April 3, 2020
JTL-Wawi – Warenwirtschaft im Überblick

JTL-Wawi – Warenwirtschaft im Überblick

Hello and welcome to JTL! This video provides an overview
of the functions of JTL-Wawi. We will have a look at all areas of the software and show you how JTL-Wawi can ease your work. For detailed instructions on each feature, please see our tutorial videos. This video addresses to sellers who are new in the world of JTL software. Dashboard Directly after the start of JTL-Wawi, the dashboard appears. The dashboard provides an overview of all important information about your company. It helps you to keep track of important data. The dashboard consists of many widgets. These widgets can be individually configured for each user of JTL-Wawi. Each user receives at a glance all information relevant to them. Items The powerful item master in JTL-Wawi helps you manage your categories and products. The structure of your categories determines the navigation structure of the connected online shops. It often has a direct impact
on the usability of your shop. The item master shows all
important data of your products at a glance. In the item details, you can make far-reaching adjustments to your products. It is also possible to manage bills of materials and variations without any problems. Purchasing A/P The Purchasing A/P area represents all your
purchase orders. You can maintain supplier data, determine purchase order proposals, organise your purchase list and manage requests for quote to suppliers. JTL-Wawi provides
a powerful order management system. It allows also to easily process drop shipping orders. Goods receipts can be linked to A/P invoices. As a result, always the real average
purchase prices are available. Inventory JTL-Wawi works with multiple warehouses. This means you can manage your inventory
in different warehouses. What concerns Fulfilment by Amazon: The FBA warehouse is created and managed fully automatically in JTL-Wawi. Inventory transfers can be organised quickly. This helps you keep track of your items
and where they are located. Physical inventory and stock movements belong to the standard scope of functions of the inventory management. Also the creation of new
warehouse locations is quickly done later. Customers JTL-Wawi helps you comfortably
manage all relevant customer data. Customer data is created automatically once sales orders are received from integrated sales channels, such as online shop or Amazon. Customer data can also be imported or
processed fully automatically with our import and export tool JTL-Ameise. If required, you can manually edit customer data or create orders directly. Sales The Sales area summarises all important information related to sales and accounting. You can manage quotes
and get a detailed view of all sales orders. Also invoices and invoice corrections
can be managed comfortably. The Rush Order function enables you to enter orders placed
by phone or email in no time at all. The payment reconciliation allows you to record payments fully automatically and dunning supports you in sending
payment reminders to defaulting buyers. Shipping Shipping is a major working area in JTL-Wawi. No matter whether it is an occasional label printout
for home office shipment or you have to manage hundreds of shipments from different warehouses with different logisticians. You always keep track of your sales orders:
unpaid orders, orders which cannot be delivered due to shortages or orders you want to withhold manually. JTL-Shipping, the free integrator seamlessly integrates different logisticians, such as DHL, DPD and many others. It allows you to rely completely on JTL-Wawi when it comes to shipping label printing and assignment of tracking IDs . No other software is required. All shipping information, such as shipping date and tracking ID, are transferred fully automatically to your sales channels like eBay, Amazon,
online shop and also to the customer. It does not make a difference whether
delivery is made with JTL-Wawi, with the free packing tool JTL-Packing Bench or our fee-based warehouse management system
JTL-WMS. With JTL software your goods
always reach their destination. Returns Often the relationship between seller and customer does not end with the delivery of the goods. It always happens that customers want to
return ordered goods or parts of it. The returns management in JTL-Wawi
is an important tool. It helps you efficiently manage return processes and keep track of returns at any time. No matter whether customers announce their return in advance or return goods unannounced. Thanks to JTL-Shipping, the integration for shipping service providers,
you can easily manage return labels. Marketplaces JTL-eazyAuction is the fee-based interface
to the marketplaces eBay and Amazon. It allows you to control all your business processes directly from JTL-Wawi. Once set up, all tasks for which you normally would sign in at Amazon’s” Seller Central” or eBay’s “My eBay” are managed centrally in JTL-Wawi. No matter whether you want to access Amazon listings or adjust prices and inventory
or create or edit eBay listings. JTL-Wawi provides everything
from a single source. Online shop JTL-Wawi enables to integrate
many different shop systems. On the one hand, JTL offers its
own online ship: JTL-Shop. On the other, JTL-Connectors enables to integrate various shop systems. This inlcudes Magento, Shopware, Modified, Gambio and much more. JTL-Connectors are free of charge and
are constantly developed with our community. Statistics The Statistics area provides
comprehensive options to easily create own reports, limit, save or print reports and much more. Individual reports can be created based on various report types, e.g. platform or customer group, and can be exported or edited on request. JTL-Wawi already
includes a large package of templates. These templates enable you
to analyse many areas directly. This was only a small overview
of the manifold functions of JTL-Wawi. We provide video tutorials and
an online documentation to all important functions to ease your step into the world of JTL. Thank you for your attention!

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