April 2, 2020
Is She a Food Business Owner or a Candle Maker | Guess My Shopify Business Ep.10

Is She a Food Business Owner or a Candle Maker | Guess My Shopify Business Ep.10

– What’s like the quirkiest
thing you ever bought at a farmers market? – I don’t wanna answer that. (laughing) – [Narrator] What do you think
these people have in common? Each works a regular nine to five, but they’re also holding down
a surprising side hustle. Can you guess what it is? (upbeat music) A team of four strangers will get three clues. – Guys, I am stumped, truly. – His eyes will tell us everything. – We should go with our gut here. – [Narrator] And one guess. – Here we go! – [Narrator] To solve this
episode of Guess My Hustle. – Hi, my name is Susan. By day, I am the Director of
Student Financial Services for a university and I am
a professor of finance. – [Director] Do you think
the contestants are going to be able to guess
your side hustle today? – No, I don’t think
based on my nine to five that it’s even remotely
close to my side hustle. Number one, I used to be a chicken farmer. Number two, I have an
obsession with acrylic nails. Everyday I think about
having long, acrylic nails, like I used to in high school. Number three, I am a fan of online dating. I actually met my husband 12 years ago and it was way before it
was socially acceptable. – Whoa.
– Whoa. – Number four, I tried out
for Shark Tank three times and made it to the third
round all three times but still have yet to
be cast on Shark Tank. – Oh, no bummer.
– Love that show, so. – Their loss, Susan.
– Your time is coming. – That’s right, fourth
time’s the charm, I think. (contestants laughing) Number five, by day I am the Director of Student Financial
Services for a university and I am a professor of finance. – Ooh. – Whoa. – So when it comes to your nine to five, how does that play along
with your side hustle, how does that balance it out? – There is no such thing as balance. (contestant chuckling) My side hustle is before,
after, and on weekends. – Oh boy. Do you need to use your
finance background to like help with your side hustle, or is
it completely like separate? – I mean, I think finance
helps with everything, so no matter what business you’re in, you should have some
basic financial knowledge. – [Director] Conor, do you
think you’re gonna guess today’s side hustle? – I think we got this one in the bank. Let’s do it, number one, first clue. – Okay. – Hashtags. #readthehashtagfromthemerchant’sinsta, #foryournextclue #watchoutforthebuzzer. – Oh boy. – You got it?
– Thank you. – Okay, flip ’em over. – #farmersmarket. – [Conor] #summer. – [Moni] #sundayfunday. – Ooh.
– Ooh. – Definitely mimosas.
(laughing) – Definitely mimosas.
– Mimosa! – The mimosa industry. – Do you have an affinity with liquor? – Maybe.
– Okay. (laughing) – On a summer day, what would you say your drink of choice would be? – Oh, a skinny margarita, hands down. – Skinny margarita.
– Okay. – Did the sharks not like that
it was at farmer’s markets? – You know, they actually
don’t give you any feedback as to why they don’t pick you. – They just say no? – They don’t even say no, they
just never call you again. (Susan laughing)
– Oh boy, okay, okay. – Just like online dating!
(Susan laughing) – It’s coming full circle. (buzzing)
(contestants moaning) – [Director] What role do
you see yourself playing with your current team? – I think I’m like the behind
the scenes investigator. Like I watch for the facial
expressions of the merchant and I see if they’re lying or not. – All right, guys.
– Número dos. – [Moni] We’re gonna do this. – Blind Box. You have until the buzzer
sounds to figure out what secret clue the box holds. – [Conor] Here we go! – Are you nervous? – Yes!
– Extremely! – [Susan] K, who’s goin’? – I’m doing this.
– Go for it! (Susan gasping) – Just kidding. – Oh, it feels, okay, it feels
like almonds, raw almonds. – It’s clinking in there for sure. – I love that you said raw. (Susan laughing) – Yeah
– Almonds, raw. – Can you tell I know the difference? They’re probably from northern California. (all laughing) – I still feel like it’s
gonna be a live animal! Even though I know it’s not Whoa! Oh yeah these do feel like almonds. You’re right! – Yes! Not totally crazy. – Okay so almonds at a farmer’s market. – So you’re growing, you know, maybe like wholesale or homegrown almonds at farmer’s markets or something. Whoa. – Oh my arms. – Almonds are in. – So it’s food! – It’s definitely food. – Wait, what’s like a quirkiest
thing you’ve ever bought at a farmers market? – I don’t want to answer that. (laughter) (buzzer buzzing) – We know that they were almonds. – [Director] Do you have any
friends who have a side hustle? – I have tons of friends
that have side hustles. Some of them sell vintage furniture. They’ll go to flea markets and
turn around and resell them. – All right guys, número tres. Word Scramble. Unscramble the letters correctly
to receive your next clue. You have until the buzzer sounds. – Oh boy. Let’s do this! – Okay! – Making it hard. – Go?
– Go! – All right, let just put ’em up. – Got a V.
– I’ve got 2 A’s, an N. – Whatever this word actually
ends up being is worth a lot of points in Scrabble. – I’ve got, why don’t
you just spell it out right in one?
– Chicken. – It has a V in it! V makes things a little easier I think. Okay let’s move things around. River, river, river. Let’s put all the vowels
or the non vowels together Oh. – Travel is definitely a word. Travel.
– Talent. My idea is not working. (laughing) Is this a real word, vitriol? – Can I give you a hint? – Yes please! – Can she?
– Anything. – Okay it starts with an A. – Oooh.
– What? – Yes.
– That helps. – What?
– Way off, A. Alternative, it’s alternative. Is there a N?
(gasps) – There’s a N.
– Yes that’s it. Oh my gosh!
– I think it’s alternative. – I won jeopardy. Wait no that’s not Jeopardy,
it’s Wheel of Fortune. – I need the T. – Alternative. (Laughter) – There’s not even space. Can I have the V?
– Okay sorry. – Susan, is it alternative? (group cheering) We totally did it. – So maybe she makes her work fun. Cause she does finance things
and no one likes finance. Sorry.
(laughing) – Nobody. But like she finds a way to make it fun. – Does it have to do with nuts? (buzzer buzzing)
– Awwww. – Oh I feel vindicated. – We spelled the word, if
anything at this point. – I think we’re gonna get this guys. – That was impressive. – [Director] Do you
have any major hobbies? (laughter) – Uh I like eating,
(laughs), and um sleeping. – [Director] Have you
ever considered turning one of those into a side hustle? – I heard there’s a professional napper. Like somebody will nap with you. Actually, yeah Imma figure that out. Yeah, I’ll be a napper. – Here we go.
– You guys ready? – Yeah.
– Nervous. – No. – Feeling good, feeling good about this. – It’s like a food based candle maker. Food entrepreneur or
protein powder manufacturer. – Hashtag was Sunday Funday,
farmers market and summer. – I felt almonds.
– Then we got almonds, right? And then we got alternative. – [Conor] Alternative. – So recycled food based candle maker seems the most alternative
out of all three of them. – I feel like protein powder manufacturer is not Sunday or funday. – Which one do we not think it is? – Maybe it’s an almond
based protein powder? Almonds don’t have that much protein. – I think it’s not gonna be
a protein powder manufacturer – K, great.
– Let’s knock that one out of here.
– Let’s take that one off. – Boom.
– Great. – I don’t think it’s food entrepreneur. – Well I already said edible
soap or candles are my thing. – Edible soap I don’t know. – So I’m gonna go with the candles. She takes your fine composted
goods and she makes that into a candle, so people feel
like they’re being green. – [Conor] I say candle maker. – Hell yeah, I’ll go candle maker. – Alright.
– What are you saying? – It’s not even worth it,
there’s three against one. – We still want to know,
it’s still a democracy. – Alright, sure sure, sure. I’ll say food entrepreneur
just to be different. – Oh you’re going to
be wrong, that’s fine. – Is that your final answer? – [All] Yes, that’s our final answer. – Sure is, Reg. – Not gonna lie I’m a little nervous. – It’s candles, I have faith. (jazz music playing) – [Conor] Candles! Candles! – [Moni] What? (contestants groaning) – Susan! – Maybe they’re candles
that look like bags of food. – That’s very wishful thinking. – We should’ve listened to you. – Technically I was right so. – See, that’s why you needed to vote. Your vote mattered. – [Susan] I am a food entrepreneur. (contestants cheering) – I’m actually kinda happier to find that you don’t make candles
out of recycled food. – How did you even think of this? – So I came up with Nut Crumbs right after I had my first born son and I gained 60 pounds when I was pregnant I had a really hard time
losing that weight because I’m a Jersey girl who eats all things breaded. I was craving bread crumbs
because I missed them so dearly and there was nothing on the market. So, I started making a nut
based alternative in my kitchen ended up losing all my baby
weight, thank you, Jesus. (laughter) I continued to make nut crumbs
in my kitchen for years. – [Moni] How’d you go
from kitchen to this? – [Susan] So I started in the
farmers markets in San Diego that’s where we did all of our
product testing and we still do one little farmers market. Now the majority of our
business is in grocery stores. – Congratulations.
– Thank you. – I hear that’s a tough track. – It smells fun. – So basically what you’re saying, if I just wanna lose 60 pounds
I just eat this everyday? – How much product is
being moved right now? – [Susan] This year we will move probably 30,000 units I think. (group awwing) – In a perfect world would you want your side hustle to be your main hustle? or do you like the balance? – [Susan] Oh yeah, that’s the goal. – Nut Crumbs in every home. – There you go.
(laughing) – We got it wrong, let me rephrase. My team got it wrong. I’ll say food entrepreneur
just to be different. So I don’t take credit for
the wrong answer but you know. We all know what’s up. – You know, as soon as we saw Susan. I was like that woman’s the boss. – It’s just an encouraging tale. If you have an idea
that you think is crazy, it might be the solution to a hundred thousand other people’s. So why not lean into your ideas? ‘Cause you never know
where they can take you. Your random idea could be the
legacy you leave the world. – Well thank you guys so much, I really appreciate you playing along. It was fun so thank you guys. – Yeah! It was great.
– Well done. – Thanks for playing Guess My Hustle. Watch more episodes here. The biggest dream for my side hustle is to be able to see a product that I created available
to people nationwide, so that people that do
have dietary restrictions or trying to eat healthier
have a delicious alternative.

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