April 4, 2020
Isn’t Working Long Hours an Old School Mindset? – Real Estate | #AskErikHammond 41

Isn’t Working Long Hours an Old School Mindset? – Real Estate | #AskErikHammond 41

I knew that when I first started out, I
needed to set up the habits in my business. I needed to create the systems to have the
success early on, because if I would’ve said, look, I’m just willing to work, you know, an
eight hour job every single day, I wouldn’t be able to have the lifestyle that I wanted. I knew that in real estate, at least, you’ve
got to hustle hard and fast and do things that other people aren’t willing to do. 80 percent of your income is made
on 20 percent of your result. To try to increase that 20, 20 percent results
to maybe 30 percent next quarter and maybe it’s 40 percent the next quarter because it’s going
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again for joining us. Every single Monday morning at 10:00 a.m. Pacific orients are your guys top four
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every single Monday morning. Let’s go get into the questions. So question number one right off the bat
says isn’t working long hours and old school mindset? Yeah. It is an
Old-School mindset to some degree. Give a low key to that. Why not
focus on building wealth, be a passive income? OK. So when I first got into real estate,
my goal was to flip, flip, flip houses. I love remodeling and I love construction. I love real estate. I love that side of it. Right. I didn’t get into real estate to
work with the buyers in the sellers. It just wasn’t on my mind when I
got into real estate 10 plus years ago. But the problem with flips is that you worked
really hard for two, three months and you sell the house and you
make a pretty good profit. Right. Anywhere from 20 to $100000. And even way up from there. I mean, I know guys down here in
Southern California who are making probably three, four or five hundred thousand dollars on a flip. But these are, you know, multi-million dollar flips
are not just a two, three week turnaround. For the most part. When I got into our real estate investing,
we were averaging 20 to 40 thousand dollars per flip, which was great. And the money came fast and it went fast. Right. We had a lot of overhead, a lot
of marketing, a lot of just development things going on all the time. It’s an expensive business. And the problem with that, too, is that
you get this mass amount of income quickly. So there’s capital gains on this
income and then it’s gone. You make it quick, a chunk of money
here and there and then it’s gone. The nice thing about most real estate
businesses that you consistently have sales. Right, their listings, there’s buyers. It’s kind of a consistent ebb and
flow going on all the time. I had some months where we were bringing in
over one thousand dollars in two or three months in a row or we had nothing going on
because we’re working on a lot of projects in the meantime. So you got to balance out your
business that way later as we progressed in the investment business. We started
getting more into rental profit. Now, if you’re into flips versus rental
properties, there’s a very big difference there. One is it’s fast, it’s speedy. You get quick sums of cash. And it’s really interesting, right? You’re onto the next project
within like 30, 60 days. The paint on how fast you can
turn a property with rental properties. You’re collecting cash flow at like two, three,
five hundred dollars per door at a time. It’s a long, boring, steady
income way of making money. And for some of you
guys, you’re super patient. You’re like, look, I’m I’m 30
and 40 and 50 years old. I just want to ride it out and prepare
for retirement someday, because I know someday I’m going to have a whole bunch of doors and that
I can live off that income as long as I manage my assets properly. Maybe I need to refinance a couple of
them and take some equity out later. That’s a great option. Here’s
the big, big asterisk. If you’re in real estate and you don’t own
at least one piece of real estate, whether it’s your own house or rental properties or something
like that, you need to get on the ball. Right. You can’t sell something
that you don’t own yourself. So start figuring out this year, 20, 20, how
you can get invested in real estate, how you can maybe buy whether it’s a townhouse, a condo,
a duplex or a single family house, maybe even multiple tours. Prepare for your retirement because
I guarantee you will not have a pension. There will be nobody who is going to
be writing a check for the rest of your life if you don’t have
something set apart now. And yes, you can try to gather as much
cash as you possibly can right off the bat. But guys, unless you have some type of income
coming in life, it’s going to be hard to survive. Right. I mean,
people are living longer. The cost of living is getting more expensive. So plan for your retirement.
Enough of that said. So thought here. I guess what this question is,
you know, should I just work, work, work super hard? Get up at 4 a.m., work till midnight every single day. Yeah. You can do that. Sure. And yet as an old school mindset, it is
an old way of thinking to some degree. But there still are a lot
of entrepreneurs who teach that nowadays. You can hear the sacrament, the
background word doing some demo work. Another part of the property anyway. So on the south side, a little bit louder. So what happens is that when
you get up at 4:00 a.m. and you work your butt off all day long. Again, you are working for
the cash right now. You’re probably not creating passive income. You’re doing it to generate money right now. You’re trying to create income
for your business right now. Superlative, not. Sorry, guys, with the audio
got to work around this. So when you get up and you work, you
you can have that lifestyle for a while. But I guarantee you, if this is what your plan
is for the next 30 or 40 years of your career, you’re not going to
be able to survive this. Right. Surviving off A for maybe six hours
of sleep every single night is sustainable for a period of time. Trust me, over the last
decade, as I’ve gotten into real estate and even when I got out of school for the six
plus years before that, I did wake up early. I did survive on a little sleep. And as I’ve gotten older, I
just turned 40 last week. I am wanting to get more sleep in my life
and I am wanting to work maybe less hustle mode and more marathon. I knew that when I first started out I
needed to set up the habits in my business. I needed to create the systems to have this
success early on because if I would have said, look, I’m just going to work. You know, an eight hour job every single day,
I wouldn’t be able to have the lifestyle that I wanted. I knew that in real estate at
least, you got to hustle hard and fast and do things that other people
aren’t willing to do. If you notice a lot of the old time agents and
I hate to offend any of you who feel like you’re in the all time agent bucket list, but
they worked hard a while ago and now they have a great referral system, right? They have their business setup. They
don’t have to regenerate as much. Yeah. They have to send out Christmas cards and
follow up on past clients and call some of their past clients from time to time. But for the most part, the
business just comes to them. If you’re brand new or if you’re in real
estate for the first time where you don’t have that big of a list, you’re going
to have to hustle for it. You’re going to have to get out. You’re
gonna have to get on the phone. You’re gonna have to
create lead generation tactics. You’re going to have to build a funnel. You’re going to have to build the brand. You’re going to have to
get yourself out there. So that kind of mix up
this question just a little bit. Yes. If you’re brand new, you’re gonna have
to put in maybe that’s five years, maybe that’s 10 years. Maybe you can get it
done in three and create a massive business. We did not have overnight success
in our real estate business. I can tell you that it took a long
time to get to the success that we found. Becoming one of the top real estate teams
in San Diego did not happen overnight. So don’t expect that to happen. Yeah, you can find success. Yes, there are agents who sell 100 homes
or first year and they’re fantastic at it. But that’s not the norm. Right. There are some massive amounts of work that
they had to put into that beforehand. Consider where you are in your business. Consider what your goals are for 2020. We’ll be talking about goals
a lot around here lately. What are your goals for this coming year? What are you expecting to accomplish and what are
the action steps that you need to take to get there? Once you decide, look, I need
to work fifteen hours a day and nationals that you either do that or you adjust your
goals and say, look, I’m willing to give up this financial income that I’m trying to do or
I’m trying to give up something else that maybe I want. Right. You’ve
got to make some sacrifices. You only have 24 hours a day. I’m not saying give up your family and
I’m not saying give up your job. You got to decide what’s
most important to you. All I know is that you’re
going to need some sleep. You’re going to need to rest
your body from time to time. You got to eat healthy. You got to exercise. If you do have a family or a spouse
or somebody that’s significant in your life, you do need to spend time with them
to figure out how that works. You got to be upfront with them. I know for
my family, when I started down this career, I said, look, this is what I need to do. This is ours to make. I will spend as much time
with you as I possibly can. I will cut out times my day where I can. And it works. And people are
understanding my family, super understanding. And it works for you and works for me. Right. So you just have to have that
conversation with yourself to figure out what’s important with you on the other side. Passive income, you tefillin need to
have that on your goal. Again, we did not have that mindset when we
first got into real estate back in 2009. I just was here to collect big sums of cash. I was trying to make cash as fast as I
possibly can with the goal of retiring by 40 and thinking, you know what, I’m going to make a
whole bunch of money over the next decade and I’ll just investment
money somewhere else. I didn’t think about rental
properties for some reason. It just wasn’t something that
I was interested in. Everyone talks about tenants and toilets and trouble
and all the problems that come along that I didn’t want to have
anything to do with it. But then I realized the benefits of property
management and being hands off in that real estate business and they can
work out really well. So set a goal, figure out how you’re going
to do it, whether you acquire one property a year or maybe you buy one
property every a couple years. Just start thinking about how you’re going to work
that in your books, how you can save some money for it. You don’t necessarily
have to go get a traditional loan. I mean, I’ve talked a ton about seller
financing and other sources of qualifying for loans besides traditional banks. If you feel like maybe you can’t qualify
for a loan, put that at ease. I had terrible credit when I
got into real estate investing. I never qualified for a single
loan and bought dozens of properties. So don’t worry about that. You got to figure it out on
your own, but set a goal. Figure out what your passive income goals are so
that someday you don’t have to work 16 20 hours a day. Right? Do it now. Set up the things that you need. Acquire the cash you need to go buy the
assets that will support the life that you dream. Because I can tell you, if you’re just going
to trade hours for dollars the rest of your life. That’s not a good goal. Something can happen. Right. If you look
at any professional athlete, they get injured. Things happen to them. These
multi-million dollar contracts they’ve setup. If they had able to play on the
field, they’re not going to be paid. And there’s no passive income
in a professional sport. So you’ve got to figure out how you’re going
to make your investments work for you, kid. That was a long winded answer, but
I feel like it was required. So there you are. Question number two,
how do I build a personal brand? This is another hour long conversation. We do a lot of webinars
and a lot of courses around. This comes Jack. Again, let me let me give you
the straight five minute version of this. How do I build a brand? Number one is you got to
figure out who you are, right. What do you represent? What is your image? What is the message that you want? Get out there. What are
you trying to distill online? That’s going to allow you to
stand out from everybody else, right? Yes. You might be a real
estate agent if you’re watching this. Yes. You are a person. Yes, you’re probably a family person. Yes. You live in a certain community. Yes. Yes, yes. Right. But how
do you stand out from there? You know what? What are your goals? What are you trying to distill? Are you the number one
first time homebuyer agent? Are you the number one move up buyer agent? Are you the number one listing agent in your
county or your city or your state or wherever you work? Right. What are the
things that separate you from everybody else? You can’t be the jack of all trades and
say, hey, if you’re buying or selling anything in real estate, take me. I’m your person. It doesn’t work that way. You have to figure out that niche and
then go all in in that niche. We talked about this a lot
around here about what to say. Right. If I’m working with buyers and
that’s my primary source of income. Yeah, you should have some listings. And if you’re listing agent. Yes. You should have some buyers that you’re working with
to figure out who 80 percent of your clients are going to be. That doesn’t mean that
it should be 80 percent buyers and 20 percent sellers or 80 percent sellers and 20
percent buyers probably should be a a good 50 50 or 60 40 mix. But figure out right now who
80 percent of your clients are. And then you can make that switch
and make the adjustments as needed. But once you figure out who your ideal
audience, what that 80 percent represents, now you can build an audience around that and
go deeper and deeper on that subject. So let’s just say buyers, for example, let’s
say I’m going to talk about first time homebuyers because I know a lot of you
guys are going to focus on that group. If I was we’re going to the first time
homebuyer, the content that I would create is all about how to qualify for a mortgage, how
owning a home can possibly be cheaper than renting a home, how to make sure that you’re
buying the best property that you can and you don’t buy something and have to invest,
you know, 20, 30 thousand dollars into fixing it later, thinking that you
had a turnkey property. Right. So how to own a home, how to maintain
a home, how to get over the limitations that so many renters are thinking in their minds? It’s amazing how many full time renters I’ve met
in my life who think owning a home is super expensive. You’re gonna have to replace the
roof every couple of years that the water heater is going to burn out every
single weekend, that the furnace is going to fail, that you have all these problems. That’s just how their mindset
works because they don’t know. Right. They’ve been in crappy rental properties
and they’ve had to deal with these things. And that’s what they assume is going
to happen on every property that they own. So show them how owning a home can be a
safe place and a great investment, how they can build equity and how they can, you know, save
on some of their taxes if that’s an option in your state. Teach them how to be a
better homeowner, how you have context to help them with these things. You know, if if the house
doesn’t need a new roof, you can show them how much they cost and how to budget for it. You can show how simple it is to regroup. You can talk to them about solar and water
heaters and all the maintenance that goes on on a property. Basically, you’re just showing them,
look, I am the real estate agent that’s going to help
you with this transaction. It may be scary, but I’m going to
hold your hand through the whole entire thing. That’s how you brand yourself as a real
estate agent who can help new homeowners. Right. And the same can be had
for any other category out there. If you work with mobile home owners or if
you work with commercial properties or if you work with multi-family residents, or maybe
you just work with investors. Right. We’ve been talking about that
quite a bit on the show. Whoever you work with create content that’s going
to help the clients that you’re selling or helping buy property to. And and you’re going to
create content that they want. They’re going to want to consume that. They
want to come back over and over. Right. For most agents, once the transaction
is done, they collect their commission, check the people, move in. For the most part, most of you guys
will never, ever follow up those clients again. They say that over 80 percent of homeowners
forget the name of their real estate agent just twelve months after they bought the
biggest financial purchase of their life. Don’t be that agent. Right. Find a way to stay in front of them. What has to happen is you guys need to
be the biggest source of education for them again. You’re not just there
to facilitate the transaction. You’re there to help them be a better
homeowner so that you’re constantly on their mind when their neighbor goes to sell and their
best friend moves to town when their cousin across town chooses to sell. You need to be the first one on their
mind, says, oh, my gosh, you’re doing this. You’re selling your house. And
you haven’t called Eric. Right. The real estate agent, whatever your name
is, you need to call this guy because he’s going to help you and he’s going to
help you be the best buyer, the best seller possible when the time comes for you. Right. You want them to be your number one
referral source that all your clients are your best referrals, that they’re bringing you business so
that you don’t have to go by cold leads. They don’t have
to generate cold traffic. I mean, obviously, you should keep growing your
business, but you want your clients to be selling for you. So build your brand, get
the content out there, distribute your message everywhere you can and figure out where
your audience is going to be. That’s the rest of this is create the content
the audience needs to hear and then find out where they’re consuming content. Do they read the paper? Probably not. Are they reading certain magazines? Maybe. Are they on social media? Probably. Are they watching
videos on YouTube? Most definitely. You know, are
they listen to radio? Maybe not. Are they watching TV? Probably not. Where can you get messages in
front of them that they’re going to consume? How can you create content
that they want to find? Seek out, read, consume, digest, share with their
friends, all that great stuff so that you’re always in their mindset all the time. Right. You want them to be you want
to be on their phone all the time. You want to be on your
computer screen all the time. You want them to be seen
your message all the time. That’s the goal. Be the local news person. If you can report everything that’s
going on in your area. Share that content with them and they’ll
come back more and more and more. That’s how you build the brand. Right. And when
you have a brand, you attract the clients that you want to look for,
that you want to work for. You attract the dream clients
that are seeking your service. You don’t to go try to convince that
physio, though, who’s been trying to sell their house on their own for six months and doesn’t
even want to pay one percent for you, come in and try to sell for three percent. It’s just not going to. Right. Yeah, it does
happen from time to time, but for the most part, most for subway owners hate
to say this, but they’re cheap. They don’t want to work in the real
estate agent because they don’t value you. Same of the expired transactions. Those can happen, but they’re hard, right? They’ve had a bad
experience with another agent. Usually that agent probably tried
to do for a discount. Now they’re gonna have to pay you
more money to do the same job. It’s just a hard thing to go through. But if you have past clients who can refer
you the business that you want to work with and say, you know what? This
is my real estate agent. They did a bang up job. They’re just fantastic. Everything they do is amazing. You’re gonna love working with them. That’s type of referral if
you want to work with. And when you have a brandy, how that
relationship with your clients best, the business that you can have some answer. Question number two. Let’s jump
into question number three. If you are just getting started online, what
steps would you take to get found? It’s really the answer. Back to the last question
of how do I build the personal brand? But really, it’s create your niche, right. So once you understand who your audience is,
build a name and a brand around that. Right. The first time homebuyer group, whatever,
whatever you want to call yourself, figure out your name, have it
resonate with what your brand represents. If it’s just air came in real estate, you know,
it’s going to not going to have a catchy title that people are going to relate to. You don’t want to get too super cutesy on
it, but you need to have something that resonates with what you do. Real estate needs to be
in the title most likely. For me, I live in a town called Carlsbad. So the Carlsbad real estate agent,
someone like that could be helpful. Anyway, think of a way that you
can differentiate, differentiate yourself from everybody else, have a name that people
recognize and start creating content online. Again, like question number two, put content out
there that people are looking for the answers to their questions. How do I qualify for a good loan? How do I make sure that I’m
doing my due diligence on my house? How do I find a great home
inspector when I buy my next property? How do I make sure that I’m
not buying, you know, a money pit? Something like that. How do I
sell my house for more money? These are the questions that people are asking when
they go to buy and sell a house. So putting that content out there and then
putting it in places that they’re gonna find it. One thing I would suggest is over the
next couple of months, try to write four or five different articles that have
five bullet points to them. Right. The five strategies to get your best loan
in 20, 20 or the five tips on selling your house for thirty thousand
dollars more, something like that. What are the five things that your clients
can benefit through from working with you? And it doesn’t have to be. When you
pick me, I’m going to do this. Make it more a third party perspective. Right. So when you go to sell
your house, you should stage it. When you go to sell your house. You should remodel the kitchen and make sure that
that is the most updated part of your house because people love
kitchens and master bedroom. Right. Make sure that your house is clean. Make sure that the walls are painted
and the carpets replace things like that. Have whatever it is. Right. Go through your list.
Have your top five things. I would suggest you write four or five articles
like this and then put them out there for the world to see. Because what happens
is people start searching for content that’s related to their problems. You’re gonna get found because you’re answering
the questions that they’re looking for. When you have Google, you have the
ability to be found to search. I call it SVO search engine optimization. People search for content. If you have the right
words, you can be found. The contents related to what you’re
looking for doesn’t happen overnight again. But with the right strategy, you
can definitely have it show up. You can be on the top of that list. You’ve got to fight out for the Zillow and
Redfin spots because on page number one, it’s all about Redfin and Zillow. But there are strategies to get up there. Basically write a couple of blogs, put a couple
of ebooks out there and you can get found that way. The other suggestion I would have is
to create a lot of content on YouTube because YouTube is the
number two search engine. Google being number one and
they’re both owned by Google. So great place to be. Create a lot of content. If you’re not great
with writing, create video. If you’re not great with video. Figure it out because video
is king in today’s world. Create video that answers people questions. Have your answer or your
question in the title. That video, because again, people go
to YouTube to search for answers. Right? How do I update my water heater? How do I make sure the roof isn’t leaking? How do I make sure that I get
the best loan that I possibly can? These are the things that people
are searching for on YouTube. So create content that
people are searching for. And you’re gonna get found.
You’re gonna be discovered. People are gonna know that you’re there. That’s how you win online. Kept a lot of say in this one. We’re going deep. Question number four. How clearly do you have to see the end
goal and path to get there for you begin? I think that’s really asking is do
I need to see the end goal? And really, what’s the end goal? If I’m 20 years old, man
is my real estate license. The end goal might be 40 years out. How long you want to work? Your end goal might
be 10 years from now and maybe you think you want to retire. Like when I got in real
estate in 2009, I was only looking for a decade and thinking, what do I need to do? How much money do I need to make? What kind
of money do I have to have in my pockets? Retire at age 40 again. Your goals will change. I just
assumed that they’re going to change. But if you can kind of envision what that 10
year, 20 year or 40 year goal looks like, it’s great. I think the further out it needs to
be are the further out it is, the less clear it needs to be. You just need to have some type
of the destination they are aiming for. Doesn’t need to be very,
very, very specific goal. The further out it is just needs
to be something that you’re excited about. And that’s the big part that
I would talk to you about. And this question is find something that
you’re excited about trying to achieve or accomplish because you’re not
excited about it. You’re never going to do it. But if you just
say, I want to have a billion dollars when I’m 6 years old, what
makes you excited about that? Like having the money isn’t
gonna make you excited. Find the things with the
billion dollars it makes you. Maybe wanna buy an island. Maybe you want
to buy the biggest building in New York. I don’t know what it is, but figure out what
you want to do with your money if money is your goal. Because the thing that the money
buys is what’s going to get you excited. If that’s what your goal is. If it’s just to create
more time in your life. Right. I want to make X amount of money because
that means that I don’t have to show up to work every day. That means that
I can spend time with my family. That means that I can travel
and do things like that. Then maybe that’s what you’re excited about. So focus on the things again that the money is
going to buy and it’s gonna allow you to get excited about that. Just focusing on that
dollar amount is not going to do it. So figure out your goals. Figure
out what that life looks like. One thing that I do and I
look at it every single day. It’s on the wall. Right. But the
camera is a vision board, right. Mine is about that big. By about that big, pretty good size. And I’ve got 30, 40 pictures on there. It’s a dream board. It’s
something that I’m working towards. Some of those dreams are probably happen
in the next 12 to 24 months. Some of those dreams are 30 years out for
me, just because I know that there are ways out. And that’s OK. That’s the point. I want something to look forward towards. Every single day when I lean back and I look at
my chair and I look up, I see that dream. I know where I’m going.
And it gets me excited. It causes me to stay focused and
it causes me to keep working. So you really only have to be as clear as
you need to be to get excited about the process. If you’re not excited about the business
of real estate and waking up today to sell houses to somebody or to help somebody
find their dream property, you’re probably on the wrong path. It doesn’t mean you
need to get out of real estate. It just means that you need to figure out
why you’re excited to be in this business. You keep going. And I knew for me three years
ago that I did not love giving up every single morning and helping somebody
find a house to buy. That’s just not me. It might be you. And that’s OK. I love real estate for
different reasons and most people love real estate. And that’s OK, right? I still want to be in
this game and I still love this world and I still sell houses from time to time. But what gets me excited is different things. And that’s OK. I found what gets me excited. I found what I love and I found like,
this is why I get up in the morning. This is why I do what I do. And this is why I’m going to keep going
for the next 20 years doing these things, because I’m excited about certain things. And I know what they are and I know what
the goals are that I have and the things that I’m trying to accomplish by doing that. It keeps me going. It keeps me motivated. If I just said, you know what, I’ve got to
put food on my family’s table and I got to provide shelter for them. I’m trying to be a great
dad and a great husband. But eventually that excitement is going to wear
out and I’m going to get burned out. I mean, I have a hard time showing up to
work, just like anybody who works an eight to five job making minimum wage. I guarantee that they have days. They don’t want to go to work, even though
they are supporting their family and they are doing the big thing that they have to
do in this life to support their family. It’s not going to be enough. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is, right? Like supporting our family is great
and commendable for doing it. And I know that there’s a lot of
crappy people out there who aren’t supporting their families the way they need to. But you need to have other things. Some of them can be personal, some of
them can be selfish, and that’s OK. Some of them can be helping other people
and bringing more happiness to this world. And that’s great. But find that thing that
motivates you, that gets you excited and resignation on that every single day. I am not the best at this
and I struggle from time to time. But one of the things that I do is get a
pad of paper or a sheet of paper or something I can write on and every morning and every night
write out the big dreams that I’m chasing. Right, because it keeps me aware
of them and excited about them. And as I write them down before I go to bed,
it allows me to think about them as they go to sleep and allows me to
dream about them throughout the day. I can figure out what am I
going to do when I get there. It’s just something that’s pulling me
along to get to that dream. And that’s what’s exciting about it. Again, if I just woke up and like, I’ve got
to make a hundred thousand dollars a day or I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to make
this much money, it’s just not going to do it for me after awhile. And I know money is a
big thing when you haven’t made a lot of it yet. It’s a big goal. And having all those zeros in your bank
account can be super excited or exciting. But after a while, unless you’re buying things
that make you excited, the money is sitting there and I can do for you. Like showing all your friends your bank account
isn’t going to motivate you to show up again. You’ve got to find the things that
drive you and make you excited about it. So plan out your goals. Figure out what this life is looking like. Figure out what you know. Again, 10 years, 20 years, 40 years
from now is going to look like. Even if you’re seven years old,
plan out for 40 years. You don’t know how long you’re going to live. Right. Medicine is changing. Life expectancy is getting further out there. So figure out what the next 30,
40 years of your life looks like. No matter how old you are, just have a dream. I’ve heard this. I don’t know how accurate it
is, but people who have high positions in the military, right, like submarine captains and colonels
in the Navy are in the army like they have a massively
stressful, amazing jobs and careers. And then within six months of retiring. I heard that most of them passed away because
they don’t have anything to live for the next day or their life just doesn’t fulfill
their needs and their brains shut down and they’re just not able to keep going. It’s amazing how many people shortly after retiring
from a long career of working for 40 years don’t live much longer because the excitement
of going to work and the thrill of the adventure and all that just is gone and
waking up everyday to play golf and enjoy the sun and hang out just isn’t doing it. So what’s going to get
you excited to keep going? Keep pushing yourself,
keep motivating yourself. You know, just because you can retire at 50 or
60 or 65 years old doesn’t mean you have to find something that drives you and pushes you
and makes you want to work and keep going. That’s. Keep your life interesting. And if you’ve got 50 years left
of working, enjoy every moment of it. Find a way to love it and love it. It’s the only life you have. If you don’t love what you’re doing every
single day, you got to do something else. Guy who has a long winded one. Guys, I hope you’ve got
something out of today’s show. I know we covered quite
a bit of different content. If you’re just tuning in here towards
the end, go back, rewind afterwards. You’ve got some great questions
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