April 3, 2020
Kassir Co. | Built with WebJaguar

Kassir Co. | Built with WebJaguar

Hi. This is Ziad, from
Kassir Import Export Company. We have over 1000
items in stock. We sell to convenience stores and distributors who sell to
convenience stores. We’ve been using Web Jaguar for over 10 years; we are
extremely happy with it.
It helped us a lot to organize our sales, to contact the customers; easily
send them invoices and they can see their history. I would definitely
recommend it to any business that is looking to be more in touch with their
customers, to make it easier on their customers and on themselves. It’s
definitely good to … the company, Advanced E-Media, is a good company.
Anytime you need something to customize a certain option or add an option,
they’ve been very helpful to do that.
The overall service is very good. The prices are good. I would definitely
recommend it to any company that is doing e-commerce or want to get in
touch with their customers. Big companies, small companies; I think they
would definitely benefit from this service.}

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