March 30, 2020
It’s A Major Thing – Marketing

It’s A Major Thing – Marketing

Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Isaac Herron. I’m a
junior marketing major here at West Liberty Today I’m going to take you in the life of what it’s like
being in the Marketing program on the Hilltop Now I’m gonna take you guys into my
retailing class with the wonderful professor Loy So the push and pull marketing, does everybody remember this from your marketing class from Principles of Marketing? I would say the marketing
program because the way we have class sizes here it’s a lot more personal you
get more connections with the professor’s one on one kind of thing
especially when you dive in the marking department itself, you’re gonna have a
lot more team-building exercises a lot of presentations ready for the real
world for example in my marketing capstone class work on marketing plan
for a local business itself and that’s great experience me being a junior at the end of the
year here at under my belt education being able to get real-world exposure to
the marketing programs gonna be a huge huge step up verses other competition from
different universities in the area We’re gonna walk into my marketing
capstone class with the great professor Loy So I chose to major in marketing
because it is a lot of interpersonal connections your working a lot of
one-on-one with people. I wanted to make an impact in the career that I chose for the
rest in my life and with the marketing field I’m able to help businesses
promote, see businesses grow. Now we’re going to talk about our projects. Group family, I know you guys have to plan your trip on Friday? The premise of the capstone class that’s
gonna be your final class that you need so in that class you need a lot more
hands-on experience we’re gonna do things that’s going to get you ready
like I said for the real world how we’re doing all that marketing plan we’re
gonna do a huge presentation sort of as a pitch so when you go into the real
world of the marketing team and you’re bidding on different advertising plans
for different companies you’re gonna be bidding against one another so it’s kind
of like a head-to-head shark tank initiative in a way where we’re gonna
promote our marketing plan versus classmates that we have in class
together now and their marketing plan to see which one excels and who’s the winner So we’re here today in downtown Wheeling
with the marketing capstone class doing some advertising work for one of the local
businesses here in the area So for my marketing capstone project we got the
opportunity to work with an elderly care organization based out of downtown
Wheeling. Our tactic with that is going to be a lot more of advertising for an older
demographic because it is going to be catered towards your 40 plus who are the
the caretakers and the 60 plus who are going to be using our services as well
so we’re shooting a lot more for Facebook we’re going to do a lot more like local
commercials and give a nostalgic feeling of having people
actually be in the commercials being seen doing their activities
through day to day lives kind of getting a more personal connection there as well So today we’re here at my internship
with the West Virginia Rough Riders the brand-new professional arena football
team here in Wheeling! Over the past several months I’ve done different
internships from the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra based out of downtown Wheeling
as well doing some content creation for those guys as well some social media
marketing. I’m currently working with GNC and the corporate office as well doing
some retailing vendor relationships with them and then one of my favorite ones is
going to be the one I’m doing for school credit through West Virginia Rough Riders
our new professional football team based out of Wheeling playing at West Bank Arena So for the Rough Riders, I’ve done a lot
of corporate sponsorship negotiations kind of being able to provide beneficial
advertising through our dash of pads you can see on the arena walls, doing some
mobile advertising material be able to find on social media, some ecommerce and
you can find on our website as well And then for game days I’m able to
network with the companies that I brought on board to see what they want
to see promote how they want to grow as a business as well as through marketing
through our organization So on game days it is rather hectic. It’s a lot more
organized chaos. Your day usually starts about 7:00 a.m. we get to the facility
the game is not until 7:00 p.m. we begin to set up we begin making sure the turf
laid down right all the ads are placed upon the boards properly. I’m in charge
of the halftime sponsorships we do through different kickoff events through
different organizations. It’s just a lot of wearing different hats being able to
keep a level head and handle all the tasks throughout that time span throughout the day So I hope you guys enjoyed getting a
little taste if it’s like in life a marketing major up here at West Liberty Univeristy. For
more information make sure you guys check us out online

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