April 5, 2020
Keder’s Secret to 7 Figure Success – Life Changing Steps to Success – Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Keder’s Secret to 7 Figure Success – Life Changing Steps to Success – Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

sup guys is Christie’s and right now I’m
with my big bro my mentor this guy like he really got me
through everything mr. Kator you know that could get me meant to us house me
but anyways yeah um today I just wanted to you know have this interview and so
you know I always try to be as motivational even when I’m teaching
certain things you know in my on my channel you know the videos that I put
out but today I definitely wanted to have bring him here you know he said
he’s a great speaker but not only to motivate you guys but maybe we could
shed a little light you know just just showing you how the different you know
paths that we take you know within our journey of trying to get that success
you know online so did you consider becoming the entrepreneur man like
entrepreneurship wasn’t my route like a lot of people would say yo dude that’s
so difficult it’s so crazy and I totally understand because a lot of people just
feel that yo you have to be called to be an entrepreneur but I realize there’s no
such thing if you watching this video you a matter of fact you can make that
shift right now you can leave me create an amazing lifestyle for yourself never
have a boss create something amazing for yourself so really when I decided to
become an entrepreneur I was actually going to school I was actually going to
school that was never on my mind I know your body getting married right yeah so
yeah you know I had my fiancee and we need him getting married but then soon I
got married she lost her job I was actually going to nursing school at that
time and then she lost her job I had to not only go to school I have to go to
clinicals and I had a full-time job it was crazy I was asleep for yourself I
felt like I was dying like really I was leading to dying and I had to steady at
the same time you know and when she lost her job so meaning now I have to provide
for two in the family so she lost her job she couldn’t work anymore and then
lo and behold she went on Craigslist looking for a job and she saw this
little ad that’s his work from home and I was like well you know there’s a lot
of skin out there you know you better watch out and I remember being in
pharmacology class and she called me up and said hey this stuff can change your
life I spoke to the person it’s actually real so I got home I was I really let me
speak to the person and I spoke to the person so
matter-of-fact if you’re watching this and and you getting started for the
money I know you see a lot of videos a lot of people who jumping you up and
pump you up and getting excited telling you about your why and stuff like that
which is all cool I build that stuff too but most people get started for the
money like I’m gonna be real I didn’t get started for the passion I got
started for the money because my wife wasn’t working a job we were struggling
we need a better life you know and I saw the opportunity and when I came in what
I saw a young kid that was like 20 years old making millions and it was just
totally impossible I couldn’t find him that stuff and then I started making
money myself and in the beginning you know I struggle a lot but that’s when I
realized you know even though I had a job even though I was gonna have a
career but I always had to be working another foot for me to create money and
I just fell in love with the whole um passive income and do the work once and
get paid over and over again and having a freedom lifestyle traveler well I fell
in love with that and that’s how I knew that I could become an entrepreneur
so if you falling in love with this as I’m saying it right now that’s all that
you know that’s all that you need to become an entrepreneur you don’t need
like the sky operated something crazy happening got to hear you an
intrapreneur now is it’s not like that and that’s how I really find out hey man
this is the path that I’m gonna take nice nice nice so like throughout yo
Jeremy like what was you know you’re now you’re deep into you know your business
things are you starting to see results like what was your biggest challenge
throughout you know yes I’m going through right now my biggest challenge
like some of the time that people would expect it to be like ads maybe you know
not being technical because I came from a different field I didn’t know anything
about computer all I knew about computer was to send out emails to my teacher
when they send me a homework so but yet that wasn’t you know what my biggest
challenge was my biggest challenge was my mindset it was crazy that was my
biggest challenge is so much that income pass your mind it’s like your mind is
the motor to everything right now there’s obscene in the Bible that says
if you believe it you can achieve it and it was hard for me to believe that I can
step up my success for the next you know I remember there’s so much
things so myself limiting belief that keeps us from becoming the best version
of ourselves so sometimes it’s just so freaking hard because we just stay on
the old path and sometimes you’re less meter we go back to our ourselves
although we know we can do better but then it’s so easy so easy to fall back
yeah it’s so easy to be comfortable been in your comfort zone that’s what you’re
gonna see there’s no growth you know the one of my mentor says that your comfort
zone is your income zone so when I realize that even one thing I was
killing me one of my deepest problem was getting my parents to accept what I do
and it was crazy because they could not understand it they could not believe it
when I quit school three months before graduation they worked so hard to get me
there spending money nights books and everything and they saw that that little
sidenote guys listen when you growing up in a Haitian household yeah school is
everything everything everything yeah man so when I told him I was gonna throw
out that dream and go for my dream of becoming an entrepreneur that was so
shocking and and I kept that with me because I didn’t speak to my parents
like have a really good friendly conversation that did not based around
the fact you quit school you quit yeah and it was crazy and they were always
mad at me so I carried out with me even in my business and I felt like that
stopped me it was like a stepping on this barrier that kind of stopped me
from moving to the next level and soon I was able to prove them wrong and I
started doing great for myself and they seen it and I remember one day my mom
called me and they say I’m proud of you and I tell you I promise you right after
that my business went to a whole next pretty level like it was sometimes
that’s why I say for your parents or you know like say to your kids you believe
in their dreams if it’s you might be that key that hold them back although
they might be doing good but they could be doing much better if you actually
push them and believe so I think that was one of my men Mike said that I
needed a shift that really changed my life nice nice nice so I would say I’m
like okay now you know yeah yeah all the dad is going through so like how were
you able to push through like you know those tough time
in your business because we all know like especially you know and well we’re
in right now there’s some times that you know you might hit a wall that’s so tall
that it could take time to really bounce back in and to the point where it’s like
just imagine imagine if you’re making two thousand five thousand you know a
day or even if it’s a week later you know just so everywhere like safe is a
week and out of nowhere something just goes wrong and your money in the
specific businesses that shut down for a while like how are you able to like push
through you know these type of moments so you know what whatever you know was
the worst you know in your business and I think as you grow and in life in
general like as you hate moments of you know things are not going right or
you’re not getting what you expected I think what’s gonna pull you through is
although you mentioned like numbers maybe I was done and I think you have to
pass when you pass a certain level you really realize that money is nothing
it’s not what motivates me it’s crazy like you know Chris is saying that
there’s days that I had my biggest big like when my business start growing and
I started making like really great numbers and I would go lay down I didn’t
do anything for the day and I still made like 10 times more than I did yesterday
although i I’ve learned how to passively create income but then because I was not
active for the day I would tell my wife man I feel like I wasted my day cuz
money didn’t become my only motivation and I think that when money doesn’t
become your only motivation there’s gonna be other things that
motivates you other than just seeing your bank account because once you get
to that point you pass that level and if you haven’t created the income which is
cool but I’m saying that you know learn the skill set to create the income and
once you pass that money is not the only motivator for me the thing that really
get me past my wife is know that I want to impact the world like I want to do
something great I want to go down as one of the greatest as one of the people
watch that impacted so many people’s lives because we can all make a lot of
money it’s all good we need money I love having money I love one give me some
it helps me you know if it helps me fulfill my dream is help me give more
and help more and do more so that’s great but I think what keeps me going
really where keeps me grounded is my Y on the days that I couldn’t keep
going I wake up I look at myself in the mirror and say yeah you great you
amazing even do great things all do like my business was failing and I said I’m
no quitter I’m never gonna quit imma keep pushing regardless of what it takes
man I wake up in the morning splash waters in my face and I look at myself
and I go I can’t even make the bill I can’t even pay my light my light being
caught if I’m going to the library trying to build this thing I mean crazy
story guys before we get here but I was not willing to quit and I know that’s
what keeps me going I was a lot bigger than what and how is gonna do it so
regardless I just kept on pushing that yeah that’s one thing I’m like one thing
that I noticed especially you know sometimes you know um you know from me
doing YouTube that um I will see that you know like a lot of I would have some
people that would you know like write me and tell me that like hey Chris like you
don’t understand how much you know I appreciate some of your stuff because I
was planning on giving up yesterday and from me bumping into your stuff now like
it really changed your mindset so I think that I know you have a video that
says I almost gave up yeah exactly it’s crazy I know many of you saw this video
exactly that’s that’s one thing that home some people you really need to
understand like it your mindset plays a major part in your business yeah because
if your mind if your mindset is not it’s not um matching up with with your car
even higher than your goal then you you you every time you hit a wall you don’t
have enough strength to really get back up so like that’s that guys like your
mindset is is there’s a powerful thing like it’s major if like if we have to
put this in order mindset will be on top you know major key yeah major key you
know mindset plus you know action you know time there’s a petition equals
success that you know that’s the formula you know you gotta have the right
mindset you gotta take daily action single day and you gotta rinse and
repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and whatever you do over and over and
over again you get better at it obviously you know that’s repetition is
the mother of all skills so whenever you start something you do what you do what
you do it like making up videos you know some people might see me on this video
cater you can flow whatever but go back and look at my old video you know out
like I’ll take like three takes ten takes 100 takes I wouldn’t know what the
hell I’m doing my mind will be running 300 miles per hour but you know as you
do something whatever skill set you’re trying to build do it like whatever
business you’re trying to build go in there master that stuff stays stake
through breakthrough stake to breakthrough in and overcome and once
you pass that these moment everybody else will see like yo this dude is just
having everything just breathe it’s like a breeze but they haven’t seen that the
years of struggle that you went through in and now it looks like a breeze
because you built what’s called skillset and once you have skillset it’s like man
and everything comes so easy because you’re skilled at doing it because
you’ve been doing it for so long nice nice so what is some of you like
success habits all right success habits you know if my camera man
could actually turn the camera around to get my boards and make this turn turn it
around and show my boards like well quit just just grind it around you pick it up but so my thing is my main thing is to
have I have a daily I have a daily action plan that’s one of my thing to
success and I also have daily routine which is what I do every single day so
when I wake up in the morning first thing I jump down on my knees thank God
for giving me a great day splash some water on my face and then when I come I
have a set of question that I ask myself right I have incantation things that I
say to myself positive stuff you know have positive questions you know why am
i grateful for because a lot of time you know as we go through so much into our
business into our lives we tend to our mind thing to drift those all the
negative that’s going on in my life all my life
sucks oh I’ve I don’t have any money my bank account is negative you know all
you know everything is crumbling around me
but when I wake up in the morning you know cuz you were a trac who you are not
what you want not what you desire that’s what you attract who you are so if you
learn how to shift who you become you can start attracting them the craziest
most amazing stuff in your life so therefore I thought learning how to ask
myself better questions and saying oh why my life sucks but I say why my life
is so amazing because here’s the thing the mind cannot resist a question if you
act yourself why your life suck guess what your mind is gonna find every
reason all I mean my life sucks because I don’t have any money my life sucks
because you know I don’t have the girl that I want oh I don’t have the bank
account oh you know I don’t have the job that I want you know I don’t have the
guy to that one so your mind will find every answer for you but at the same
time if you shift it and say why my life is so amazing you know it couldn’t be
just the fact that you wake up today it could be just the fact that you have a
cup of water it could be just the fact that I’m alive you know it could be just
the fact that you’re watching this video some people don’t even have the option
to do that so you know I have all these questions that I ask myself every single
day like what am i grateful for I know why my life is so amazing you know
so I’m having a daily routine it’s one of the most powerful thing that helps me
to keep going like my daily routine I break down my day you know have three
most important things that I’m gonna get done for the day because a lot of people
were just distracted this world is full of distraction you know but once you
become committed you’re not distracted you know where you’re going
you have a daily action plan it’s so much easier for you to actually get
things done so that’s that’s how my life goes around you know I have there’s a
book called the one thing if you can read it and look for that book it’s
called the one thing you know that book concentrate I have one thing to add the
day that if you do it you know also there’s another book called the experts
secret that talks about the one domino effect and it talks about this one big
domino when you shift it any bricks and hates all the small dominoes and it’s
like this whole domino effect because that one big thing you took care of it
so that’s why I run my day I usually set the day and say
what’s the one thing if I do today even if I don’t do everything else if I got
one thing today my day will be powerfully productive mm-hmm so that’s
how I set up my day and then I built around that and whatever else that needs
to get done yeah really like that I’m definitely gonna check out that book as
well yeah that’s powerful so you know just to end things off right
now so where are you right now not only that where are you right now what are
some of your goals and how are you planning to achieve them well my goal is
to be able to impact people in the world like yourself and other mentors other
people that’s watching and I want to impact people when they see me and they
say yo because of you cater I did not give up I changed my life and I took my
thing to the next level because I mean I have goals for myself which is great but
it’s not that interesting for me to share my goals with you because let’s
say about more interesting what I can do that’s gonna impact the world or impact
the people with the community online that I’m serving you you know so my goal
is to create an atmosphere where there’s to me YouTube making videos that can
help you inspire you help you grow helping believe in yourself take
yourself to the next level whether it’s creating a seminar where people can
actually come and they can come and learn what’s possible see other people
doing it help them create the belief in themselves that you’re it’s possible for
me help them understand that I was broke one time I don’t have any money you know
my family I don’t have the the I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth
but you know I make this stuff happen I quitted school I was a quitter I was a
loser but I still changed my life around and if I did it so can you and other
people around so I think that’s my ultimate goal is to really impact other
people you know someone says that if you help people get what they want
eventually you’ll get what you want actually believe in that if I help
enough people get what they actually want my goals and my dreams they’ll be
fulfilled because you know I believe in abundance I believe there’s so much to
be passed around that even if you reach your goals and out reach mine you’re not
taking anything away from me and we all can become successful real can become
amazingly powerful and impact the world so yeah it’s your boy you know that’s
what it is man this is this is amazing and um guys I
really hope that you know whoever’s watching this hopefully this helps you
um you know push for two because like we said you know this is this is not an
easy journey you know some of us get lucky and the success come quicker than
we thought and some of us you know are going through a couple of headaches but
just remember if your mindset is is is up there you know Witcher goals you
could be able to push through I mean you know nothing went came easy for cater
for me but you know another thing is you know don’t wait last-minute you know
don’t wait till something bad happens for you to really take that that extra
step you know take the extra step now even while things is going great take
the extra step so you know we want to thank cater you know sure my guy you
know let’s get it so you know guys we’re going to leave a couple of the links in
description you know Kato you know what can a beat you you know just go to
youtube put my name kit or call me and you’ll find my YouTube Facebook I’m
there and almost any social media platform once you write my name and
should be able to pop up even the search engine any way you write it it should
pop up cuz I have a lot of stuff online guys I’m gonna come definitely put the
links down below you know follow this guy he’s like I said if it wasn’t for
him I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now so stay tuned is we’re gonna be back

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