March 28, 2020
Jewelry photography for e-commerce workshop announce

Jewelry photography for e-commerce workshop announce

– Hello. In this video, I’m going to tell you about Jewelry Photography for
E-Commerce online workshop that we going to do at 28th of June at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time, in this studio. And you can join us from any location because it will be streaming online. What will be covered in this webinar. I am Alex Koloskov, the founder of Photigy
School of Photography. This is an online workshop, meaning that you will watch it online, you will have a chat to ask questions that I am going to answer in real time right here in the studio. However, if you won’t be able to join the workshop for some reason, you will
have ability to watch it later and download recorded video as well. It will be included in the package. What we going to do. We’re going to shoot a
few rings and earrings on a white background. The idea of the workshop is to show you how to work with jewelry on a white background, with minimum post production, for e-commerce for online placement. Etsy, Amazon, your online store, if you have such, or for clients, right. And I will show you how to do this with minimum post production. What is included. The full three hour, up to
three hours, maybe more, workshop here, where I’ll be shooting, and doing a focus stacking. So, focus stacking is covered. I’ll do it in Adobe Photoshop, and this is something that all of you should
have, right, the Photoshop. What I’ll be using, will be the camera, the macro lens, the simple as possible light
modifiers, nothing fancy. I’ll be using diffusers
like you see behind me. Two diffusers like this, and a few pieces of
cardboard are the reflectors, this is it. Nothing special. I will show you how to do all these images in real time with this equipment. A few strobes. However, if you don’t have strobes, continuous light will work the same way. Exactly the same shooting technique. The only difference is
your camera exposure. Who this workshop is for. For photographers who want
to learn jewelry photography, if you don’t have much experience, this is right for you, because this is when you can ask me about your particular gear that you have. Maybe you need to add
something to it, maybe not. Again, you can easily ask
it during the workshop, I will answer it right away. For photographers who
already shoot jewelry, but you want to simplify the process to be able to shoot more
volume for less time, because when you shoot for e-commerce, usually it’s hundreds and hundreds items. And the time you spend, it’s your money. Less time you spend, more money, more profit
you will get, right. And on this workshop, I will show you how to
do this efficiently. It will give some awesome tricks that will make your
life very, very easier, and it definitely will work
for jewelry makers and sellers who has some little micro studio, or have dedicated person in their crew, who is shooting jewelry for you, it will definitely will help
them to do a better job. We’ll have the whole course Jewelry Photography for E-Commerce, with way more products to shoot, way more different techniques, with post production, but it will be later, it will be released about two weeks later. What’s cool though, for those of you who
decide to buy that course, the webinar will be free. Meaning that whatever you’ll
be paying for the webinar, you will receive exact
amount of the discount, the coupon for the course. So we’ll offset you the amount that you paid for the webinar, it will be free if you buy the course. Okeydoke. See you. Goodbye.

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