April 6, 2020
keenlay.com ( E-commerce website )

keenlay.com ( E-commerce website )

My name is Sohel Mridha. I am the founder and CEO of Keenlay.com. Keenlay.com is a Bangladeshi online marketplace. Keenlay.com started its journey on November 10, 2014. In the last two and half years, Keenlay.com reached a better position in Bangladesh. This is evident from our customers’ feedback, analysis and survey. Keenlay.com is an online marketplace. Here sellers can open merchant accounts can upload information about their products and sell them. The account is free of cost In Keenlay.com we want to bring in more merchants to our platform. We want them to come to our platform and expand their businesses. Business expansion should be a joint effort of different people. In this way, this platform will have more products to sell. Increasing product range would translate into sales growth because the customers are getting so many different products in one place. As a result, merchants would be able to generate big profits. We have our own delivery team that deliver products to the customers. .We also use third party courier delivery services. Regarding customer service, we ensure that customers get good quality products from our marketplace. If there is a problem with the size and color of the product, or the customer is not satisfied with the product, he can return it. We have product return policy. In case of faulty products, keenlay.com offers product exchange. Even after all this, if the buyer is not satisfied, then we offer refunds. Product quality is highly emphasized at Keenlay.com. We look into the product materials, sourcing etc. After we become sure of the product quality, we approve the merchant accounts. We have many regular customers. About 70% are repeat customers. Many well-known personalities of the country buy products from this marketplace. We want to tell our customers that visit our Facebook page, check our reviews, read the comments about the products, and buy from us. We thank all the people who helped Keenlay.com from the beginning- our merchants, well-wishers and especially, our customers. They trusted us and bought products from us. For them, we came this far. Their valuable reviews and comments helped us to further improve our services and increase our business.

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