April 8, 2020
Is It Even Worth Starting eCommerce in 2018? [SHOCKING]

Is It Even Worth Starting eCommerce in 2018? [SHOCKING]

What is UP Ninjas today we’re
going to talk about is Shopify a dead business model in 2018 is it still
possible for a complete beginner to go from zero to a full-scale business or is
it completely oversaturated and I think you guys are gonna be very shocked some
of you for sure that what I’m about to say because like always guys I’m gonna
keep it 100% transparent so don’t miss this one if you’re thinking about
getting into e-commerce I promise you watch this video before you do it you
might be surprised at what I’m gonna reveal what is up guys we are going to answer
the age-old question is Shopify still a viable business model in 2018 or is it
now so saturated that as a brand new beginner you’re not able to get started
and create a full scale business but before you do that guys I just want to
be completely transparent yes I am a Shopify a youtuber yes I discuss
ecommerce and all types of ways to make money yes I do have a very successful
Shopify course with hundreds of successful Shopify students so why am I
saying that I’m saying that because I want to be completely transparent about
the fact that I do have a Shopify course exactly how I’m going to be a very
transparent as to whether or not Shopify is still a viable business model this
video is going to be simply the truth as all of my videos are but if you’re new
here you know welcome to the ninja family and I just wanted to make it
quick you know just little a heads up that this video is going to be
completely honest in every way so you don’t have to worry about me being
biased or anything we’re just going to simply present the facts hey guys if you
are serious about e-commerce I’m gonna say some very important things if you’re
considering getting started if you already have a store and you’re trying
to scale it up to become more successful some of the things that I’m going to
talk about during this video are of the utmost importance for you to be
successful with your e-commerce business so make sure that you actually stay to
the end because this is going to be very helpful for you if you are serious about
turning this into a full time income so what I’m about to say is probably going
to discourage some people it’s probably gonna actually you know make people not
actually start on Shopify which kills me but you know what I’m gonna say is the
truth what we’re gonna present is just simply the facts how Shopify is now you
know how things have changed in 2018 and how you can you know most importantly
how you can actually kind of stay ahead of the curve and make sure that your
Shopify business is successful and you don’t fall into kind of the same trends
that are actually causing some people to fail at Shopify so before I answer
whether or not Shopify is a viable business model in 2018 or have things
changed and everything become oversaturated to the point where you
can’t be successful with Shopify I want to talk about a very common and
extremely important misconception about Shopify I think a lot of people nowadays
think Shopify is this crazy like mystical money printing machine where
you can just go out there you know find any cat
dog necklace in the world create a Facebook ad or pay $10 to an Instagram
influencer and all of a sudden you’re gonna get $1,000 back that is not what
Shopify is at all Shopify like any online business takes
real work and takes actual testing and actual you know building out multiple
types of marketing campaigns teaching yourself email marketing learning about
the Facebook pixel and retargeting your audience right it actually takes work
you have to have customer service right so I think a big misconception out there
is that you can just get started with Shopify with you know 20 bucks and your
mobile phone and yeah next week or next month you’re gonna be retiring on your
yacht you know off the Turkish coast and that’s just not how it is
Shopify like every business model on the internet takes actual work and Shopify
has changed I mean I’ll be the first to admit that you know if just easily a few
years ago you could actually just take basically any you know adorable pair of
cat earrings or cat socks or anything make a quick facebook ad targeting any
type of cat related thing and you’d be able to get sales and actually create a
business Shopify has changed you can no longer do that in like such a simplistic
way people have figured that out and you know the cat jewelry and you know those
basic niches are now completely saturated with people who have you know
unbelievable amounts of pixel data they have huge email list they have you know
niche of 30 websites that are ranking on Google those are the people who are
making money selling you know basic cat stuff it doesn’t work anymore
Shopify has changed and if you aren’t willing to and you know able to adapt to
that and evolve and change your business model as you know the maturity landscape
of Shopify changes also then you’re going to be left behind and you’re not
going to be able to make a successful Shopify business so does that mean that
Shopify is not a viable business model you know and we’re going to get to that
question in detail but before we do I want to talk about who Shopify is not
for Shopify is not going to work for you it’s just simply and I’m sorry but
Shopify won’t work for you if you’re going into it thinking that you can
spend you know $29 on your Shopify subscription with $10 to an Instagram
one sir and maybe five or $10 on Facebook ads and you’re gonna all of a
sudden have a successful business that is not how it works it actually is a
real business model you can’t just put fifty dollars in and expect to make a
thousand dollars out that’s simply just not how it works
Shopify will do not work for you if you give up easily
and this is again I’m sorry if you know I’m offending you or or this is gonna be
you know the thing that’s gonna push you over the edge to not actually jump in
and start Shopify that’s not what I’m saying but I am saying that you should
not try Shopify if you give up easily you’re not gonna hit a home run product
on the very first product that you import from Aliexpress you put up
creating you know the most beautiful product page for make a Facebook ad
campaign that you think is gonna be great right it’s probably most likely
not going to be a home run product if you test five products you’re probably
not going to find your home run product if you test ten products again you’re
probably not going to find your home run product guys but if you test five
products a day for a week or for two weeks you probably are going to find
your home run product that’s simply how it works but the people who think you
know I’ve already tried two products and I didn’t get they didn’t work for me you
know I spent $10 on Facebook ads and it just didn’t work Shopify is a totally
dead business model it just doesn’t work right if that’s the mentality that
you’re going to have then just take my advice don’t waste your money you don’t
start Shopify don’t do it it’s just going to be a waste of your time and
effort right so the people who give up easily and expect this to work after
testing you know one or two products or spending ten dollars on Facebook ads
it’s simply not going to work for you so let me save you the time let me save you
the money let me save you the MG Shopify is not for you if you’re going to give
up that easily it takes testing you know five products a day for a week or two
weeks or even a month right I’ve tested literally hundreds of products before I
found the winning products and these home run products guys they’re fantastic
because what it means is once you find that home run product that diamond
in the rough product the more you spent on advertising the more profit you make
so if let’s say that I’m spending $10 a day on Facebook and I’m making $50
profit then all of a sudden when I go to $20 a day on Facebook ad spend then I’m
going to $100 profit it’s scalable and the more you spend on ads that are
designed correctly the more profit you make and so when you find your homeroom
products it’s all worth it but it does take a lot of time and a lot of testing
and a lot of energy to get to the point where you’re actually finding those
products that are going to you know make it all worth it and start generating all
of the profit and income that makes Shopify such a beautiful business model
so let’s talk about who Shopify will work for Shopify will work for people
who go into it with the expectation that it takes work right then they go with
the expectation they hear you know they start saying Kevin Kevin saying to test
five products a day I’m gonna go out there and I’m gonna test ten products
today I’m gonna import ten products that I’m doing my due diligence for right
they have good metrics they have a lot of orders right they have perceived
value they have you know upsells and cross-sells all of the things that I
talked about you know in the Shopify ninja master class in my free videos as
well if you haven’t joined the family yet and you know you can join the family
down below in that little link right there if you want to but you know I have
a ton of free material also that people out there who can’t afford the course
yet or you know don’t want to join a course at this time you know look at my
free material you can go out there I have a ton of videos on Don product
research you know it’s not always the most advanced stuff I have to say some
of the stuff some of my secrets for the ninja family but I have a ton of free
resources on product or research so go out there find viable products import
ten of them to your store right create ten product listings you can do this all
in a day and create ten Facebook ad campaigns targeting people with
appropriate interest right going after people that might be interested creating
you know traffic campaigns getting them to your store getting people to actually
come to your store pixel in those people and then creating retargeting campaigns
so that once you know sit over there comes to my store and
visits my store maybe he didn’t buy right then but you better believe that
I’m gonna retarget the absolute hell out of him until he buys my Shopify product
so the people who are going to succeed with Shopify and who Shopify is a viable
business model for in 2018 are people who understand that it does take work
you have the test products you have the test marketing campaigns you have to you
know have a customer service if people are messaging you and saying hey you
know do you have the pink version of this glow-in-the-dark basketball and
you’re gonna send them an email back within an hour saying yes or if they
have questions about their order tracking number right it’s a business
and people that go into it with the expectation of actually doing business
like things rather than spending forty dollars and expecting a yacht to arrive
at their front door are going to be much happier and they’re going to be more
successful so let’s get to the main point is Shopify a viable business model
in 2018 can somebody who’s a complete beginner make it work can’t somebody
who’s never had any experience with Shopify doesn’t even know what I’m
talking about with a Facebook pixel doesn’t know anything about email
marketing doesn’t know what I mean by all the Express or overload can they be
successful the answer is coming up in a second but before I to reveal that
answer I just want to talk about one last thing which is the trend of
e-commerce according to the u.s. census ecommerce had about 450 billion with a B
sales in 2017 and what this means guys is that from 2016 to 2017 that number
450 billion increased by 16% when regular retail
stores like you know Walmart and things like that only increased by less than 4%
so what this means is ecommerce is actually growing four times faster than
normal retail business and that trend has been absolutely exploding over the
last over the last few years and you know if you don’t take my word for it
just think about some actual examples in the news Amazon is completely putting
out a business these absolute behemoth companies like Sears you know like
JCPenney like Toys R Us most recently because people just aren’t willing to go
and sit through traffic and lines and things like that
when they can just order something off of the internet so ecommerce hasn’t
never been bigger than it is right now in the history and you guys better
believe that that trend is going to continue the world is becoming more
digital every single day people love the luxury and you know the
convenience that ecommerce allows you to what person just think about it from
your own perspective you don’t really don’t even have to take my word for it
would you rather you know go get in your car sit in traffic you know go to a
store get out of your car go inside find a product on the shelves go wait in line
at the cashier buy it go back to your car sit in traffic again go back to your
house you know carry it all the way to your door or would you rather press one
button and have whatever you want work with you know got from that same exact
scenario arrive magically at your door most likely for the exact same price
right most people would rather have at the one click option where it’s
completely convenient it’s no work for them and they still get the same exact
benefit which is the product arriving at their door so is Shopify a viable
business model can you make a full-time income from Shopify guys the answer is
no if you’re not prepared to actually consider Shopify a real business the
answer is no if you give up quickly and you’re not willing to actually put in
the work to test multiple products to test multiple marketing campaigns and
you know to learn how to do email marketing to learn how to use a Facebook
pixel to retarget people it takes work you have to do customer service you have
to go into this with the expectation that Shopify is not some magical fix
right you’re not going to become a millionaire tomorrow you’re not gonna
spend $40 zero and ten dollars on an Instagram influencer and make a thousand
dollars profit that’s not how it works unfortunately if you’re looking for that
magical option Shopify is not for you and Shopify will not be a viable
business model for you or for anyone with that with that mentality and I’m
sorry I don’t mean to offend anybody I hope this that you know that this
doesn’t turn you off from Shopify or my channel that’s not my intention
but I’m just simply trying to be transparent then
if you have that mentality that this is going to be some you know magic
Beanstalk it’s not it takes real work but it is Shopify a viable business
model for people who have the expectation and understanding that it
does take work and that they they do have to do the proper testing they do
have to do due diligence to find awesome products that convert right using all of
the product research techniques that I teach for free that I teach in my in the
Shopify ninja master class with the link down in the description if you want to
check it out we do have a free training where I show a real product that
actually do sell personally that makes me over thirty thousand dollars a month
like clockwork on full automation and so if you take anything from this video I
hope that the one thing that you take from this video is that the only way you
could possibly be successful on Shopify is to start right the people who
understand that you know it’s a big overwhelming process thinking about you
know how to create a full ecommerce empire right it’s overwhelming to think
about it like that don’t think about it like that the only way that you could
possibly be successful there’s only one way that is to start and to have the one
singularly focused goal of getting your very first Shopify sale got to the first
sale is the hardest but once you get that first sale you hear the ching and
you see the balance in your Shopify go up and all of a sudden you’re actually
making money from this and it’s real it just feels so much easier to get your
second sale and your fifth sale and your 200th sale and you’re a thousand sale
and then all of a sudden you guys you’re literally living on a beach and you
never have to go to a nine-to-five job again you never have to listen to your
boss again and that is the beauty and that’s the reason that I create all of
these videos completely for free for you guys because I want to prove to you that
this stuff does work does it take work is it a viable business model yes it
takes work yes it’s a viable business model that you go into it with the right
mentality is it going to be a magical solution that you’re going to be a
millionaire overnight by spending twenty nine dollars on a subscription and ten
dollars on an Instagram influencer solutely not so I hope you guys like
this video that’s completely honest transparent about Shopify in 2018
the fact is it is simply not oversaturated ecommerce is on an
unbelievably explosive upward trend outpacing normal retail sales by over 4x
guys and that is not going anywhere anytime soon the convenience and luxury
ecommerce is only going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and it’s the
biggest it’s ever been right now which means that the biggest and best
opportunity that ecommerce have ever had in history of e-commerce is right now so
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