March 30, 2020
Jobs in Ghana (2019)

Jobs in Ghana (2019)

So here’s a fun fact: did you know that
in Ghana the unemployment rate stands at around two percent? Which means that for every 50 persons in the labour force there’s one person who does not have a
job, or for every hundred persons in the labor force, there are two people; probably
your friends or your close family relatives who are without jobs. But this
does not have to continue. There’s a way out and stay tuned to know how! What’s up
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So today we want to talk about employment opportunities for young
people in Ghana. You realize that there are so many young people who are
unemployed, even in my circles, I get some of my friends complaining about the
fact that they do not have jobs or they are struggling to find jobs, and I think
that this should not be the case because the world has become a global village
and these challenges can easily be resolved. Now I think that there’s a
solution to this and I think that there are opportunities that abound. And what
am I talking about? I’m talking about the internet. Now a lot of grown ups see the
internet as a bad thing for the youth because they feel that the Internet is a
platform that has given the youth the opportunity to indulge in all sorts of
you know bad activities but on the contrary the Internet is a very good
tool, and one quote I like is the one which says that life is a matter
perspective. You’re either crying or frowning because roses have thorns or you’re smiling and
joyful because thorns have roses. So the Internet is a very beautiful
opportunity for us and it’s a great platform for young people to find
opportunities which may otherwise not exist at the moment in the country. So I
have three ways that young people can embrace other employment opportunities,
and these are tried and tested methods for me. I know that or I may be aware that there are other platforms or thereare other ways, but I’m mentioning these three because these are
three ways that I have tested myself and have worked for me, and I believe can be
tried by other people and it will work for them as well.
So without talking much let me just jump right into it! So the first employment
opportunity that is available for young people in Ghana is freelancing: online
freelancing. And what’s freelancing? It’s the act of you know giving your service
for free so you are not attached to a particular company or a particular
employer, you are actually opening your skills to the public for people who have
the means to purchase your skills. So when it comes to online freelancing
there are a number of opportunities. There is Fiverr, there is Cambly and
there are so many online platforms where buyers and sellers interact and people
can purchase your service. So what happens is that you go on such a
platform like and then you sign up as a seller. Then with whatever
skill you have, you register what they call a gig. So if you’re a photographer and you do a
lot of editing on photographs you can register a gig that is into retouching
the photos of people. If you are into something that requires data entry you
can list up that gig as a service you offer and then someone who is interested
would purchase that gig from you. So it’s a very beautiful opportunity. Personally
what I’ve tried out is transcription and email writing, and it’s been so great. I
began just two months ago and over the period I’ve made more than a
thousand dollars. Probably in another video I’ll talk more about this and how
Fiverr is a very great opportunity for young people to embrace. The good
thing about online freelancing especially platforms like Fiverr is that
the platform is global you know the Internet has turned the world into a
global village so this piece is big for everyone to fly. There’s no need for
competition or bad blood; the space is big for everyone and
everything is based on merit. You have to sell yourself and sell your skill in such
a convincing manner that people would want to
purchase your skill. I have had customers or clients from the UK, from America, from
Israel, from Dubai; I’ve had clients from Nigeria, I’ve had clients from Ghana, I’ve had jobs
from people you know Sweden places I never imagined that I would ever
interact with people let alone do business with them or do work for them.
so Fiverr is an amazing opportunity; online freelancing is an amazing
opportunity that young people in Ghana can take advantage of. So the second
solution to the problem of unemployment I want to talk about as a
suggestion to young people like yourself is drop shipping. Drop shipping. Drop
shipping is a marketing fulfillment method where you don’t actually see the
product but you sell it anyway. So the idea is that you go to markets where the
items are cheaper and you purchase them and then sell them to people who need
them at a higher fee. So the difference is the profits you make and I know that
there are thousands of people in dropshipping who are making thousands of
dollars; some on a daily basis! Drop shipping is a very lucrative thing
especially when it’s exist online. There are shops like Shopify where you can set
up your own store and direct traffic to Now drop shipping is an amazing thing
because it gives you the opportunity to make money without actually hustling.
When you go on a site like Shopify you set up your store; your account, all you
have to do is to list the products for sale and direct traffic to it. Now when
people purchase those products the shipping and everything will be on the
one who is actually selling the item. So you’re sort of acting like a middleman.
You are not really doing a heavy job aside directing traffic to your site
and maintaining your site and making sure that you always have products
available which are relevant to your target market.
So drop shipping is a very important and lucrative thing that young people can get
into. Later I may do a video about it so I explain it better, but for the
meantime I’ll leave links in the description below to other resources
especially on YouTube when people talk about drop shipping and how to get into
it. The third opportunity that young people in Ghana can take advantage of is something I call affiliate marketing. No okay, I don’t call it an affilliate marketing
but that is what it is. Affiliate marketing. So you are an affiliate of a
certain big store like Jumia or Amazon where you direct people to their sites
or to their stores to purchase products from, and then they give you a commission
because you have directed people to their sites. So I’ll leave some links in
the description below so that you go to my sites where my links will send you and you purchase and I earn a sweet commision from Jumia or Amazon or whichever link you find the
description below. So affiliate marketing is also something that is very easy. I
know that there are lots of young people who are so active on social media and have a
large following. I’m amazed anytime I enter Instagram or Twitter because I come across
Ghanaians who have so many followers like 18,000 20,000 110,000 followers
so with that kind of following you can easily take advantage of an opportunity
like affiliate marketing where you direct traffic from your followers to do
sites and the companies in turn can pay you for bringing them customers. So these are my
three best ways ghanians can take advantage of and then
leave that domain of unemployment and that domain of always wanting the
government to do something for them and that domain of always depending on some
strange force to give them their daily bread. There are opportunities that abound.
As time goes on and as I discover more of them I’ll deliver them to you like I
promised, I’m here to help young people take advantage of opportunities and
better their selves, better their chances at making it in life. So thanks so much for
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for watching and I’ll see you in my next video. Peace!

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  1. Hi Joel. Thanks so much for sharing, but most of this site request for a PayPal account, which there's none here in Ghana. So my question is how do I get to open a PayPal account here in Ghana? Hope to hear from you soon Joel.

  2. Did you know that in Ghana unemployment in stands at 2.39%?? πŸ€”This is more pervasive among university graduates than non graduates 😱😱😱 But there’s a solution!!! πŸ’‘ In subsequent videos I’ll go into more details. Kindly subscribe and stay tuned for more πŸ€—πŸ€—

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