April 8, 2020
iViral X Review Demo and Amazing Bonuses – Watch This Video Before You Buy

iViral X Review Demo and Amazing Bonuses – Watch This Video Before You Buy

Hey hi guys this is Lin here and today I’m
going to tell you a new software just released today it’s called iViralX.
So basically this new cloud-based software can help you
drive a viral traffic to your website or social media in just 60 seconds or
less and so let’s see . This is the sale page of iViral X and so here’s got the
video that you can play and then actually when you just click into the
website after maybe five seconds you will see today you will go a special $5
discount so when you click this and then you will be able to see the coupon code
there so it is ivx5off. If you apply this code at the checkout then
you’ll be able to get five dollars off that’s amazing and so let’s see the
details, so, what this iViral X do is that you know can help you to get unlimited free
viral traffic in just 60 seconds or less and it’s just a 1-Click Viral Content For Traffic and Sales and the good thing is that you know it has the
step-by-step training for you after you purchase the product, it’s also
has 365 days money-back guarantee and actually the
seller also promised you that if you can’t get any traffic in one year’s
time then you can tell them and they will send you $250, so it’s actually
quite risky to make this promise right? but you can see how confidence the vendor think about this software and so how to use iViral X? I will
show you in a minute. Now we look at the three
simple steps first, so step one just login to the cloud-based software
from any device with an internet connection. Step 2, you just need to you
know tell the software where you want your free viral traffic you want to send to
and step 3, is just it to push a button and then sit back and then you
know you will see unlimited viral traffic in 60 seconds or
less. So here is some proof of how many traffic that
the iViral X can generate. You can see here and so basically this
software vendor is Billy Darr. He is a really good guy and I actually
know him and also David Kirby and Justin Opay. So let’s see further. So we
can see this is iViral X again and then what is this tool good
for? so you can actually use the iViral X to drive traffic just to anywhere you
like – your website, your affiliate link, your CPA link, your eCommerce website, your
freelance profile, your squeeze page, and online marketplace, social media, business
listing, blog, any other websites and so much more, so that means this software
is very useful because no matter what niches you are and it can help you
to drive the traffic. So what will you get from this software? Obviously you will get a software login and you will also receive a customer support as well. So if
you get any question you just need to write a support ticket and then
you will receive a very quick reply from the team, and obviously you get
step-by-step training as well, and the good thing is you get agency license and so the agency license is actually free for you.
Okay let’s see further. Basically you it’s 100% Beginner friendly as well,
so you don’t need any special skill or technique knowledge in SEO to drive the
traffic to the place that you want. So let’s see more. Right now is actually got 98% discount. This is a really really good deal and here is some a good
review that is from the real user from iViral X. So the bonus from the
vendors they offer 8 amazing bonus so you will get $1K A DAY ONLINE TRAINING, FREE VIDEO TRAFFIC SOFTWARE,
case studies. You also get direct access to Billy Darr and another two very good
software as well. So all these bonuses are free for you,and obviously if you buy
for my link, then you will get amazing bonuses too. So let me show you. So this is my website
and when you scroll down then you will see all the information about my
review o iViral X. I just wrote it today and so hopefully it will help you to make
the decision, and so it mentions the iViral X fast action premium bonus here
and what will you get from me is the following bonuses that exclusively just
for buying iViral X from me. So you will get all these bonuses one to eight plus
you will also get my amazing bonus package. So
that has 80 bonuses together and the value is more than $5,000 and what
you need to do you just need to for all this kind of stuff, and after you
purchase from this link, you just need to send email to [email protected] and then I will send bonuses to you. So these are all the bonuses that
can help you to grow your business and generate traffic, niche building
and even the website design. So there are many many good bonuses there waiting
for you so that’s all these and you can just go to my website click the link in
the description and then you will see further. So now let me talk
about how to use the iViral X. It’s actually this interface very
very easy and clear so this is the dashboard. After you buy the product, you will get
the email to ask you to set up the account or you can find in the
dashboard in JvZoo or Warriors Plus.When you click the dashboard, so here is the
campaigns, video campaigns and text campaigns. So let’s go to campaigns.Before you start the campaigns you need to set up the account first. So here got the video and sharing account so you can connect your daily motion youtube account and you can also connect your social sharing account, so you can share
to Bloggers, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plurk, Life Journal, instapaper. And also
you can set up for the image sharing account Tumblr and Imgur. So after you
connect the account that you have, you can start to
get the new campaign set up. So how to set up the new campaign? That’s very easy. For example if you want to you know if you have the affiliate link about how to
lose the belly fat. Okay that is a hit topic right? So you type how to use lose
belly fat there and title for example, just copy and paste and then tag and
then, so what you need to do here is that you can choose to upload by
dailymotion or YouTube so that’s what make the video become viral, or your post becomes viral. So you just need to search the keyword and then search this so you
can see you know they are lots of video coming up, and so for example, how to use
fat fast, and many videos coming up and then basically you can just select the
one that you think that got many traffic already. For example how to lose
belly fat in here, so this is daily motion. So if you click YouTube then you will see more.So let’s go to YouTube So for Daily Motion
you can’t really see how many views there but for YouTube video then you can
actually see how many view for that video already. That’s amazing because
this software actually give it you the counts and then tell you how popular that video is.
You know when you post some popular videos online. For example, on your
Facebook, on your Twitter, so that means you can actually drive many traffic
and so let’s see maybe we can okay do this one this one got a lots
view, so fastest way to lose the belly fat and select that and then you can
upload the file okay congratulations
successful and then here you can just type this kind of thing.
Obviously you just add the description that you need, but remember the thing is
you can put your affiliate link there that’s how you
generate profit from that, so basically you’re using a very popular videos or
posts or images to make people click your link to go to the
sales page of the product that you want to promote, and then when they purchase
the products through your link, then you can earn the commission. Easy right? So for example we can go to ClickBank. Clickbank is quite
popular for the health products or fat losing product. For example,
I see this Lean Belly Breakthrough. I just click promote, and then you just need to get
this link copy , okay close and then go back to the dashboard and then
put the link here or you can use you cloaked link if you like, so after
you do it all this kind of thing, you just need to click share.
Right now I actually connect my iViral X to Instapaper and Plurk, so
you can just click this and then post. That’s it. That’s very easy and
then you can also choose the image and so basically there are lots of image and in Pixaby and Flickr, so you just need to search the images,
like belly fat, so for example, if you like this image and then you
can just type the same thing as well obviously the affiliate link here and
it can also schedule the campaign as well, so if you want to schedule
campaigns. For example, if I want not today and maybe on 20th of
August then that it will scheduled the campaign for you, and you can also just use the text from Twitter
or Google as well, so just to search, a single search, so that’s pretty much like
this that’s very easy to use, and another good function for the iViral X is that
you can see the JVZoo top seller/ So this the top sellers board. You
can see iViral X actually very popular because it just released today
like one hour two hours ago and that ranked number four, so many people
bought this product already and you can also go to the reseller
panel, agency panel and then here has the training as well, so when you click
this , then you can see the training from Billy Darr and then you can
just see this kind of training and then you will know what to do. So
basically it is very very helpful useful software that I believe that if you just want to generate traffic and you don’t want to
pay for the traffic then you can just buy this
software because that’s very very good. And remember you will also get
my bonuses as well they are amazing bonuses and you can just
click the link in the description and then have a look. So this software also get the upsells too. Let’s see the upsell. So this
is the first upsell. Let’s go back to my page and so the
first upsell IViral X Unlimited Edition, second upsell is the AI edition,
the 3rd one is the 10k daily edition and the fourth is the supreme edition,
and last one is the Luxury Edition. Different edition get different function but is it’s all your choice on whether you
want to add them or not. This is the first upsell.
So what you get this unlimited edition, well it mentions only fifty spots
available, so you also got other kind of special bonuses as well. This is the second one. This AI Edition. You can enjoy company
automated traffic, enjoy hand-free sales experience freedom, and you can
get all these kind of benefits by using the AI Edition
through automation. Another upsell is this Supreme Edition. So you
can actually resell iViral X, so you can earn up to $5,000 per
customer and you will also get for your promotional strategy so you can promote
this funnel plus more so you will be able to own
your dedicated server too, you also get animated video, sales letter, high quality design and
professional top quality products worth $2,000 and so this supreme edition is
very good and you can have a look as well. Another upsell is the
luxury Edition. This luxury edition is very good one and you can
do many different things here and it’s quite expensive but it may be
worth the money, so you can have a look there and then see what you think.
Because this luxury edition get much more function than the normal
Edition and I don’t have the link in my website right now but I will include it on my website here then you can just
have a look.So I hope the video is helpful for you and it’s only cost $17.95. It’s really good deal. So I recommend you to buy this
software and then try because it’s 365 days money back guarantee
and if you don’t have any traffic then they will send you
$250 guarantee , so instead of losing the money with Facebook Ads , waste time on SEO, or write different articles, you just need to spend maybe less than 3 minutes a day, do something with the iViral X and
then you can get more than what you expect in your life.
And remember, with this iViral X, you don’t need any previous experience and you don’t need any
technical skill and you don’t need to use any Facebook ads, pay for any other
traffic, so why don’t just spend less than $20 to get this software. Okay
thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy this video and you find this
video helpful for you. If you get any questions just drop me an email or leave
the comments there, then I will reply to you. Subscribe my channel as well if
you like and thank you.

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