April 8, 2020
JPMorgan JPM and Ripple XRP | Token Taxonomy | Wyoming | MUFG & AKAMAI

JPMorgan JPM and Ripple XRP | Token Taxonomy | Wyoming | MUFG & AKAMAI

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] morning guys let me get this started I’m checking the stream rate as usual there always seems to be a little minor glitch here I forgot to change my background image I just realized so I guess we’re gonna be rolling with the same background image I used the other evening I always like putting something up that’s a little different also I’m a little bit out of balance here with everything hang on a second give it a moment give me a thumbs up if you guys can hear me okay if I’m coming through okay see how everything looks you you we got going on alright I’m gonna try one thing here let me look here that’s not it there we go oh there we go ah I got this working I’m gonna use this I’ve been messing with trying to figure out see it come through but awesome I want to get started I’ve got a limit today to about 50 minutes I’ve actually got a meeting at 9 o’clock that I have to get to but for those who are new if anybody’s new here I’ve got so far 11 people on people join in as we as we progress but as you know this is Jeff with the hata report and I really want to thank you guys for joining me on the morning crypto I’ve actually put together a new format for the live stream so what I want to be able to do is really cover a number of different interesting topics for us to discuss so the way I’m breaking the breaking this down I want to start out with current news then we’re going to go into current ripple or XRP utility news an update on US legislation government regulation or legal actions and then I want to end the segment each time with something that’s a real-world utility use case so each topic that I cover I also want to open up for a QA we can talk during we can talk directly after as we’re switching between topics and I think this is really where we’re all going to be able to engage and and really learn learn from each other so again today I’m going to keep this video on it cut off right around 850 and so yeah we’re going to push right through this if you guys get any delay just shoot me a little note let me know and that’ll be great so let’s see who we’ve got coming in here so far it looks like we got a good group IDI Valley or Valley I’m not sure how you pronounce your last name at Valley Joba Darrow awesome middle way and Joshua Lin good morning from Melbourne Australia a morning and we got Charles coming in from Minnesota awesome so I’m gonna I’m gonna kick this off right now so so what we’re gonna cover today I picked out some interesting topic so from current news I want to talk about Venezuela penalizing tax on digital assets we’re gonna talk a little bit about JP Morgan JPM we’re gonna go through some new legislative updates a quote from Warren Davidson where up Warren Davidson who as we know heads up the token taxonomy act but update on what’s happening in Wyoming I’m I don’t know if you guys have read all the the latest from Wyoming and then we’re gonna wrap up with a new partnership that’s been formed using blockchain in healthcare and I was looking at also a new actually you know what I sidelined the the healthcare but I did but I did pull up bus something new that’s happening banking wise between mu FG and akame and those are and I’ll get into it a little bit lower down so yo Steven what’s up so Venezuela Venezuela has been a topic of interest for me for for a while something that you know I worked with companies down in Venezuela and saw the struggles and so it’s it’s really difficult as we watch what’s happening but Venezuela has really been plunging into the abyss that we see 20 years ago Venezuela was a super prosperous country rule of and he was elected but there there’s a whole history background we could even get into on Chavez and and a coup attempted and being in prison and all of that and there’s so many similarities in his previous history as there was with Adolf Hitler and and really if you see the twist in the direction the country has gone in you know it’s definitely not been to the benefit of the citizens there obviously Chavez and Maduro didn’t go all out in genocide but they’ve really destroyed what was once an amazing country so this once prosperous nation that was self-sustaining exporting that used to be a mass exporter they were the largest economy in south america has truly been demoralized to the point where they’re now pleading for handouts and it’s a disaster right so the citizens who have had means have fled those who are stuck you know while they’re living a complete nightmare and apparently the nightmare gets worse because many of those in Venezuela had turned to digital assets as a way to maintain their savings a way to continue feeding and providing for their families well what gets worse is that the Maduro government is actually now tightening the noose even further taxing and limiting digital asset transactions through the only government-run exchange just as Chavez had done a number of years ago with fiat currency now this desperate situation has become even more desperate and truly the revolution cannot come soon enough and we’ve seen in the news that there is another and when we had the opposition party and in it’s not always the case that the opposition is better than then a current government but this current government in Venezuela is fascist they’ve destroyed this country it’s amazing and again with you totally take a look at what socialism can do all you have to do is look at Venezuela now there was an interesting article that was on CCN dot-com and so this is where I pulled out some interesting information and really I’m going to read a brief quote from the article and would love to hear some feedback from you guys and I’ll turn to some of the comments in a minute so a quote from the article the new policy announced in the country’s official gazette issue number four one five eight one quotes the venezuelan national superintendents of crypto assets and related activities son kripp as saying that the sender of the remittance referred to in this ruling is obliged to pay a financial commission in favor of son kripp up to a maximum amount of fifteen percent calculated on the total of the remittance so now that there’s a 15% penalty on every transaction now while that sounds bad that well that sounds bad enough already still quoting from the article there’s more the decree gives sun crip the power to set transaction limits in addition to arbitrarily level e 11 transaction tariffs of up to fifteen percent now this is where they take it a step further and this is where they really wrench in and and tighten that noose so according to this announcement sun crip has set a crypto transaction limit of six hundred dollars per month they can only exchange and move six hundred dollars a month beyond which the sender will require permission from sun crip up to a hard limit of the value fifty units of it’s ridiculous petrol cryptocurrency so now they’re forcing them to exchange based on a value of up to the fifty units of petrol now petrol is the quote unquote digital asset that the Maduro government created tried to force countries around the world to trade in their petrol in order to buy oil and most of the countries and i believe maybe all of the countries basically said forget it we’re not even going to touch your digital asset it’s fake it’s fraudulent and it’s a hundred percent controlled by the Maduro government and manipulated by the girl of material government now now this is a continuation of the article they will then need permission from the Maduro government which essentially means that in order to realistically enjoy a standard of living of greater than twenty dollars a day in venezuela you need government waiver how crazy is that so this happened under with fiat as well so they clamped down on the amount of fiat that you could gain if you needed to do if you needed to do a currency exchange into US dollars even as a business in venezuela and this goes back maybe even just five five years ago six years ago before they they shut everything down to where you couldn’t even trade anymore but they limited how much foreign currency you could get so as a business in Venezuela you would have to go through government a government application process submit a story as to why you need the exchange because here’s the good you’re buying here’s why you need to buy this good and here’s what you’re gonna do with it good when you bring it into into Venezuela it’s a crazy crazy scenario that was just one of the the last icing on top that was destroying their their economy and now here we thought you know with with digital assets at least Venezuela had a chance and that’s definitely not the case so Steven chip here the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money that was a quote from Margaret Thatcher and that’s a hundred percent accurate because the only place from socialism is to take from the people and if we just saw what happened in New York just a quick side note I want to stay on track here so I get through all this but a quick side note if you see Amazon chose to move into into New York they picked out a spot you can have an argument whether or not you know the deal they got was good or bad the point is is that their congresswoman over there was was parading around and partying over the fact that Amazon said you know what forget it we’re not gonna build our headquarters over here in New York we’re not gonna bring any more jobs to New York we’re not gonna you know put New York on the map as a high-tech area with an Amazon distribution point and they’re basically their second office and in the US so you can see that the mindset the socialist mindset drives productivity away as they embrace the government it’s a completely demoralizing thought process now let me look here I’m using my phone to go through comments so let’s see here Guiseppe as a tanker master I was charging crude in Venezuela without Bill of Lading and discharging in Cuba that’s interesting that’s really interesting you know I’m so you saw it firsthand you saw exactly what was happening and it’s it’s an absolute disaster you all right so I’m just looking through here and if you don’t want to work we’ll pay you anyway exactly how crazy is that so our a JP Morgan’s big announcement with the JPM coin there was an interesting article in Bloomberg if you want to call it interesting a quick quote from the article the newest cryptocurrency on the block has been used in just one trial transaction and it’s already been hailed as a game-changer for digital assets says Bloomberg right the first issue that I that I personally have with this as is that it states that each JPM is redeemable for one US dollar so it almost sounds like a stable coin a bank stable coin oh shoot hang on but it does not specifically state that each JP M is actually better so it’s exchangeable or redeemable for one US dollar but it doesn’t specifically state that each JP M is actually backed by one US dollar meaning that JP Morgan may not actually be maintaining a US dollar account that has one US dollar for every one JP JP M coin that’s issued and so there’s so many questions that come up from this and one of the top ones is that is it a publicity stunt they are they actually getting into the digital asset space or are they doing it because that’s the cool thing to do right now and if they want to stay relevant that’s why they’re doing it now can it compete can it survive what will the cost of transactions be they actually in the article it said that they’re going to destroy every token that’s used meaning that they could potentially then create an endless supply again they’re saying it’s redeemable for for a US dollar but it doesn’t seem like it’s truly backed by US dollar so now JP Morgan is using for their interbank usage but how is this going to work with their interbank transactions you know which other competitive bank out there is going to want to use a JP M digital asset so for instance Bank of America if they create the Bo Bo a token are they then gonna want to use that JPM token how are they going to communicate with each other how are they getting it now at this point transact what’s the intermediary solution for boa to now convert into JPM it sounds like they’re they’re still going to be relying on a third party solution and it could that third party solution then be ILP is it XRP yeah they can be using ripple net is there some new software solution that they’re going to base it off of a ripple solution maybe they’re going to use r3 with Korda I mean there’s all these open open questions but there’s no way for them to move their their digital asset between different banks it just doesn’t seem probable so let’s see any comments on this um let’s see Trust is what makes xrp the greatest digital asset yep let’s see well JPM be considered as a security so except you know all those all those great questions I think of it as it’s coming up as a stable coin they’re not really creating it with the anticipation of an investment of you you know investing in that stable coin and then people that have that stable coin quote-unquote or the JPM token they’re not going to expect any profit as a as a in return now two quotes that are really attributed to Garlin house and how he responded to this and I took this out of coin Telegraph but this I thought was was really a great response and his response was as predicted banks are changing their tune on crypto but this JPM project misses the point introducing a closed Network today is like launching AOL after Netscape’s IPO two years later and Bank coins are still aren’t the answer so that was the first quote from Garlin house the second if banks of different digital asset groups want to settle trait trades with one another they’ll have to make markets between the unique digital assets our trade between their digital assets and a common fiat currency what a mess and that’s exactly what it is it’s a complete mess you know that that’s happening there so I’m not concerned about it there was an interesting from on Twitter today there are a lot of interesting comments that I saw but really for the past couple days since this has been since that came out and I honestly I don’t see it in any way as competition obviously the bloomberg article that came out to me looks more like an advertorial than it does any type of opinion piece or based on any type of fact it looks like JP Morgan you know sponsored Bloomberg to write this article and in that article they were talking about that it that it’s going to be the death of Bitcoin that ripple is now on notice and you know what’s gonna happen with XRP and and this is just they just said now they haven’t even used it they had one a successful trial and it’s going to be used internally and not it and it’s just a disaster so any all right let’s move on let’s go to US legislation government regulation and legal actions I really like this part because it really shows that we’re seeing movement in the space that we’re seeing some regulatory clarity being established it might not be at the federal level but we’re seeing some changes at the state level and those state regulation the state bills the state the laws that they’re voting on are really becoming in certain areas and we’ll go over it what’s happening Wyoming it’s really becoming more and more digital asset and blockchain friendly really as they’re competing in this space because they at the end of the day it’s going to be about you know what type of jobs are going to be attracted to that state so Warren Davidson actually posted on Thursday something on Twitter and I wanted to read this out because if you haven’t seen it I thought it was a really a nice statement he said thanks to all who have shared input at rep Darren Soto who was his co-sponsor on a lot of the initiatives and we saw Darren Soto had had sponsored a number of bills he has to out right now HR 922 and 9:23 which has to do with protecting the consumer in the digital asset space we already have 56 HR 56 in HR 428 or 528 and one of them one of the other that have passed and then the other one is is still out I believe it was Tom Emmer that that sponsored that was the primary sponsor on the other one but we have two that already passed Congress and are sitting in Senate right now so Warren Davidson’s post was awesome they are working diligently to make sure that they get they get this bill out they’ve the proposed bill the proposed act out in front of committee in front of Congress I know that they understand the importance and significance of their bill and they’re not going to put it out too early there they want to make sure they’re gonna have the bipartisan support for it it doesn’t do anybody any good at this point if they put it out there and it dies in committee so they’re doing their job to make sure that they get the bipartisan support on the bill and as I talked about on Wednesday we really need the grassroots initiative to help them reach out to all of the Congress representatives that congressional representatives in and who sit on the Financial Services Committee both Democrats and Republican and when they hear and listen to the constituents it really makes a big difference and one of the statements that I had received and corresponding with the legislative assistant for rep Davidson so one of the comments that he gave to me was that in fact many of their the other legislative assistants came to him some of the staff of the other representatives in Congress came to him asking him about what’s going on with a token taxonomy Act and wanted to know more about digital assets on blockchain and they did so because of convince be a phone whether it’s via YouTube engagements whatever we can do to reach out and get in front of those representatives it is definitely having an impact and we need to keep pushing forward now let me see any comments on that let’s see what we got here and and then we’ll let’s see XRP girl keep printing the US dollar and make unlimited JPMorgan token they’re perfect for each other that’s exactly right I I agree with that you know you if you’re gonna have an unlimited resource like that you can just keep printing it it just D values the overall product and in this case it’s gonna devalue the JPM and and really it’s gonna devalue it to the point where it’s not really relevant on on the global stage at all so let them let them have it Carl Wagner Wagner I think news of the JPM coin is good news because a vast majority of people consider crypto fraud now this changes their opinion I agree with that I think that’s a great point Carl I truly appreciate that I think that any news that we get in this space especially when it’s being embraced by a bank and a bank like JPMorgan it brings a more mainstream people then realize that if JPMorgan is okay with it that means that many of these other digital assets and the space are also legit so yeah I believe yeah I agree with you a hundred percent on that so Wyoming now Wyoming we talked about this not too long ago where they actually began to look at digital assets as currency but now they’ve gone a step further and they actually pushed a new bill into law and I believe it’s it passed or it’s waiting for the governor to sign off on it but it’s gone all the way through so I believe it’s just sitting it might have been signed off on not what to go through this and see here but so that this one is really putting digital assets in the in the same space and and providing property rights for digital assets so this are the article that I’m going to quote out of actually appeared on been crypto is on Thursday there are a whole bunch of different articles on different sites now Wyoming pushes their bill into law for property rights on digital assets so I think this is really huge news because what we’re again what we’re seeing is that the that without the federal regulatory clarity we’re seeing states take the charge now from a state level it’s very very important because the state is also responsible for their own economy they’re responsible for their own jobs or and they need to attract new people new jobs and create the new job markets now in the digital assets phase typically high tech has been very limited high tech is typically Silicon Valley maybe there’s a few other parts around around the country that have attracted high tech but overall when we think about high tech we think about Silicon Valley we think about San Francisco we think about California and that has been the epicenter obviously there’s other areas that some of these high tech companies have blossomed from but they all seem to transition over to San Francisco at some point that’s where it all started out a state like Wyoming this is the last place you could think of where you’re gonna have an embracing of a high tech technology and attract jobs but in fact because of the regulatory clarity that Wyoming is providing in this it’s really a you know big deal for them but it’s also a big deal for other states as they see Wyoming taking the lead because Wyoming could very well become the epicenter for blockchain companies especially those blockchain companies that were thinking of leaving the United States because they saw it as maybe you know not friendly to blockchain or the uncertainty of friendliness towards blockchain and not understanding exactly or not knowing because the Fed isn’t providing the proper a direction on that so Wyoming is potentially again truly becoming the Malta of the US where it’s going to become the blockchain capital so but here’s a quote from the article I think this is this is really great the bill that has been passed on February 14th and is set to become law is the SF 125 which recognizes property rights for direct ownership of digital assets according to the Act according to the Act digital assets are considered intangible personal property forward for securities aiming to be tokenized as the document also authorizes security interests and digital assets moreover banks now have a framework to work with to provide custodial services for digital assets in the state of Wyoming the Legislature will come into effect okay so it was signed by the governor that’s right okay so the legislator legislature will come into effect on July 1 and should have a big impact on the state’s attractiveness to crypto currency companies and that’s definitely the fact so July 1 they are going to become the most blockchain digital asset friendly state right now which is really a big deal let’s go down any any additional comments here are you watching JPM is just the beginning other banks will follow I agree with that as well I think that every bank is going to they see that the true impact and benefit of what the blockchain and and digital assets can do they see exactly what ripples do institutions of it’s a good thing for them you know it’s definitely a good thing for them to have their own JPM coin it’s a good thing for Bank of America to have their own boa token to transact internally through a Bank of America if they have to if they have to transact it’s definitely a good thing and now the key is that once they’ve adopted the the digital asset token internally it’s even easier at that point for them to transact through a rep a ripple net solution so it’s just it’s just a piece of the puzzle and it’s definitely a good thing and Carl would mentioned it also puts everybody kind of uh you know mainstream it puts everybody in a spot where they’re seeing the bank’s adopting digital assets and it puts everybody at ease so let’s see here uh Carl hey Aaron what’s up glad you could join called the the more banker XRP girl Wyoming is piloting beef and sheep chain very important in the farm that’s great I haven’t heard about that but that that is great you know that just shows again you know what’s happening there’s so much happening in that space and for Wyoming to be taking that initiative is is outstanding all right let’s see here now Aaron how long do you see the flood in the media to last into a da ha ha that’s a good question at some point won’t the flood make people lose confidence you know what and I was giving a speech on on Thursday night and I I kind of segwayed it was more on the political side but I kind of segwayed a little bit into digital assets I say wait a little bit into what happens at the stock level I believe all along the media will manipulate the markets with button with FOMO based on their desired outcome so whether it’s the digital asset space whether it’s a standard you know your your basic stock space and I think I’ve talked about this before but if you look at go go and watch a Jim Cramer show for instance if you watch him and you see what he talks about by the time good news reaches the Jim Cramer show it’s already too late that show is meant for the retail investors and this isn’t in every case because many times there’s still a longer run-up on a stock there’s a lot more room that it can grow but a lot of times in that initial big jump you know so it might be years you know for the rest of the growth but there could have been a big initial jump they talked about that initial jump all the big investors have already gotten on board and they bought in at the lower price points now they’re looking to unload and make their profits and so they start promoting it through the media look how amazing a facebook is doing it’s so great everybody should be this is when you should be buying it but it’s already made its big gain so now the retail investors jump in and what happens is that although it might still have a lot of room to grow then what will happen you know and and you’ll see it time after time after time so you get the run-up the retail investors jump in all of a sudden now they start spreading FUD about it and so now you’ll see a retraction on the stock and I’ll pull back and what happens when it when people see the foam oh they got institutions buy back in again and ramp it back up because they understand the dynamics of where it’s going so the typical data day retail investor that doesn’t follow that the technical analysis and doesn’t understand the dynamics of the numbers and isn’t looking at the numbers but is strictly relying on media to tell them whether or not they should be investing in a stock or not they’re the ones who always lose out so we talked a lot about it in this space as well on digital assets there’s a lot of fun in FOMO and it and it’s really the but here in this case we’re seeing JPMorgan we’re seeing all the big financial institutions who have been pushing the flood and then when it was in their interest because they want to be relevant then they’re pushing the FOMO you know so in 2017 everybody you know the big institutions for the most part ignored the digital assets face all of a sudden it became the hottest thing ever and Bitcoin was ramping up and then all of a sudden the news is telling people how they should buy XRP and this is how you get onto coin base and everyone’s talking about it and then all of a sudden the pricing comes down a little bit and now it was under spreading flood because it’s not the thing anymore I guess my point is you know and as you get into it Fudd is going to exist no matter what and it’s always going to be dictated based on on their desired outcome so hopefully hopefully I didn’t rant too long on that one Julian here regardless of Fiat coins they have to be converted for exactly yep they’re gonna have to be converted so it doesn’t matter if they have a JPM token it doesn’t matter if they have a u.s. dollar sitting in their bank and whether it’s a cross-border payment or an interbank payment transaction if they’re gonna do a wire and they have JPM there has to be a conversion process now to move JPM over to boa and so what and now they’re gonna have JPM sitting in their accounts and they say that it’s a stable coin every JPM they create is going to be redeemable for a US dollar but it again I didn’t see in there and I and I could be mistaken off to go back and look it didn’t say that it was backed by a US dollar so basically they’re just giving you a promissory note promissory note that you’re JPM is worth one u.s. dollar you know but as we know the banks when you put your money in the bank they don’t your account isn’t there so you might have a thousand dollars sitting in a checking account those thousand dollars aren’t necessarily there because of every if every customer of that bank went to the bank it said I want my money out they don’t hold it they take it and they invest it or they loan it out and they move your money around they’re only required I don’t know exactly what the percentage is but they’re only required to keep a specific percentage on hand at any given time so now they’re gonna do the same thing with digital assets it’s really it’s it’s a way and someone said earlier it’s really just a way to make more money you know and that’s all they’re doing they’re finding a way to make more money they’re finding a way the bank finding a way to charge people higher transaction fees without anything because if they make their own JPM and it’s only redeemable for a u.s. dollar again they don’t even need to hold one US dollar per JPM they’re basically just inventing money and and that to me is pretty amazing you know that they’re even able to do that to invent so if you’re gonna create a stable coin it’s crazy but again to the point that Julian mentioned now you have the JPM and you want to send it to England and you need to get it into a Bank of England so it’s a BOE coin you still need the intermediary to transact she did Jim what’s up my buddy Jim alright let’s see are you watching just maybe JPM knows more than us and by releasing their coin is a start of something greater for the biggest bank in the US and well the third-party xrp even be needed just a thought I still think you know and this goes back to interbank transactions I think you’re still going to need an interbank transaction so the JPM coin is again really made for the inside transactions and then when we get into cross-border payments you still need a solution so what they’re creating isn’t a solution it’s not they’re not creating a form of they’re not they’re not finalizing within what they’ve done a full up payment a settlement software that doesn’t look like what it is so I believe that you know they’re still missing a big part of it so you can create a stable coin we’ve seen a lot of stable coins pop up but this just because you have a stable coin doesn’t mean that it’s good for global settlement now any of us could take and XRP and send it to somebody else with their XRP address but within the banking solution obviously we need the messaging there’s just a lot more you know there’s just a lot more that that that needs to happen so and one second all right let me see here okay so let me get into let me get into the last segment here and this is real-world utility case so the fifth largest bank in the world and this I kind of brought this up in the beginning on the fifth largest bank in the world a Japanese bank which is mu F G just signed a working agreement for remittance payments between Japan and Brazil well with Ripple to use a wait a minute hang on let me back up oh okay so so this is I’m kind of mixing this up a little bit but the fifth largest bank in the world which was mu F G which as a Japanese bank had signed a working agreement in November for remittance payments between Japan and Brazil that was going to use a ripple based solution and using XRP so now the MMU F G Bank actually announced a new partnership with akame to roll out a blockchain payment system in 2020 now this was just reported by coin Telegraph on the 13th now if you know who akame is and and really the the significance of this hang on a second okay so if you really know the significance of akame and and what they did in the internet space it’s it’s really an amazing partnership and so I’m really wondering also with mu FG joining on with XRP in a ripple in November and now you’re seeing this partnership with mu FG and akame so akame made news in the 90s as they really changed how the internet works and how we interact with it now one of the primary founders if you go and look up a Khmer it’s a kam AI but one of the primary founders of a Khmer Daniel Lewin was actually the first person who was killed on 9/11 he was the one sitting in first class and as he attempted to subdue one of the terrorists he was actually the other first person killed because they stabbed him to death as he tried to subdue the terrorists and this was shortly before flight 11 actually slammed into the side of the World Trade Center now I actually knew Daniel years and years ago I was friends with his younger brother and and I can tell you you know just as a side note he was really an amazing person and when I knew him I had no idea what his potential was which really you know you can’t really judge judge a book I knew the guy had potential but here’s you know here’s someone that really did something that impacted everything that we do today you know and and unfortunately you know this this amazing person and he created an amazing company and but he never really got to see the full impact that his algorithm was going to have on the entire world’s use of the Internet if you ever get a chance go out and read this book it’s called no better time I was looking for my copy so I could show it to you and and I couldn’t find it in the bookcases but if you go check it out no better time the remarkable and short life of Daniel Lewin and see what he had to do to ramp up and really create this company akame it’s really really enlightening now really back to the partnership between mu F G and akame now I again as I started you know I’m looking at mu F G’s partnership and utilizing the ripple solution for for payments so so in this case you know are they using are they using or building their solution because again you know if we go back up here they’re there they’re building a payment system a blockchain Bayman system together in 2020 now this could potentially be a this could potentially be you know a competitor solution to XRP to ripple to ripple net but but there’s that you know I don’t know I haven’t I haven’t seen enough information on it all this news just came out but I thought it was interesting to bring up because you can still wonder are they building their solution utilizing a ripple solution are they building on the aisle are they going to be using XRP maybe somebody out there knows and as has seen it and can report back or maybe someone can comment now but I really think that that’s an interesting partnership again given what mu F G just did recently in November now I’m gonna just a brief quote sorry down the wrong pipe just a brief quote from the article now this was actually from their press release it’s from February 12 mu FG and Akamai Technologies announced today that they have agreed to strengthen their strategic alliance towards the full-scale launch of a new payment network business and establishment of a joint venture global open network Inc hang on a second hmm the new company will utilize mu F G’s presence in the payment business and a Q mais intelligent edge platform which offers world-class speed and security with the aim of providing an open payment network in Japan based on new blockchain technology by the first half of 2020 we will strive to support diverse payment schemes hmm I shouldn’t have taken that drink of coffee we would strive to support diverse payment schemes that take IOT into account to expand our payment network business globally and to further enhance our services I don’t know what kind of if you guys have any feedback on that I think that’s really interesting again I think it’s something we need to really stay on top of if somebody has some information I’ll dig in a little further but it would be really interesting to see if as they’re building out this new blockchain technology if it’s going to be built on the inter ledger and if they’re going to be utilizing XRP in their solution all right I’m kind of coming up to a wrap-up here it’s almost 8:45 if there’s any final comments questions I’ll definitely appreciate to field those if not again this is again it’s great having this interaction I’m also going to try and and do the Wednesday evening 8:00 p.m. slot for a live stream I did it this past Wednesday it worked out really well it’s the one day that I can do that so I’m gonna send a notice out about the about the live stream on Wednesday and so again thank you for joining me today look forward to seeing you on the next videos that I put out see you on the next live stream Wednesday and until then keep on Halloween you’re crypto

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  1. Stable coins are walled garden, centralized, counter party risk, added risk of additional trust of backing, not interoperable, no liquidity, no ecosystem, no proven track record, scalability questions, and are Liabilities, not assets.

    This is a milestone moment, one step closer to full legitimacy as a financial market and significance of this new asset class and blockchain. It’s all just added publicity to the masses and Wall Street for XRP, Ripple, & all crypto.

    Hold strong, Ripple has been focused on positioning XRP over past 6yrs, strategically to be the superior and the global standard asset used in the new digital financial system of next 25yrs+!!!

    HODL Report- Keep up the hard work on these very informative videos!!! 2019 will be the year of “ Regulatory Clarity”
    You’re always on top of these regulations. Thanks

  2. Please stop with the bashing of the NYC congress woman, you are to PRO-BUSINESS. She is the spokesperson for the people. Here are the concerns of people who live there.


  3. Hi Jeff- should we debunk some FUD written by Frances Coppola and Ari-Paul/Tushar Zain (see recent discussion on Twitter with David Schwartz) at some point…they seem to have an agenda against Ripple and the FUD is becoming increasingly slanderous. Forbes seem to be turning a blind eye to it all as well??

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