April 9, 2020
Jack Ma on how Amazon and Alibaba differ | CNBC International

Jack Ma on how Amazon and Alibaba differ | CNBC International

Want to talk a little bit about Alibaba and the model itself. For many in the West, if you will, they don’t necessarily understand it. To the extent that I can try to compare it to Amazon which I know you think is an unfair comparison. One of the things that’s so fascinating to me is that Amazon and Jeff Bezos have pursued what might be described as a very asset heavy business model. They’re buying airplanes. They want to own the entire supply chain from beginning to end and Alibaba has effectively an asset-like business. It is very much in terms of the retail piece of this the opposite. You don’t want to own the warehouses. You don’t want to own the logistics companies. How do you think about that? Is Jeff Bezos right or are you right? And is there is there going to be a meeting in the middle? I hope both are right. And because the world can never have one model. If the world has only one correct model, the world is too boring. We need to have all kinds of models and the people who do the model should believe in the model. And I believe in what I do. Right. The difference between Amazon and us. Amazon is more like an empire. Everything they should control themselves, by themselves. And our philosophy is that we want a bigger ecosystem. Our philosophy is to empower others to sell, empower others to service, empower, make sure the other people are more powerful than us. Making sure with our technology, our innovation, our partners, our 10 million small business sellers, they can compete with Microsoft, IBM. Our philosophy is that we think using Internet technology, we can make every company become Amazon. Remember one thing, today for ourselves, our last year is more than 550 billion U.S. dollars. To have people deliver for us, we need 5 million people. So how can we have five million people deliver things for us, to deliver the things we sold? The only way we do is empower the service company, logistics companies, making sure they are efficient, making sure that they make the money, and making sure that they can hire more people. But without owning the whole chain, can you do it as effectively? The idea that you’re watching Amazon being able to deliver things now within hours literally. We made 125 cities deliver within one day last year. Imagine 10 years ago, deliver one thing from Beijing to Hangzhou it takes about eight days. Now you can deliver things from the Hangzhou to Beijing to inner Mongolia some city within 12 hours. It’s improving. You can never expect these things happen within 24 hours. We have patience. So I think… Can imagine that within the 11.11 Single’s Day, we sold $17 billion dollars and by delivering more than 600 million packages within three days? This is happening and this is what we feel proud of. It’s not how much money we make, it’s not how powerful we are, we think because of the technology, we can make the technology very inclusive that every small company can use. This is my dream because I started my first business in 1992 in China as a small business. In order to borrow money 5000 U.S. dollars from bank took me three months to acquire. Still failed. So difficult to be a small business. Today with the technology, we can empower them. This is something I want to do.

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  1. What funny is that i think it is not about Amazon or Alibaba anymore but people just wanted to hate something from the west. Hate all you want but Jeff Bezos still the richest man in the world, if Amazon is all that bad why people still buying from them ? Better stop talking and working people. Jealousy or hating on spesific race or people wont get you anywhere.

  2. Amazon will not last.
    Amazon its becoming just a collection of crappy products. Anybody can start selling trash in a month.

  3. Why do people compare these two companies
    They're COMPLETELY different
    Alibaba is for sourcing suppliers and manufacturers

    Amazon is just a retail store

    The correct comparison is aliexpress not alibaba

  4. You guys are mindless sheep if you think jack ma gives a shit
    This is all a show
    All successful intelligent businessmen are the same
    You all are stupid robots to think he's some type of robinhood

    Absolute idiots
    I love it!

  5. Globalisation of most goods & services can continue , but in the globalisation, technology transfer, mass human immigration to change demographies of certain societies, legalising certain cult only kill people, culture and values should be stopped at once. Western Liberals, multinationals and their stupid / cunning mass media listening ?

  6. Stupid interview! Did cnn know alibaba stole the idea and copied amazon 100%. Different: one real and the other one FAKE.
    Cnn likes democrat, bought by the chinese.

  7. Yea Amazon gives you returns. Alibaba keeps your money and says the scammers who sold you the product is right…. Idiot fucking company.

  8. america slowly dying china rise usa has no money grredy no innovation thats wha will slow die 🅰️❌🅰️❌🅰️

  9. He said when u r 60 yrs old! Go to the beach!! That's too naive ! Not everyone can be at the beach at 60!!! Either not everyone would retire n wait to die!! ( At 60 , Its okay to dream your dreams and pick up the pieces of those shattered glass to mend back your past to realise your mistake or error!!!!) Perhaps when Jack Dies! We bury him on the beach of the artificial Island By CCP in the SC Sea!!! ARROGANT DUDE!!

  10. China: dominate by helping your fellow small businesses. Win-win

    USA: dominate by killing your competition. Win-Lose

  11. Amazon started first…. China always copying after us ideas… This is the only thing I personally criticize from China…. Apple first then Huawei…. Apple showrooms= Huawei showrooms and laptops 😑😐

  12. But people forget that Amazon gives jobs to thousands of people.
    I worked in one factory one best organised I've ever seen.

  13. My freind open a new Ali -Pay account in Shenzhen by his china mobile . He got the mobile SMS meggage verified passed. Then he linked the icbc bank to Ali pay , and transferred 5000 RMD in. But ,today when he do some transfer payment , Ali pay request him to input his real name , and reply him that the mobie tel number belongs to anothe unknown man. Thats means hes not allowed to use the 5000 money。Riduculous !!

  14. As soon as this guy opens his mouth you know he is a clever cookie. I really enjoyed your speech. Thank you.

  15. I see a common thread within these comments. May I play devil's advocate without being downvoted to hell. Let's hope so.

    Amazon has increased the percentage of sales made by third-party sellers on its site every year. It currently stands at 68%. How can people justify the statement "monopoly" when Amazon has succeeded in building a platform and logistics network for smaller companies that is not possible without them.

    Please respond in the comments fairly.

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  17. I love Jack Ma's approach and philosophy unlike Jef Bezos evil scheme to monopolize sales. The power is to the small business owners and services companies. They provide a robust and effective platform to help everyone be more efficient. Much respect to what he is doing and what Alibaba represents!

  18. American business is based on fear and lack of trust in anyone but yourself, Chinese business is based on trust and the faith that all involved will do their part.

  19. So would all the dumbasses in the comments buy anything from aliexpress or taobao and expect them to be safe and not have problems? I only buy books on taobao that are 1 tenth the price of anywhere else while they claim it to be the official version.


  21. one day Amazon's Monopoly business model will end ridiculously. the way they threaten their competitors and aquire them and destroy that company after diverting all the traffic to their website is absolutely ridiculous

  22. there's a big reason why Jack ma is a very lovely person. he talks about providing humans jobs rather than replacing them with machines and many other good stuff which is super beneficial and he's a multi billionaire too…. great inspiration

  23. He only wants to own the Software which is super low cost & highly scalable. Why own a stupid big liability warehouses for??

  24. Whether you hire 5 million people to deliver for you or not, the fact is, those good still needs to be delivered. Amazon is trying to take ownership and an share of profits it can get. While Both models may not be prefect or right, the are clearly not wrong

  25. Where communism is not a drenched term it serves to value as fair as works for most.
    What Does it mean?
    Can you unlearn the conditioned jargon keeping you expectant and predetermined?

  26. The logistic infrastructure of distributionpoints and destination do not seem to serve the common purpose of limiting total shipping expenses (a-z sum of used resources by limiting needless long distance shipping as a joint company effort.

  27. A couple months ago, I stop buying at Amazon and start buying at Aliexpress and some things in Alibaba. Delivery time is longer but shipping costs are lower, there is plenty of different products and interaction with suppliers is nice. At Amazon I buy only American books.

  28. I know your country's are polluted and you've calculated things you don't want the western countries to know about your calculations,but your people targeted me and bullied me so bad,ask carl gibsons fingers,your Ikea man with his Ikea rucksack that disappeared,then the cars playing loud music,driving past my house,then the bullies on the corner of my street when getting into the ambulance,then holding the hospital up,wich made me want to kill myself,then the 3 Chinese people in my first fight,then coming outside the bookies in Cardiff bay for knowing a roulette system,as for the police with you bullies,well thier was 3 Chinese Japanese looking people outside rumney hill police station,looking like they was diving into a swimming pool,the police are cunts,and so are you lot bullies.

  29. Alibaba is the generic of Amazon, Alibaba takes almost a year to get your buy, the cuality is no class.
    12 hours my ass I always have to wait no less than 3 months

  30. Make your plan and more plans but remember your money and your job busnes you and me different I'm having powerful more than your money and your so leave my queen she's relax now

  31. Amazon wants to grab, strangle and crush all competition including the sellers on their platform. They are the real life version of "Dr Evil" in Austin Powers.

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