April 4, 2020
Jeff Bezos On Breaking Up And Regulating Amazon

Jeff Bezos On Breaking Up And Regulating Amazon

– Your most prominent critic at the moment is the president of the United States. People are even saying
that he may be willing to prepare initiatives to break up Amazon because it’s too big, it’s too successful, it’s too dominant in too many sectors, or for varied other reasons. First of all, is this scenario
of a break up something that you take seriously, or
you think it’s just a fantasy? – For me, again this is
one those things where you know, I focus on, and ask our teams to focus on what we can control. And, I expect, whether it’s
the current US administration or any other government
agency anywhere in the world, Amazon is now a large corporation, and I expect us to be scrutinized. We should be scrutinized. I think all large institutions
should be scrutinized and examined. It’s reasonable. And, what’s, you know,
one thing to note about us is that we have, we have
gotten big in absolute terms only very recently, so we’ve
always been growing fast in percentage terms, but in
2010, just eight years ago, we had 30,000 employees. So, in the last eight years
we’ve gone from 30,000 employees to 560,000 employees. So for us, you know, in my
mind, I’m still delivering the packages to the post office myself. You see what I’m saying? I still have all the
memories of, you know, hoping one day we could afford a forklift. And, obviously that’s, my
intellectual brain knows that’s just not the case anymore. We have 560,000 employees
all over the world and I know we should be scrutinized, and I think it’s true, a
big government institution should be scrutinized, a
big non profit institution should be scrutinized,
big universities should be scrutinized, it just makes sense. And that, by the way, is why the work that The Washington Post
and other great newspapers around the world do is so important, because they are often the ones doing that initial scrutiny even
before the government agencies do – But in a way the
general sentiment towards the big, innovative tech
companies has changed. I mean, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, they used to be seen as
the nice guys in T shirts that are saving the
world, and now they are sometimes portrayed as the
kind of evil of the world. And the debate about the
big four or the big five, if The Economist is suggesting a split up other powerful people like George Soros are giving speeches in Davos, the EU Commission is taking
pretty tough positions here. Do you think that there is a change in mindset in the society? And what should the big tech companies, what should Amazon learn
from that or do with that? – I think, I do sense,
I mean, I think again, I think it’s a natural instinct, I think we humans, especially
in the Western world and especially inside democracies, are wired to be skeptical and
mindful of large institutions of any kind, we’re skeptical, I’m sure, we’re skeptical of our government always in the United
States, state governments, local governments, I assume
it’s similar in Germany. It’s healthy, because they’re
big, powerful institutions. You know, the police, the
military, whatever it is, it doesn’t mean that you don’t trust them or that they’re bad or
evil or anything like that, they’re just, they have a
lot of power and control and so you want to inspect them. Maybe that’s a better word. You kinda wanna always be inspecting them. And I think if you look
at the big tech companies, they have gotten large
enough that they need, they’re going to be inspected. And by the way, it’s not personal. I think where some of the,
where you can go astray on this if you’re the founder of a company, one of these big tech companies or any other big institution,
if you go astray on this, you might start to take it personally, like what why are you inspecting me? And I wish that people would
just say yes, it’s fine.

99 thoughts on “Jeff Bezos On Breaking Up And Regulating Amazon

  1. y'all need to chill. I worked at amazon, it wasn't that bad and paid $5 more per hour then my previous job at fest food. i have a better job now, working at amazon isn't a career stop acting like you need to be paid high with benefits when all you're literally doing is putting boxes inside other boxes. amazon prime is an amazing product, don't make the product shittier for the hundreds of millions of people who benefit

  2. What a bunch of haters in this comments section… It seems like less than 5% of YouTube comments are positive or neutral in demeanor. Admittedly, I’m fabricating that number. But still…

  3. Appreciate the honesty about the sense of future regulation and why it is needed. However, owning The Washington post seems to be a conflict of interest if he truly believes journalism ought to be objective in scrutinizing big institutions.

  4. This is how you create monopolies. Make a huge company, accept regulation when things get out of hand, have regulation be part of your moat. Regulation creating barriers to entry serves them very well. Mark Zuckerberg also accepts regulation what a coincidence. This is one reason why I am for 15$ minimum wage, companies don't hesistate in using the system to their advantage and neither should the people. *note: 15$ minimum wage should be implemented gradually to avoid creating inflation*. But I agree with it nevertheless.

  5. Remove money from politics and that would solve the problem. Publicly financed campaigns and removal of the Electoral College would stop most criminals from becoming politicians.

  6. No need to watch this interview. Just two media titans flattering each other and putting on a show for the ignorant masses.

  7. That is a megalomaniac folks. I wonder if he pisses into bottles to save time during the day like his employees are forced to do.

  8. This con artist and thieving liar put many small time people out of business.
    Wish I had ability to scam the Post Office to ship my products for free…
    It was impossible to compete.. and how much is being done to compensate us?
    Can''t wait to repay all you love FOREVER.. Bozo

  9. How many people watched this whole video and did not realize til the end that this was a robot portraying Jeff and not actually him?

  10. Well said. Although government scrutiny makes us uncomfortable because we generally don't trust the quality of their motives or general competence – since we see enough evidence in general of them being dodgy on both.

  11. Oh, Bezos… If only it were that benign. Trump's attacks are far more personal than that. There are people out in the world motivated by legitimate hatred. The world is a benevolent place primarily in the sense that nature can be grasped by the human mind. Many people are good, but there are bad people, and some of them even have the power to do serious harm. If the scrutiny applied to Amazon were honest, you would have nothing to fear. But it won't be honest. There is no such thing as an honest antitrust case, because the law has no objective meaning. Be careful out there.

  12. Bezos says at 2:00 “that’s why the work that the Washington Post and other great newspapers is important.” He only mentions the Washington Post by name because he owns it. In 2013 he established Nash Holdings and purchased the Washington Post for $250 million.

  13. Bezos can't really believe Germans are skeptical of government and large institutions. if these tech companies were in Germany, Germans and the German government would bend over backwards to support them and certainly wouldn't talk of dismantling them. case in point, look at how the German government is shielding top VW execs from facing trial in the U.S. Germany's largest auto maker can do no wrong in the eyes of the German government.

  14. trump is dumb, but he is right.
    Amazon should break apart! i worked at Amazon for 6 months in package area, Jeff is crazy guy!!!! we used to wear bracelets that used to shock us when we worked too slow. he is insane !!!!!!!!!!! forget the money, i dont care how rich someone is but he is insane!!!!!

  15. What about paying your workers decent wages and not manipulating their work benefits, and also not making them work in inhumane conditions?

  16. BUT BUT BUT.. WHAT ABOUT CAPITALISM? All you crazies crying about socialism, but have no problem with Fascims?? Ironic!

  17. ”thats why the work of the washington post and other great newspapers…”

  18. Le succès d'Amazon : inventer des délais de réponses et un service clientèle très mauvais et ne voulant pas rembourser, de plus pour faire valoir son droit au remboursement, des appels que l'on réceptionne d'étranger à nos frais qui peuvent même dépasser le prix de remboursement demandé. Résultat, payer 2.5 fois la somme qu'ils doivent nous rembourser, c'est ce que j'appelle de la rentabilité malhonnête

  19. He bought the Washington Post, and still proceeds to talk about them scrutinizing big institutions

  20. "In my mimd im stil delivering the packages to the post office my self".. So u stil think u have nothin and pay your staff the same.

  21. Do u guys know what u r doing? Picture breaking up Communist China's State Enterprise Alibaba or something like that. Then when u figured out AMZ 's architecture, operational processes,etc. , ask urself if u still want to break it apart. Remember that derivative thing nobody can figure out after some tech creative monster mixed and mashed funds to lower risk – only to end up with the biggest risk of all coz u do not know what u have invested in. Slight revolution from some 3rd world country caused by lunatic marxist wannabe caused a regional financial crisis or contagion – if u r lucky to figure out what banana republic economy is built on , its trade ties, etc. imagine the risk of breaking a stable riot free anazon compared to banana republic with marxist revolution causing financial crisis everywhere

  22. Here's an individual who cannot even run a good company (Amazon). I had a lot of packages sent to me and I spent a lot of time on the internet trying to sort out messes within that company. I have now begun to pay a little more and get better service. Why ? Because when you spend a lot of your time on the phone trying to fix his problems, it is not only costly financially. It becomes a big cost and a complete waste of time doing business there.

    Who is he to even to criticize anyone when he cannot even get his own act together. He cannot even run a company smoothly and yet he wants to offer the world advice. Jeff spend more time focussing on your own internal problems before you criticize others. Remember Al Capone looked successful to some others as well. What a hypocrite ! Jeff never forget the other large retailers who neglected the most important part, the customer who eventually had to close down their doors because they thought they were smarter as well. The customer is the one who keeps your doors open. They can also shut them down very fast.

  23. Amazon has grown too big and too fast. Let's just talk about Amazon from a very basic level from how Amazon employees are treated to how they treat their sellers. You know that old adage "tone from the top." This is a perfect example and why I don't like Jeff Bezos

  24. Better to boycott Amazon, anything that monopolizes the market should be gone. I don't care how many employees they have, how good his gift of gab is, he should recognize that if he is hurting small business he is missing the mark purposefully, it's greed at this point …

  25. this system of labor and management was here before 2010, its americans that are dodging the question on this one not bezos

  26. You spend millions to save billions lobbying Congress for tax cuts. You could feed and educate everyone if you just paid your taxes instead of paying off senators. What you’re doing should be and used to be illegal but you have corrupted and demolished a country that once cared about its citizens. You and everyone like you need to be disarmed. We need new anti trust laws and your corporation must be broken up. You belong in jail, but you will never be held accountable for what you have done to this world. I know you probably don’t have any morals or values or believe there is a higher power, but I promise you that there is and your account will come due in the next life. Enjoy this one while it lasts buddy

  27. Washington Post is doing the scrutiny on your own companies? Fairly? lol Riiiiiight. When you own a media company, it's not likely they're going to do anything to jeapardize your other trillion dollar company, let alone break stories about your affair. Nice try, Jeff. Otherwise, it was an interesting interview, though.

  28. Not only did Jeff dodge the question twice, but he just praised the Washington Post which he owns. Lmao, common Jeff. He stuttered on every sentence and kept talking about his poor self in the past tyring to dodge the question at hand. Tactic used by the guilty if you ask me.

  29. Dude owns WP, a number of media companies, and a commercial space company. Man is a master manipulator and megalodon

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