April 7, 2020
Is NANO Advanced Hearing Technology the BIGGEST Hearing Aid SCAM in the Industry? Website Review

Is NANO Advanced Hearing Technology the BIGGEST Hearing Aid SCAM in the Industry? Website Review

In this video, I’m
reviewing one of the most deceptive online hearing
aid companies out there, Nano Hearing Technologies, coming up. (upbeat music) Hi guys, Cliff Olson, doctor of audiology and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem, Arizona. And on this channel, I cover a bunch of hearing-related information to help make you a
better-informed consumer. So if you’re into that, make
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time I post a new video. Hi guys. About six months ago, I recorded a video where I was reviewing the Nano
Hearing Technologies website and their deceptive marketing tactics. But before posting that video, I really felt that it
was a good idea for me to actually order a set of their devices to see if they’re anything
like they say they are on their website. Now you may have seen the video that I did where I compared the Nano hearing aids with cheap Chinese amplifiers that I bought off of Alibaba, and I was not able to tell any difference between those devices
during my objective testing. Now if you haven’t already
seen that comparison video, I will go ahead and put
a link in the description if you wanna check it out later. That review basically
confirmed all of my suspicions that I initially thought were true back in October of 2018
when I recorded this video. Alright, guys, well, I
just wanted to go through the Nano website and show
you what I’m talking about. So here we are on their site, and the first thing I’m gonna do is go to their products page. And I’m gonna go down to the product that they seem to market the most, which is the Nano CIC Hearings Aids. And the first thing that we see on here is that they talk about hearing
aids without the middleman. And so, when they’re
talking about the middleman, they’re typically talking about the hearing care professional, like an audiologist or a
hearing instrument specialist, and that they are a greedy component to the system of hearing
healthcare delivery. So, I actually wanna go and explain that Nano is also a middleman. They are not manufacturing
their own products, at least most likely they
are not manufacturing their own products, and I’m gonna give you an example here. So, make note of what these
Nano CIC Hearing Aids look like, and then I’m gonna go over
to a website called Alibaba. Alibaba basically puts these distributors in contact with different
suppliers, and here we go. We have a product that looks identical to the ones that are being
sold on the Nano website, and I’m going to click on it, and go over it with you real quick. So, basically, these products
are manufactured in China. No surprise there. And you can order them
for 20 to $25 a piece. And so, when they’re talking about greed, and they talk about this
multiple times in their website, talking about how these
manufacturers are greedy, and the people who sell
hearing aids are not needed, and they’re just marking
up costs of devices so they can take home huge paychecks. When you look at this, Nano
actually sells these products for $249 a piece, which basically means that
they are having a 1,145% markup on this particular product. Now just to give you some perspective. If an audiology clinic marked
up their prices this much, you would be spending over
$11,000 on a single hearing aid. That is not even counting
a pair of hearing aids. That is just a single hearing aid. So when they’re talking
about who is being greedy, I think it goes to show just how greedy this
particular company is. So let’s go back to their website, and talk about what is
next on here that I see. And one thing that I see on
here that is glaring to me is they say that it works for 98.7% of people with hearing loss. And just to give you an idea hearing aids in it of themselves are only the right treatment option for about 90 to 95% of individuals who actually have a hearing loss. And on top of that, they
actually say on their website that the Nano CIC hearing aids are not suitable for individuals with a severe to profound hearing loss, which would reduce that
percentage down even lower. So, we’re talking about
below 90% at this point, and they’re claiming that
this particular product is right for 98.7% of
individuals with hearing loss, which is a flat out lie. Now we’re gonna come back
to actually the buying of these products here in a little bit, but I actually wanna
scroll down on this page and get to the top
frequently asked questions, and the one that I wanna focus on first is will nano work for
me without being tested. And they talk about how their products can automatically adjust
to your hearing loss and cancel out background noise. So, just to give you an
idea, that technology does not actually exist in
hearing aids at this moment. There’s no way for a hearing aid to just know what your hearing levels are and auto calibrate to those levels. It’s something that does
not actually happen, despite what they’re trying
to lead you to believe. And they even to go on to say that hearing tests are just a marketing myth used by greedy hearing aid
companies who have a monopoly, and that, again, is untrue. There is no basis for
that comment whatsoever. Hearing tests have been the only way to understand someone’s hearing ability to property treat them
with hearing devices. So now I wanna go down to this section that is titled Why Nano. And goes on to say that
with new legislation passed by Congress in 2017, that over-the-counter hearing
aids are now available direct from manufacturers to
consumers for the first time, and it also says that Nano Hearing Aids is America’s first nationally
recognized OTC brand of high quality invisible hearing aids that allow you to select settings at home. Well, I actually wanna go to a letter that was issued by the FDA, so the Food and Drug Administration
on July 24th of 2018, basically warning hearing aid companies that the regulations for
over-the-counter hearing aids have not actually been created yet, and that companies cannot sell products that claim to be
over-the-counter hearing aids. So, Nano is in direct
violation of what the FDA is instructing
manufacturers and dispensers of hearings aids to follow. How this website hasn’t
been taken down yet with claims like this on
their website, I have no idea. Now, I wanna talk about
their statement about how they say that they have 85 to 95% the equivalent sound quality
of traditional hearing aids. And when you actually go and
look at that Alibaba website, you can actually see with
these particular products what the distortion
levels are inside of them. And it says that you can expect to get less than or equal to 10%
total harmonic distortion. And that number is extremely high. So when I get hearing aids into my clinic for my reputable manufacturer, they typically have
total harmonic distortion less than or equal to 3%. And often times when I test
those products in a test box, I will get 0% distortion. So I don’t know where they’re coming with this claim of 85 to 95%
equivalent sound quality, because my bet is that
these $20 hearing devices, and I wouldn’t call them hearing aids, but I would bet that they
have no factual information or research to prove that claim. This next paragraph is something that actually makes me laugh, because the grammar is horrible and they really aren’t even
talking about anything specific. They’re just kinda bouncing
all over the place. And to someone who has understanding of hearing aids and
hearing aid technology, it makes absolutely no sense. So I’m gonna go ahead
and read it here for you. We’re going to come out front and tell you the biggest downfall of Nano. Right now, if you’re
in a windy environment or super loud crowd environment, it might be hearing aids
as well as you might hear a whistling noise while
talking on the phone. Our engineers are constantly
improving the technology, and within a few months we’ll
have that problem solved with our next version of Nano including refraction technology that matches the same
frequency as the wind, thus canceling out any background noise. This paragraph is absolutely horrible. I don’t even know what
they’re talking about. First off, this company, most likely, does not even have any engineers. I don’t know if the owner of the company is an engineer themself. But when they’re buying products or if you sourced products
from a company in China, you are not doing the engineering, and they’re probably not doing a whole of engineering either
for devices that cost $20. And then they’re talking
about refraction technology that matches the same
frequency as the wind, but then they go onto say that it cancels out background noise. So they’re not even talking
about canceling out wind noise. But let’s go to down to the most exciting part of this website which is the customer review. So, according to their website, they have 3,307 reviews. And as you can see by the numbers here, they do not have a single
one-star or two-star review on their entire website. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen another product in the history of mankind that has 3,307 reviews that
doesn’t have at least one one-star review on their website. And none of these reviews
actually have a date stamp or a timestamp indicating
when they were left, so they can basically
just recycle these reviews and keep the ones that they like up towards the front of the page. The other funny thing that I think off when I’m looking at these reviews is that on the very first review page, they have a bunch of
picture of individuals. But as you go to the second page, you don’t have any individual’s pictured in the reviews here. This is their second page. But when you go to the
third page of reviews, oh look at that, you got
the exact same people, the exact same reviews, and the exact same pictures on
their third page of reviews. The other thing is when you go over there other 331 pages of reviews, you will not find one other single picture on any of those reviews. So what you’re telling
me is only a few people have left reviews with pictures of the 3,000 people who’ve left reviews. I don’t find that to be believable. Alright, so that’s enough
of these fabricated reviews. Let’s now go to the About Us page. Alright, on the About Us page, it talks about Nano Hearing as being an industry leader in hearing devices. Nano Hearing has years of experience in creating hearing aid
products and solutions with customers all over the United States. We strive to brig our customer leading-edge technology
and hearing solutions that improve lives,
relationships, and communities. So I wanted to go ahead and see what the better Business Bureau thought of Nano Hearing Technology. So, first and foremost, Nano Hearing Technology is not accredited, which is not a big deal because you basically pay
the BBB for accreditation, but what we see here is that
the Better Business Bureau rating for this company is a D plus. And one of the strikes
they have against them is the time that they’ve been in business. They’ve only been in business since 2017. I think that their website would be more accurate if they said that they have a year of experience. But the rating has more to do than with just how long that
company has been in business. It takes a variety of
other factors into account when it’s calculating the rating. And by being in business
for a year or less, you actually only get
bumped down to an A minus. So there has to be other
factors that go into why they are all the way
down to D plus rating. The first one is customer reviews. Now, they have over 3,000
reviews on their actual website for that one in particular product. Yet when you go to the
Better Business Bureau, they only have two reviews, and both of those reviews happen to be a one-star review. And it just so happens
that that one-star review that they got from two individuals was because they didn’t actually
refund those individuals for the cost of those products when they sent them back to the company because they didn’t work for them. The other thing that they
have going on against them is that they have 10 customer complaints within the last 12 months. So it is highly likely that
all of the different complaints and poor reviews that this
company has actually received has got their triple B rating all the way down to a D plus. Alright, so let’s go back
to the company’s website. Let’s go back to the
Nano CIC Hearing Aids. So that’s countdown timer is down to 10 minutes at this point. I’m actually going to jump
to a different screen capture that I did when I was waiting
for that time lapse to expire and see what would happen and so, when I do that, you can see that that
deal actually goes away or the countdown timer goes away. But if I go and I refresh the page, it starts over at an hour again. Basically, everything
that is on this website Is suspect and I don’t believe any of it. During the research for this video, Abram Bailey from HearingTracker.com actually pointed me in the direction of this Facebook page that was started called Nano Hearing Aids
Marketing Tactics Awareness. And it goes on to show a
bunch of different examples of about how this particular company is lying and being deceptive. They even have post about fake individuals who are posing as doctors saying how much they like
these particular devices and it’s all just a hoax. It goes on. You can just see all
of the different things that they are being deceptive about, so I highly recommend checking out this Facebook page as well. If you go over to hearingaidknow.com, this website is run Geoffrey Cooling, and he actually wrote a post about this here about a day or so ago, when I was collaborating with
him for this particular video. And he basically goes onto see some of the same points that I found saying about how this particular company is basically just flat out
lying to its customer base. So make sure you go over to
hearingaidknow.com as well to read through that post. Alright, guys, I hope you enjoyed that recording that I did
from about six months ago. Now there have been some
interesting developments that have occurred since
I actually recorded that in October of 2018. That being said, make sure you
stay tuned to this channel. If you wanna see a follow-up to this video with some of these different changes that have been going on
in the last six months, make sure you hit that Subscribe button and click the bell so you
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videos just like this one, make sure you hit that Subscribe button. I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

74 thoughts on “Is NANO Advanced Hearing Technology the BIGGEST Hearing Aid SCAM in the Industry? Website Review

  1. Wish I had thought to check BBB before purchasing in early Feb. Shortly after having waited 2wks to receive my order, I saw your Feb review that confirmed that I had made a bad purchase. I had the BTE model and even with sever hearing loss, was unable to turn the volume down enough to be comfortable. I had to remove the device to go in the grocery store it was so loud! Just yesterday I finally received my refund (minus $9). Not sure I will pursue the difference. And in case you have not seen it yet, NANO is now advertising on late late night TV. BUYERS BE VERY AWARE!!!

  2. My take, Dr Cliff. Stay above the fray. Only going to get worse. Continue giving conscientious evaluation with your professional point of view.

  3. I'm a 26-year California attorney, and also a Vietnam combat Veteran, who on return from Vietnam was declared hearing disabled (plus tinnitus). Currently the tinnitus is getting worst, so bad that the VA is coming up with ways to help me cope with it. Yesterday I got a fitting for new Phonak hearing aids that will include "tinnitus assistance," a fancy way of saying the hearing aids will have built into each device a "sound generator" to mask the ringing (as victims or sufferers of tinnitus know, we can get relief by always being in a noisy environment.

    When home that means we always have the TV on (which has the added benefit of the show or movie distracting us from the ringing). At bedtime we will have something on that produces noise, such as a fan. (I have a clip-on fan attached to the bed headboard, which provides a huge amount of "white noise" to drown out the ringing in my ears. (Oh, the ringing we hear is wide ranging from individual to individual. Mine is a 4700 mHz tone.)

    My VA Doctor (AuD) yesterday told me that the big (legit) hearing aid companies now use Bluetooth or WiFi technology to connect to our smartphones, which will have a company's app downloaded to it. Instead of the hearing aid itself having a white noise sound generator, the hearing aids connect to the phone and use the app or any of the multitude of cheap but effective apps to create the needed white noise. Such is the advancements coming our way with (genuine) hearing aids, the companies cramming a lot of tech into smaller and smaller devices. (cont.)

  4. (Cont.) Anyway, what I think this scam company was trying to do at 7:26 forward is dealing with the fact that these are cheap devices (probably not any different than the speaker and mic contained in a $30 flip cell phone). As we all know, even if using a high end mobile, if talking on it in a windy environment the phone pretty much becomes unusable. The person on the other end can't hear you through the wind, the speaker on the phone is filled with distortion.

    What these guys are telling victims, "these pieces of junk cost us $5 each on a volume discount. They are so crappy that wind in your environment will render these useless. You might be wondering for as much as these cost why can't they handle the wind. Well, the bottom line is that at the level we are defrauding you, your $5 devices don't include the tech to prevent wind noise from ruining your listening experience."

    Bottom Line: The Company can't get busted for criminal fraud, it will point to its website where it did warn consumers that these devices don't work in windy environments.

  5. The world needs more people like you Dr Cliff, i got ripped last time with the same product all i follow on the websites is reviews before purchase, but it was a mess after the first two weeks

  6. Most of the products sold on Alibaba are all Demo stuff, i wouldn't even take a dare to by a device on that cheap website!!

  7. Digital Marketing, that's how they get through to us, with fake reviews and marketing tactics that lure us to buy low quality device, imagine how much damage these things are going to cause

  8. thank you so much for sharing this information, ill definitely follow your channel for more enlightenment!!

  9. I tried to purchase this product Apr 23rd they issued me with an order no and told me it would be 2 weeks before it would be delivered. TODAY may 15th over 3 weeks since the promise the goods had not arrived, i was told it was on backorder. I advised they had no authority to take my money if they didnt have the goods. I advised it is fraud to take money for something they do not have. They offered to cancel mjy order and provide a refund in 3 to 5 days. I warn would be customers you dealing with a cowboy outfit who are taking 250 dollars for items not in their lossession which appears to be shodddy chinese junk when they do get it if they bother to do that. The Nano Advance Hearing operste from 10450 North Airport Rd Hayden, ID 83835. I agree with the author of this video. Let the buyer beware, anything that appears to be too good to be true usually is. Further read their web site reviews then try writing a review. I am willing to bet they are bunk.

  10. found this fake web site hearing aid review that mimics a really hearing aid review site , but is only Nano marketing.
    https://besthearingaidreviews.com/5-best-hearing-aids-of-2019-which-is-best-for-you/?gclid=CjwKCAjw8-LnBRAyEiwA6eUMGhx0Y4_obFZeLF_tpnRFSDuZCbn2VuUzo-jViRdWkRlmgqcv5Fmg8xoCHSAQAvD_BwE. can no one shut this company down. This is a terrible scam on the elderly

  11. So glad I immediately was skeptical from reviews and googled 'nano hearing aid review' lol and here I am hearing the truth.

  12. Excellent review. While we are talking about what is and isn't true, based on my findings, there is no such medical degree as Dr. of audiology. In my opinion you should clarify to your viewers that your AuD degree, while valid, is NOT an MD degree from school of medicine. Then you would include yourself in that ephemeral mist that is "the truth". I definitely believe that your review is honest and you came across that way. I thank you for having taken the time to do all this very thorough research and wish you success in your business.

  13. Yes, they are a rip off. My husband purchased a pair. Totally worthless. In his defense he checked reviews, all were fantastic. I suspect that they were not real reviews from people who have used this product. I should’ve done more research myself, I would have let him know that those were mostly advertisements not actual reviews. Can nothing be done to stop this company from taking money from seniors living on a fixed income.

  14. ok good to know – if I try them i'll get a 20 usd version directly from China πŸ˜›
    But, the important question is WHAT THE HELL DO I USE (lol) as a hearing aid? Never tried any so far. Obviously the most important thing, apart from the units actually working, is that they are completely invisible so no one can see you wearing them. I haven't seen anything like that yet – maybe you know of any?
    I, of course, would have surgery instead of using external units, if it only existed… (It doesn't, does it?)

  15. Hahaha! I am consistently surprised and baffled at the marketing strategies companies get away with to sell overpriced junk…..Using the same pictures again ……I mean really that is sad!

  16. Yeah, they’re rip off and scam artists but the main point is being overlooked. Why are they STILL in business and ripping people off? Where is consumer protection? Where is FBI fraud prevention and arrests? What recourse do victims have to get money back, or at least some justice and satisfaction? I’m tired of buyer beware as the excuse for our legal system to bury its head of crime awareness and responsibility to and for the public safety. Maybe I’ll start my own internet business and website called β€œEasy Legal Robbery in the USA”, free E-book only $9.95 supplies limited!

  17. I bought a pair of rechargeable Nano hearing aids and used them for 2 weeks. They would not hold a charge for more than a few hours so I called their customer support line. Since I was still within their 45 day warranty period I asked for my money back. They gave me a return authorization but when they received my devices, they claimed I had damaged them so they would not honor their warranty. Now, they have my $800 and my hearing aids. They do not answer emails and the costumer support reps hang up on me. This is a criminal enterprise! Do not buy anything from Nano!

  18. Very disappointed in the aids. I was never able to tolerate the aids, when I returned them they charged me $10 to print a return label by email! And they will not refund any of the $79 you pay for extra insurance! Beware!

  19. Wish I saw this video before I bought a pair. I was sceptical but my brother had a good experience with the company so I order a pair. However, they didn't work for me and they have not honored their return policy so far. The only reason I think they worked for my brother is because he had a very significant loss and probably anything would have help him. He now has much better hearing aids from a dealer which are many times better. The company keeps having their operators string you out with what appears to be never ending delays. It has been at least 75 days since I returned the hearing aids. Will update if Nano ever comes through.

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