December 12, 2019
Is He A Notary or a Cookie Artisan? | Guess My Shopify Business Ep6

Is He A Notary or a Cookie Artisan? | Guess My Shopify Business Ep6

– It doesn’t necessarily have to be food. It could be croissants. It could be– – Croissants are food! – [Narrator] What do you think
these people have in common? Each works a regular nine to five, but they’re also holding down
a surprising side hustle. Can you guess what it is? (cheering)
(upbeat music) A team of four strangers, will get three clues– – Guys, I am stumped truly. – His eyes will tell us everything. – We should go with our gut here. – [Narrator] And one guess – Here we go! – [Narrator] To solve this
episode of Guess My Hustle. – Hi, my name is Arthur. I’m an Armenian born, and raised in SoCal, and I am a pharmacist for my nine to five. – Hey, how’s it going?
– Arthur. – I’m Elise. – [Director] Do you think the team today – [Director] is going to
figure out your side hustle? – I don’t know, it might
be a little tricky. My name is Arthur. I’m born and raised in SoCal. I used to be a young troublemaker
when I was really young. My favorite bands are Led
Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. I hope to be one day mayor of Burbank, and I am a nine to five pharmacist. – [Team] Cool, political aspirations. – Now, how do you feel
about your nine to five? – I love it, it’s my passion,
it will remain my passion. – So when did you stop
being a troublemaker? – Right around 10. – Turned 10 and you were like
all right I’m a grown up now. – I cut it off. – If you love your nine to
five, it’s your passion, why do you need a side hustle? – Well, anyone can have two passions. – That’s a really good answer. – Totally, totally. – He has a compassionate heart. He wants to be mayor and help people. He likes helping people as a pharmacist. – Yeah. – He probably wants to help
people with his side hustle. – Yeah, good call. – Yeah, like plant trees. – Being a mayor is like being
the pharmacist of a town. – Oh my god, yeah. – Maybe it’s like a non profit – Did you just come up
with that? That was good. – Yeah, it just came to me. – [Director] Do you think
you guys are going to – [Director] guess the side hustle today? – You know, I really hope we guess it. I really like getting things right. I think we’ll guess it. I think I’ll get it for sure. – We have a card, A Closer Look. Turn on the projector and figure out the close-up image for your next clue. You have until the buzzer
sounds to view the clue. – Oh god, what is that? – It’s so blurry, it’s so close
up. What is that, fingers? – Aw, what in the world? I definitely feel like it is
an edible looking texture. – Something else it reminds
me of is a painting, like an oil painting. – Yeah, yeah. – Now, are you an artist of any kind? You don’t have to get into specifics. – Technically, everyone’s an artist. – Oh god, we’ve heard this.
– I’ve heard that before. Is this a painting? – It’s on the wall, it could be. [Laughing] – I’m gonna take that as confirmation. – Hmmm, okay, okay. – I don’t know because if you see the little black grains, like — (Buzzer Buzzing) – Oh no! – Okay we’re out of
time, we’re out of time. – [Director] What is your
definition of a side hustle? – It can be a passion project
or it can be something, a goal that you’re working towards that might even fulfill you creatively. – Number two, Blind Box. You have until the buzzer sounds to figure out what secret
clue the box holds. All right, here we go, I’ll go first. – Come on over.
– I know this is great. Okay, I really hope it’s not squishy. Oh, it’s not squishy okay. – Tell us what you’re feeling. – It’s crinkly. – [Scott] I can hear that, yeah. – It feels kind of waxy. – Now let me get these
meat hooks in there. – Yeah, you want to
get them, that’s awful. [Laughing] – Oh, wow.
– See what I mean? Right?
– Yeah, very waxy. – Okay. – Or gooey? – Well —
– I wouldn’t say gooey. – You do like cooking. – Yeah, it does feel like
wax paper from like a — – For baking and stuff. So, either food or tracing paper which has to do with drawing. Do you like to draw? – I have to draw a lot
of chemical products. – That brings me like no
closer to whatever this is. – Yeah, that’s a toughy. – I think it pushes me
closer to the food options. (Buzzer Buzzing) – All right here we
go, next one, next one. – [Director] Do you
know anyone in your life – [Director] with a legit side hustle? – Yes, yes I do. My friend Gabby has her
own vegan YouTube channel. She talks about recipes that she tries and things that she finds, and she would kill me if I didn’t plug it. – [Jeris] Please help us, please help us. – Locations. Here’s a few places this
merchant’s product could be used. You have until the buzzer
sounds to observe the clue. – All right, I feel like this could help. – All right here we go.
– Get my hands on this clue. – Grandma’s house. – Open house, and church. – Okay, I’m thinking spoons, tiny spoons. – Tiny spoons? – I’m thinking cookies, and hear me out. Me and my friends used
to go to open houses just to get cookies, because real estate agents put them out. – Of course!
– That’s genius. – Yes, yes, yes. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – How could that first picture have anything to do with cookies? – I don’t know.
– It doesn’t matter. – That’s the thing, I don’t know. – Maybe they were lemon square cookies. Are you a cookie lover? – I also love cookies, though,
everybody loves cookies. (Buzzer Buzzing) – [Elise] All right, that’s okay. – All right that’s okay. (upbeat music) – [Director] Define the idea
of a side hustle in one word – On-the-side, with dashes. – [Arthur] All right, here’s
your chance to figure out what my side hustle is. – [Elise] Okay. – On call notary. – Cookie artisan.
– Cookie artisan. These are pretty good. – You were talking about cookies but– – But now the wallpaper
designer makes a lot of sense. – The notary is very interesting. – It is. – The notary, so what exactly is a notary? They do stamps on like birth certificates. – Yeah, it’s like registered mail. – They notarize like official documents. – So those locations could
have notaries, right? At like real estate and church? – Church, I don’t know.
– Church? – No. – Wallpaper designer could definitely– – Be church, grandma’s house,
and open house for sure, and it makes sense with the paper. – The paper we were touching, that could’ve been a piece of wallpaper. – That’s true.
– Yeah. – We all agree that notary is
probably not his side hustle. – I do feel better about
cookie and wallpaper, than I do about notary. – [Scott] I agree. – Go ahead, I think it’s gone. Get it out of here. – Next.
– Get it out, get it out. – Now we’re down to two. – Wallpaper design throws me for a loop. – I think that– – Hold ’em up. – we should go with our gut here. – What are you doing? – [Arthur] Inspecting my hands. – [Jeris] Trying to see
if he has cooking hands. – Are they cooking hands or
are they wallpaper hands? – Are they cooking hands or
are they wallpaper hands? – Let me see, yeah, they
do have paper cuts on them. – Can you read anything? – [Scott] This is crazy. – I think that we should
go with our gut here. We all had a really good
feeling about the food thing. We had a really good
feeling about the paper, the wax paper.
– I think that it’s food. Because I think some chefs, like they like to trim
their nails pretty short. – Get out of here! – Yeah, no I, the hands
I, they tell me a lot. – But one more question. Do you have a connection
to interior design? – My room, I designed it,
I painted my room myself. – Ah, but you painted it. – You painted it!
– That decides! – All right, I’m going to go ahead. Do we feel good about cookies, everybody? – I feel pretty strong about cookies. – Okay, I think we’re fine in agreement. Let’s take that one off. – We have made our decision. – This is our final guess. – It’s the hands, the hands sold me. – I hope we’re right. – Here it is guys. – Here it comes. (upbeat music) – The moment of truth! (cheering) – Yes, we did it! – It’s the cookies! We did it, we did it. Amazing deduction. – [Jeris] Can we have one? – Of course you can. – Yes!
– Which would you like? Macadamia, chocolate chip. – Oh my goodness – Look at all these flavors. – They look so big. – [Jeris] Wait split one
with me, split one with me. – [Elise] How did you get
started with all of this? – So, my brother actually
was in town one time, and he sat me down one day and was like, “Hey, Arthur I really want a cookie.” And I was like just go to the store and buy a batch, you know? He’s like no no no no,
I want one homemade. I was like, all right I’ll go buy the prepackaged frozen cookie dough. He’s like Arthur sit down,
I want them from scratch, all like organic ingredients. I was like all right, all right. So, that’s when I started baking them, and then I decided to call
it Chubby Cookie Company. – Nice.
– Wow, that’s awesome. – Cute, it’s so cute. – They’re definitely chubby cookies. – They look chubby. I feel like you’re kind
of nurturing people in very different but
both substantial ways. – Absolutely. – Yeah, people don’t ask questions about the side effects
of a cookie, you know? It just makes you happy. – What does a side hustle give you that your nine to five doesn’t? – It’s peace of mind, just like calmness and like everyone’s happy
when they have a cookie. – I’m happy. – [Director] What was the most fun moment – [Director] of today’s episode? – Eating the cookie. – Eating the cookie. – Getting to try the cookies. – I didn’t have a cookie. I’m vegan. [Record Scratch] [Laughing] – Thanks for playing guys. I’m glad you guys guessed it. – Thank you.
– Thank you so much – Yes, absolutely. – [Arthur] You got to try it, too. – Yeah, thank you so much, Arthur. Best of luck with everything. – Want to watch more episodes? Hit subscribe right here. – My favorite moment was when they actually tried the cookies, because I know I’m going
to have repeat customers. (upbeat music)

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