April 6, 2020

100 thoughts on “Jeep® | One Republic | “More Than Just Words”

  1. I migrated from Dominican Republic 4 years ago and this year I will be swearing to the constitution of USA. I feel so damm Privilege. Thanks USA

  2. One of the best commercials I've seen in awhile and a such a great reminder of what The United States should be and is.

  3. The coolest thing people might not realize about this commercial is if you see the scenes and pay attention closely each one is a lyric in some way to the Star Bangled Banner song.

  4. I am the the Firefighter in the commercial climbing the Tower Truck Ladder! As a former Army Medic in the 82nd Airborne, and now Firefighter Paramedic. I am proud to have been apart of this amazing show of Patriotism!!! This is a true representation of what America looks like!!!! Thank You Jeep for your continued support of the American Way!

  5. Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the world. All other countries are run by little girls. Kazakhstan is the number one exporter of potassium. All other countries have inferior potassium.

  6. Ever since I was young I've always said that my first car would be a Jeep. This video makes me even more proud.

  7. The land of the free and home of the brave? That's our ideal and you'd be hard pressed to find any American that does not hold that ideal dear.

    The question isn't whether we enjoy displays of patriotism, but rather ARE WE BRAVE ENOUGH TO ADMIT that the U.S. has never been the land of the free? Until February 7, 2013, the state of Mississippi had never submitted the required documentation to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment, meaning it never officially had abolished slavery.

    ARE WE BRAVE ENOUGH TO ADDRESS what 20 MILLION traffic stops reveal about the police and racial bias in one state … and what's likely happening in many others? https://scholars.org/brief/what-20-million-traffic-stops-reveal-about-policing-and-race-america

    Simply PICTURING patriotism with the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background VERSUS ACTUALLY LIVING IT is a thing of the past. Patriots do not blindly and silently stand for inequality and injustice. If you truly are a patriot, then you must be part of the solution and not part of the problem. It is time for us to be and do better.

    Keep in mind that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

  8. Like I said and You didn't show my previous post "It's still just a jeep" !!  I doubt you'll show THIS post as you didn't show  my last. The last thing I need as an 80 year old American is an Ad for a truck that consists of 50% plus parts manufactured in another country!! I was in the ''Car Parts" business for over 70 years, a Conservative who Voted for Trump and will in 2020 !!So tell it like it is, The American Way !! Do not censor my post please!!

  9. All anti-Americans should be shown the door or be thankful for that they can speak freely. Better pray that you will
    not have to go to war like all the soldiers who didn't come home or were severely injured. Love our vets and God Bless America!

  10. I remember when my dad gave me the keys to his most beloved Jeep Sahara before he was deployed… he is no longer here but his soul roars on in the engine of the Jeep. Love you dad, I’ll serve this country proud 💪🏻 And when it comes time, so will my son.

  11. Say the words to the song as you’re watching the video… the words match what’s happening in the video.

  12. I am planning to buy a great 4×4 to take to my second home in Costa Rica.
    After seeing this commercial it will be hard to buy anything other than a Jeep Jeep.
    In Costa Rica every 4×4 is a Jeep.
    Ie. Toyota Jeep.

  13. Totally UnAmerican…You do not commercialize the national Anthem to sell cars or anything else. An affront to Vererans; An affront to all Americans. Boycott Jeep. Boycott

  14. This restored my faith in humanity. Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. OneRepublic, I just love you so much.

  15. Not joking, i'm going to buy a Jeep today because of this. I'm glad to find a company I don't need to boycott.

  16. As a member of the military who's deploying to the Mideast tomorrow for another year long tour, I'm disgusted by seeing this run over the Memorial Day weekend. Some marketing agency agency thought, "Hmm, how can we sell trucks? I know, how about using dead soldiers? Patriotism (and sex) always sell products to the weak-minded and easily manipulated!" Looks like they weren't wrong. Judging from the comments, I'm in the minority. Me, I'll never buy a Jeep. Perhaps the most ironic part? The brand is owned by an Italian company. Or perhaps not surprising; kind of like how Budweiser, a beer brand owned by a Belgium multinational corporation, rebranded itself "America" a couple years ago. Compensating just a little? And as for some poop band I had to Google, I couldn't care less about them crassly selling out. They really didn't have much to sell.

  17. Wow ~ I love my DVR, but this ad caught my attention right away and fortunately, I didn’t fast-forward through it! In fact, I re-wound it to watch it again, then came here to share it with friends and family (and watched it, yet again)! So clever, creative, beautiful, and touching ~ it actually brought tears to my eyes (the ending, especially)… SO proud to be American! Thanks, Jeep!

  18. Now you know why it wasn't aired $8 Million is just too much even for Chrysler and you know the NFL wasn't given any free time especially when Players take a knee.

  19. Jeep: Your company should look into donating a Jeep to U Tube's Colorado Bigfoot. He drives all over the Colorado mountains and it would make a great ad. Also, he currently drives n old
    beaten down truck with a huge crack in the windshield. He would make a great representative for Jeep! The Bigfoot idea would make a great ad with the Jeep brand.

  20. At the 1:16 mark, the imagery was especially personal to me. It reminded me of the Lou. Some may understand why, some may not. This commercial made me cry. I LOVE the way they did this from front to back. It is one of the best commercials I've ever watched. It is a marketing masterpiece. Beautiful brand placement and nods to old and new product. The iconic nature of Jeep throughout the years. WELL done Jeep. Masterful work.

  21. My G-Division Officer sent me this video, as an early 4th of July gift.
    Thanks Jim !!
    U.S.N. – '68 – '72. Blue Water and Brown Water.
    I think I will just hang my, our, Flag early !

  22. The only ad ever to have made me go look for the video to watch again. This speaks a lot. Oh the pride I feel to be living on the greatest country on earth! USA USA USA!

  23. I could be moved if I knew that this was produced by anonymous patriots and not an ad agency working for a corporate client attempting to connect patriotism and selling me their car. Simply remove the Jeep images and there is something compelling.

  24. This is my favorite commercial in existence. Shows past and present America and I love that. We need people to remember what country is really about.

  25. I was watching a video and this ad popped up. As an American a Veteran and a Father, I was very moved by this ad. In an age of division over patriotism, and patriotism hijacked for political correctness. This ad was very tastefully done, well done Jeep well done.

  26. This video is very inspiring, needless to say it is why I amongst many others rise for our country’s anthem in respect of all the men and women who fight everyday for us.

  27. Absolutely beautiful and Inspiring I am saying Thank you to everyone from George Washington to I can't pronounce your name for making America , God bless and Peace be with you ! Michael Assuras second generation American

  28. I've just become a proud US citizen a few months ago, and this ad makes my eyes watery every time….. I love America more than life itself ❤️

  29. I'm German. But everytime I come back to the US for vacation… it's like coming home. It truly is God's own country. I love it!

    It's so sad, that I was born on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean.
    God bless America.

    …please don't mind my bad English.

  30. Some believe this [The Star Spangled Banner] is a prophecy told is song that correlate's with the 2nd book of revelation's.
    Something that may yet come to pass.

    You know [ICBM'S] and their streaming exhaust.

  31. I dont have a jeep, but Challenger Hellcat. This one great commercial doesnt matter what American Comoany made it. We all in it together as one nation under god. Big 3 Auto makers for ever.

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