April 4, 2020

Is She a Beauty Mogul or Love Coach? | Guess My Shopify Business Ep.11

– If you ever heard
someone make out like that, you’d be like, “Absolutely
break up yesterday.” – Oh, I thought it was precious. – No. – [Narrator] What do you think
these people have in common? Each works a regular nine to five, but they’re also holding down
a surprising side hustle. Can you guess what it is? (people oohing) A team of four strangers will get three clues. – Guys, I am stumped, truly (laughs). His eyes will tell us everything. – We should go with our gut here. – [Narrator] And one guess– – Here we go! – [Narrator] to solve this
episode of Guess My Hustle. – Hi everyone, I’m Jacqui and for my nine to five job, I run a perfume company
called Eye of Love. Hi, Jacqui. – Chelsea, nice to meet you. – Hi, I’m Blake. – [Director] Do you think
the contestants today are going to be able to
guess your side hustle? – I don’t think so, I’m
gonna make it tough for them. So let’s see if they can get it. I’m gonna tell you a few
fun facts about myself. I go to China every year. – Wow. – Nice. – I studied abroad in Israel. I started my first business
when I was 14-years-old as a dance instructor. I married my high school sweetheart, we’ve been together for 11 years now. – Wow. – Yeah, and I’m the vice president of a pheromone perfume brand. – Well, first of all, shalom ma nishma (Jacqui laughing) – Did your high school sweetheart inspire your side hustle? – Definitely, yeah. – Wow. You’re a vice president, so I’m
sure you do fine monetarily. What made you decide to do a side job? – To do even more. – Cool. – Something about that makes me feel like there’s like charity involved. – That’s what I was thinking like– – Like it’s like humanitarian. – It’s something about giving back. To give some, give some– – It’s something she can
do with her bae, too. – I don’t know. – [Blake] I’m getting that she
just wanted some more money. (women laughing) – [Ashley] That too. (upbeat jazz music) – [Director] Amber, do
you think you’re going to be able to guess today’s side hustle? – Do I think or do I know? I know I’m gonna be able to
guess this one today, okay? Card number one. Sound Bites. Have the merchant press the button and listen closely. You have until the
buzzer sounds to discuss. (mouth kissing) Lips. – Okay, it’s kissing. – Kissing – It’s the sound of lips. Kissing. – So many kisses. (Jacqui laughing) – If you ever heard
someone make out like that, you’d be like, “Absolutely,
break up yesterday.” – Oh, I thought it was precious. – No. – [Blake] It immediately makes me think of something to do with like kids or like– – I would think lipstick, make up. That’s what I would think. – Oh, yeah. – No kids came to my mind but it’s cool. – That’s not, I didn’t mean it creepy. – There’s lots of kissing
in Israel, you know? There’s a lot of, what if it’s totally wrong
and it’s like an EDM thing? – She could be a DJ. – [Ashley] Right. – That’s the thing, like. (buzzer buzzing) (people laughing) – [Director] Chelsea, do
you have anything you’d consider a side hustle? – I basically decided I wanted
to make money traveling, there wasn’t somebody doing
like comedic travel stuff. I got hired basically to
travel around the world and do funny social media
and it’s the greatest scam I’ve ever gotten myself involved in. All right, let’s read another clue. – [Amber] Let’s go. – [Chelsea] Blind Box. You have until the buzzer
sounds to figure out what secret clue the box holds. First here. – Okay, fabric, lace. – What is this? – Oh, don’t peak. – [Blake] It almost feels like a loofah. – It’s like a net. – You’re a fisherman. – Yeah, she saves dolphins. – Ooh, kind of feels like a wedding dress. – How many wedding
dresses have you touched? (Jacqui laughing) – So we know it’s a product based on that we just touched it, right? – [Amber] Right. – And if she goes once a year to China to maybe do something about her product? – Right, I don’t know, we’ll see. – So wedding dress, kissing. Okay, you said something
about wedding dress. – What if it’s like recycling stuff that she gets in China to make a product? – Kissing, I think wedding. – Or maybe she recycles wedding dresses with people who are disadvantaged. (buzzer beeping) – [Amber] I don’t think so. – [Chelsea] Why not? – [Director] What side hustle
can you see yourself having? – In 20 years, maybe life coaching, teaching my elderly comrades how to live their best life (laughs). It is Word Scramble. Unscramble the letters
correctly to receive your next clue. You have until the buzzer sounds. – [Jacqui] Here’s that for you. – [Ashley] Thank you. – [Chelsea] Thanks. – What letter is this? – [Chelsea] E-M-C. – [Blake] Emcir? – [Ashley] Maybe the H goes. – [Chelsea] City. Miss city. – [Amber] Miss city. She’s in the pageant, Miss city. – [Chelsea] Higher. Oh wait, here you go. Chemistry. – [Ashley] Chemistry. – Chemistry. (team cheering) (team clapping) – That was great. – Kisses, chemistry. – Pheromones, we can’t forget that. – She likes her husband still. – Yeah, so you’re with your
high school sweetheart still and he inspired you to
create this side hustle. – How do you know if you
have chemistry with someone? You smell them, you make out with them. – You smell someone and then made out? – [Chelsea] Pheromones,
she works with pheromones. – Okay. – Or maybe you throw the fabric
over them and like (laughs). – That works too. (buzzer beeping) – [Chelsea] That was hard. Harder than the other one. – [Amber] Yeah it is. – [Director] Do any of your friends have a legit side hustle? – Selling merchandise for
their like YouTube channels. My friends make really
good money off of that. – Are you guys ready to
guess my side hustle? (people agreeing) Now’s your chance. – [Amber] Killing us inside. – So lingerie colorist expert– – Lipstick manufacturer. – Love coach and relationship expert. – [Chelsea] Lingerie colorist expert. – Maybe that explains the
texture of the fabric? – [Blake] The lipstick would
explain the strange lip sounds. – But like the love coach
feels more like holistic like if you put all the clues together. – [Ashley] This is tricky. – I know, this is a tough one. – I think I’m gonna X the love coach and relationship expert. – [Blake] No, please don’t. – [Amber] What does the
fabric have to do with that? – Okay so love coach
and relationship expert. The first was the kissing,
so love, obviously. The second one was like a
wedding dress-esque feel– – Or something lace,
something sexy to like. – [Chelsea] Are you a matchmaker? – We’ll find out shortly. – And then the third was the– – [All] Oh! – [Ashley] That’s the one we didn’t want. – [Blake] We don’t need that one! – [Chelsea] Love. – Just get rid of it. – [Chelsea] Let’s go with it. – [Blake] Let’s go with it. – We’re going with it? Okay. – I’m gonna go with lipstick manufacturer. – I think she’s a love coach
and relationship expert. And since she’s been with her partner, for all those years. – But her lipstick be
poppin’, I don’t know. You know, like I would
buy lipstick from her. – So I felt in my heart for a while that it was love coach
and relationship expert. – Let’s pick, okay. – The love coach. – [Blake] I’m going love coach. – [Amber] Love coach, pull it. – That’s your final answer? (people agreeing) Okay, are you ready? – [Ashley] Confident, yes. – Ready, ready, ready. – [Jacqui] Here it comes. (door raising) (people cheering) – [Blake] Love coach, right? Yeah. – You got it. – [Amber] Awesome, impressive. – Yeah, so I’m a love coach
and relationship expert, and I help people that
are looking for love, want to spice up their
current relationship. I went through about a year of schooling and got my certification
and now I can, you know, help people live their best life. – What’s one of the
biggest things you love about doing this work? – The testimonials that I get from my clients that are just like, “You gave me the courage to
really like get out there and I found, you know,
the love of my life.” Those are the things that
really keep me going. It’s not necessarily the money, it’s more just like
fulfillment for my soul. – So how do find the time to do both? – That’s why it’s a hustle so (laughs). I’ll wake up early in the morning, I’ll start like an hour before work. And I’ll start with my social posts. Then, you know, during
lunch I’ll, you know, check emails and then after
work, I’ll see clients. – How do you keep your relationship spicy? – Some things I think are really important is making time for yourselves. And we have a date
night every single week, no matter how crazy we are. It can be anything from like going to a boxing class together, going out to dinner,
doing things like that. – Do you know anyone who’s single? – (laughs) Oh, I know
plenty of single people. – [Chelsea] Okay, let’s talk after. – We’ll chat after (laughs). – [Director] Amber, do you feel
like you need a love coach? – Oh, I definitely think
I can use a love coach so I don’t want to kill my
husband half the time, you know? (Amber laughing) – [Director] Do you think
it was divine intervention when the one option fell? (people oohing) – That’s the one. – We don’t need that one. – Absolutely. Something up there was helping us out. The love gods. – Do I need a love coach? I don’t think I need a love
coach ’cause I exude love. – Thank you guys so much for coming, I had so much fun playing this game for you guys and wish
you all the best of luck in your pursuit for finding love and living your best life. (people laughing) – [Amber] Thank you, thank you. – Nice to meet you. Thanks for playing “Guess My Hustle,” watch more episodes, here. My one piece of advice would
be just dive in and do it, there’s never a good time and you can always make time to do something that you love.

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