s here you can see is in this style he’s saying saying that giving
to it should be in jail and so now in youtube but one trend is going on guys. The cause is popular on YouTube. People are making a fake video that they are
saying the wrong thing about that and what they’re getting in this thing is on their
name. They are getting done so views in this endeavor
in their video. Guys here you can see he have made his approach
sell it I’m not Amazon on that I don’t know but given the way it has shown his earnings
proof and everything in his next we’re doing Don said that I was showing you off to some
day sometime in the end of this video so he can see. If we compare you to compare this a given
debit and that guys some coffee zealous Guys guys video here we can see the difference. He did this guy don’t have a proper camera
all of a sudden he’s stating that he’s more successful in Amazon Amazon’s selling thins
than Kevin David but here you can see that guys. What did he have done. But he got tons of views on his on his video
guys. This guy has got a deed to give views on his
on his video. So here had can understand that squalling
scalding down some of the top guys on your knees to grow your channel. This is going on in YouTube guys. But for right the exact reason right now this
year on the Kevin debate is not quitting your duties. I think for this kind of videos on these kind
of videos I see how I can see one more one movie to have come up a VCR scam or scam or
what. So it is very dumb the Kevin day would also
have uploaded one video on it. Here you can see one more video of the last
I was very shocked why he was creating YouTube for this everyone to come. I do want to say real hate like that doesn’t
matter at all. You should keep on me. He’s only the guy that is stating that he
should keep on doing. But now he can see that eating mean comments
and responding to haters in this video. He explained and read out aloud about the
comments or on comments or the negative abusive comments that people were giving to gave giving
David. And on that he have shown his in that video
he has shown. He’s exempt Amazon selling setting proof also. And this guy on his guess being about crap
about giving David have earned down 82 games subscribers. But I don’t think it is a good way for doing
this thing for getting your views on your channel. He’s doing what he can do for that but for
this after I think of the giving David felt sad off the deaths of this things and I think
the he uploaded this video that he is going to quit YouTube he’s going to. Good or not I hope he’s not quitting you do
YouTube because he having spider done so lots of people out there guys. So what do you think. Let me know and comment is a scam What is
it. If you want to know how to make money online
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  1. I also watch kevin….. He has inspired me a lot. He is on YouTube before 2 years when this coffee is not born also😜.

    If any one is Kevin David fan give this comment like.

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