April 1, 2020
Is Physical Print Dead?

Is Physical Print Dead?

Is physical print dead? Hi, I’m Brian Pombo wcome back
to Brian J. Pombo Live. Tonight, coming to you live from Tracy,
California. I’m here hanging out at my dad’s house
and I came across this, not sure if you can see
that, it says Play Together. This is an Amazon.com paper catalog. If print is dead then what is this?
We’ll get to that in a second. Hey, if you think about this whole concept and
this debate that goes on about whether print is dying or not,
physical print specifically. Then you just have to look at just this last season and….Hey Joe, I
could see Joe’s watching tonight, just this last season. All the books, that some place like
Amazon.com physical books, physical books that people purchase
that they get delivered to their home. So I’ve got, this is
my Kindle Fire, right? Kindle Fire. I can read just about
any book that’s out there nowadays. You can get one of them, you
can get beamed over to this, this is hooked up online.
Simple little thing. I bought this for, I believe it was
on sale for 30 bucks at the time. Right now you can get the same one on
Amazon, 50 bucks when it’s not on sale. You can get just about any book out there, download it onto here. You could
read it anywhere on the size, font level, everything else
that you want. You can, if I get tired of reading it, I could just turn the reader on and it
will audibly read it to me out loud. I can highlight, do
everything I want in it. Just about every version is cheaper than
the physical version that’s out there. So why hasn’t this completely taken off? Why isn’t everybody doing all of their
reading on their phones or on their tablets, on their computers? It’s because physical print isn’t dead. It’s because people still appreciate
having some paper in their hands. They still appreciate being able
to flip through something now. Maybe that’ll change in the future. Right
now it hasn’t changed that yet. Yes. Things like this make competition. Whereas physical print didn’t
have competition before, but it doesn’t change things in the
sense that physical print just dies. Just rolls over. No, it
just has competition now. So let’s look at this. This is a catalog, a toy catalog from Amazon.com. Okay. And my kid loves this. My oldest kid Tyler just loves to
flip through. When I was a kid, my grandmother would give us the
JC Penney’s Christmas catalog, which had all the toys in it. We’d flip to the section
with the toys and she said, circle the things that
you want for Christmas. That was like the greatest
thing in the world. We’d sit there and we’d look into it and
we look at all these toys and it’s got a lot more physical, you
know, here it is, the ooze in saliva and stuff and
you got kids playing with it. I don’t know if you could see that
there. Sorry. It’s reverse on my side. So it’s kinda tough to tell what
you could see, what I could say. But there’s something more dynamic about
having it on paper and being able to flip back and forth easily instead of
just flat on a screen. It’s still flat, but it’s flat in a different way. It’s a
strange thing, this physical phenomena, these things still work. People still like
ordering through catalogs. My dad also has a huge pile of catalogs
from all these famous places that you all know that anybody can go
online and order anything that way, but for some reason, here’s
a completely digital company, Amazon.com they sell digital
box and everything else, they do everything they can do digitally. They’re trying to encourage people that
way and they still go out and print a paper catalog and send it
out to their Prime users. I think this was for Amazon
Prime users still happening. So that goes back to
you and your business. Are you sending something physical
out to your customers or prospective customers? Are you
sending out physical mail, physical catalogs, something physical that they
can feel in their hands? It’s something to consider this next
year when we’re talking about new year’s resolutions like we have for
the last handful of of videos. This is another thing to think about as
you’re going into the new year and where you’re taking your business from here
on out. Don’t get too narrow focused, broaden the horizons if you do mainly
online stuff, look at doing offline stuff. If you do mainly on offline stuff, think of doing more online stuff. Just broaden your horizons a little bit
more and I think you’ll be happy with the results if you’d like to be able to
work with me and be able to see how I can help your company be able to go from
where it’s at to where you want to be at a higher level. Then go to DreamBizChat.com. Especially
if you’re in the self reliance field. Go to DreamBizChat.com the
link is in the description. Go check out the video I have there. I think you’ll be impressed with
what you see. And Joe saying, I remember as kids we couldn’t wait for
Christmas. Catalogs come in the mail. They absolutely right. I mean, me and Joe are only in our early forties
and we can remember that it wasn’t that long ago and it still exists. Don’t be so quick to switch things.
You should always try new things, but don’t be so quick to
throw away the old things. The old things become new again
over and over and over again. It’s a constant cycle. Have a
great night. In the meantime, get out there and let the magic happen.

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