April 8, 2020
Keeping Your Retail eCommerce Website Legal!

Keeping Your Retail eCommerce Website Legal!

Hi everyone my name is Tisha Dodge I’m president of Dodge Legal Group PC and founder of www.StartupGreaterGood.com Our mission is to empower YOU with legal
and business knowledge because when you’re empowered with knowledge you make cleaner informed decisions to maximize your business growth. Today is the 1st addition if Tisha’s
two-minute video tips. I’m really excited about it I hope
you are too. Today we’re going to talk about retail
e-commerce websites. Why is that important? Well if you own a
business that means you probably own website
which means you probably have the potential for a retail e-commerce website to sell your goods and services. That means your business has the
potential for making you money even while you sleep. Pretty awesome! But what I see a lot of business owners
doing is being unsure. and haphazardly putting their retail e-commerce website together in its just
not so good. So, what I did was I created a really comprehensive checklist.
It’s nine pages chock-full information you need to be legally compliant as well the practical step-by-step business
know-how to make a successful retail e-commerce
website. it’s pretty cool. I’m really excited to
offer it to you because I would love for you to tell me, “Hey, my businesses making me money even while I sleep!” And I’m sleeping with peace of mind
knowing that I did it right. It’s pretty awesome. So I hope you found this tip helpful. Check out the link below and I’ll talk to you soon!

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