April 9, 2020
k-eCommerce Success Story: Whitaker Brothers

k-eCommerce Success Story: Whitaker Brothers

John: Whitaker Brothers started in 1945. Small business out of Washington DC, selling paper shredders and binder equipment. With the internet website and k-eCommerce we’re now known throughout the world as
a leader of selling and servicing top name products. Kyle: On the security side
are typical client is probably going to be the federal government or one of
their contractors. They have to buy very very special, very expensive high
security paper shredders because they have classified secret top secret
information. Eric: We ran into a problem at our company and where we were getting a lot
of orders, the problem was is that it was flowing to the other departments. They
created such a huge workflow burden on them, we knew we needed a system that was
more integrated. Liz: Before we were going through this process to where I would put out for copies of an order walk it over to order processing
department they would manually put it in. Eric: We went through a very long process of looking at different vendors we looked at open source carts. Open source carts
while they’re popular, their their integration was really not up to par. We needed a solution that would both be
able to attract customers, have a good eCommerce experience, but also improve
our internal systems. Kyle: What helps us keep our prices down and gives us great access to that second segment of the business is k-eCommerce which keeps our overhead down and allows us to forward great prices on to the customer. Eric: And k-eCommerce just seem to have that perfect fit of usability for the marketing team, for the customers but also that rock-solid integration.

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