April 9, 2020
Is Your Business Truly Open?

Is Your Business Truly Open?

Is your business truly open? Hi I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Coming to you live today from
Tracy, California on our trip, our California trip,
which will be over soon. I wanted to go over a concept of being
open and how open is your business. And when I’m talking about being open, it really comes down to
open with your customers, with your clients, with your
employees, with your partners. Open on an interpersonal level
is what I want to talk about. So I was sitting back
tonight and watching a TV show. Not sure if you’ve
ever seen The Prophet. I know it’s shown a couple
of different places. They show reruns on CNBC was watching
an old rerun of the prophet where he’s working with his fellow, his name is Marcus LeBoldus and he gets
brought into companies that are having trouble to help turn him around. He was working with a company and ended
up becoming a partner with them and becoming the majority owner
of the company coming in, buying out the other partners. Even though the other partners were
still engaged with the business, they did not have the
clout that they once had, so he was basically in charge and going
through and talking to former employees and trying to get an understanding
for what went wrong, what went right. It turns out all the employees hated
the person that owned the business originally, but they couldn’t say it and they had all
years and years of built up resentment and all these things that they
knew that he was doing wrong, but they couldn’t tell him because
they were too afraid of getting fired. What I want to ask you
is, the tough question is, do you have a situation
like that on your hands? Are you open enough that
you’re willing to handle, head on, all the problems and
criticisms that your employees, the people work with
you, for you around you, that they have against you
and the way you do business? Are you open enough to be able to take
criticism from your own customers and be able to consider what they’re saying?
It doesn’t mean that they’re right, but are you open enough?
Are you asking for it? Are you out there asking for criticism
directly and open to hearing someone else’s point of view? One thing I found is most business owners
is they just are not open to it and they don’t go looking for it. They try to sweep it the rug and they
enjoy the fact that they have the power over their employees and so forth and
that it keeps everybody in line and keeps everyone from criticizing and what you
end up happening is having a very broken company at the end of that. So do yourself a favor, open things up as soon as possible. Bring in a third party that can come in
and open up communications between you and the people you work with.
It will make a huge difference. It’s one of the big areas that I look
for when I’m working with a new client is somebody that’s open or willing to be
more open with the people that they work with. It makes a huge
difference in the long run. Hopefully this is helpful to you. If
you are in the self reliance field, meaning you’ve got products and services
that help people become more self reliant, go check out DreamBizChat.com. The link is in the description and there’s
a video there that you could watch, tells you all about what I offer in
the dream business transformation. I’m going to have more details of that
in the future and even for people outside of the self-reliance field, if you’re
looking to be able to chat with me. And see if there’s any way that I can
help you in your business and your business goals for the next year
to five years to 10 years, then I’m going to be laying
out a method for you, something that you can use on yourself,
but also something that you can use, with assistance such as from me. I’ll be going through that with
you in the next following weeks. I’m a still work it out, the details
of something, the names and so forth. Hey Joe, how’s it going? I see
Joe’s watching us live right now. And if you want to watch us live, you can always catch us over on Facebook
at BrianJPombo.com on Facebook. At least for now, we may be going
live in the future in other places. But for now we’re going live there and
you could always find our recordings wherever you’re seeing this. And
always at BrianJPombo. com/Media. Hey, I hope you all of you are having
a great Thanksgiving day weekend. We’ll see you tomorrow. We’re
back here live every single day. We’ll see you back then. In the meantime, get out there and let the magic happen.

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