March 29, 2020
Is Freelancing the Right Way to Start Business and Become an Entrepreneur?

Is Freelancing the Right Way to Start Business and Become an Entrepreneur?

you might be thinking hey shall I become
a freelancer this is the first step for me to start a business in the future
or is it just another type of job because you don’t want to have another
job right you don’t want to have another nine-to-five it’s just that it’s front
of your computer but you’re still doing the same thing so obviously you don’t
want that you want to run a business you want to be free you want to be the boss
you want to decide when you work how you work maybe where you work if you want to
be location independent maybe you want to work in Thailand or maybe you want to
want to work and snowboard everyday in Denver whatever it is the question that
might be popping up in your head is hey it’s freelancing the right way to store
it and I have something interesting for you today because I have few awesome
reasons for you awesome mind shifts for you on how you
can actually utilize freelancing to start a business so to answer the
question in a simple way is freelancing the right path for me to get to the
business level the answer is well it depends it depends on if you are going
to do this right it depends on how you are going to freelance so there are
freelancers who get into a very dangerous trap and watch out bear with
me because you really don’t want to get into this trap and this is the trap of
staying in the vicious circle of being freelancer forever and selling your time
for money this is very dangerous because it’s
really hard to find the way out once you are in it is really hard to find the
ways way out so you have to watch out but don’t worry I’ll show you how not to
get in this trap of being a freelancer forever so we are going to solve it
right now so my shift number one mind shift number one for you how to utilize
freelancing and your business in the future so the
first thing that I’ve realized is that a lot of people are messaging me who are
freelancers a lot of guys for freelancers are messaging me on Facebook
because I usually usually put the link to my facebook in the description of
every video so they can just message me and they just say hey Matt I’m a
freelancer and I want to turn this into a business and I’m asking them well why
are you a freelancer why you’re not running a business and they usually say
well I sell my time for money so we are first working on creating an offer of
how they can offer their services not per amount of time that they are working
on these but per amount of work or by the service that they are delivering so
let me explain you what I mean with this if you’re a freelancer you can work
let’s say one hour and let’s say you get customers through freelancing platform
and you get $30 for this okay so that’s an example you get $30 an hour maybe you
get 20 maybe you get 10 whatever you get 30 this means that if you work 10 hours
a day or I know what’s your limit today what’s your daily limit of how much you
can work 8 hours 10 hours 12 hours let’s say you work 10 hours a day you get 300
dollars per day and then let’s say that you work five times a week you would get
a certain amount of money but now let’s say you work all the time let’s say you
work every day 10 hours today let’s say you’re really intense so well you and
you end up working 30 days a month let’s say so you are you know making $9,000
well sounds okay right like $9,000 sounds good like no it doesn’t sound
good and the reason for this is because working 10 hours a day every single day
is not realistic it’s not realistic and also you are basically enslaved within
certain time frames of when you have to worry
and how you have to work this is a vicious circle and there is no way out
and you know why there is no way out the answer is simple because you can’t work
more than ten hours a day 30 hours a week you can maybe work 12 hours a day
30 hours so 30 days a week you maybe can work 16 hours a day but you know you
can’t work 24 hours a day 30 days a week it’s impossible it’s physically
impossible for human beings so this means that you’re gonna reach a ceiling
of how much money you can be making with freelancing and this is the first
difference between freelancing and business freelancers can make certain
amount of money and there is always the limit I don’t know what is the limit in
your niche but there is always the limit of how much you can make and then
something Lancers say well and this is why I used to think but I can always
increase my hourly wage I can you know start charging $100 an hour if I’m
better if I’m Way better freelancer if I’m amazing if I’m like top-notch high
ticket freelancer maybe you know even more there guys were charging $500 an
hour it’s possible but then you’re also gonna have a ceiling let’s say you’re
gonna make more you’re gonna make I know $20,000 a month whatever 30 40 there is
always a limit of how much you are actually capable of making because
because there is always a limit of how much people are willing to pay for your
services based on market demand and supply so if someone can deliver the
same services for less and usually market would decrease the value of your
services so there is always a limit of how much they can so there is always a limit of how much
people are actually willing to pay you for your work so what does this mean
this means that there is always ceiling whether it’s your time or whether this
is market supply and demand of how much people are willing to pay for one hour
of your time so what can you do what is the mind ship how are we working with
people who are joining our tribe of entrepreneurs to get this freelancing
and turn this into a business so the first thing that we do is well if you’re
well paid freelancers and you have a lot of clients is great but the first thing
we do is we take their time their working hours and what we do is we
convert their working hours into packages and to packages that they start
offering their clients so what is happening is that instead of charging
per hour they start charging for service so I can I go with easy example let’s
say you’re a freelancer you build websites for $30 an hour now you decide
that from now on we’re gonna build this as a package of course you have to do
this right you can’t make a mistake so if you don’t know how to turn time into
packages message me on Facebook but link to my facebook in the description of
this video but basically you’re selling one website let’s say it’s a random
example you’re selling one website for let’s say let’s say maybe I don’t know
let’s go with something low let’s say takes you 10 hours to build a simple
website so you’re sell selling a website for $300 so instead of charging for 10
hours of your work which is $30 an hour now you’re charging for website so what
is happening is that you’re working pretty much the same amount of time and
you’re getting pretty much amount pretty much the same amount of money but what’s
interesting here is that the fact that you’re getting the same amount of money
but the fact that from now on nobody’s looking
behind your back controlling you how much you’re working how many hours per
day how many minutes what are you’re checking Facebook while you’re working
and the most important thing is you can start multiplying yourself wait what did
I say multiplying yourself it sounds like cloning people but you
can you can start multiplying yourself by getting to work with your friends or
other developers who can also build this website packages at the same time while
you are working on your packages so what does this mean this means that while you
are working on one website you can also get someone else to work on another one
and someone else to work on another one and another person to work on another
one and you can simply multiply yourself so this means that you can pay two
people who are working with you but obviously not the full amount because
you’re running the business so let’s say you can pay them $15 an hour maybe
you’re just starting out and they are trying to learn something you pay them
per project as well ppt pay per project or PP t pay per task
so you paying them per task or per project let’s say half of what you’re
making or in a proper structure it would be actually less but more on this in
another video but in reality you would be able to pay them around 20 percent of
the project price just to quickly recap there is lead generation sales project
management and delivery as a basic business model of online business or a
digital marketing agency so the lever view would be usually around 20 percent
if you don’t know how the structure of basic online business works you can read
this in my book we just completed the chapter that is explaining financial
spread of how much is going to each pillar of the business so you can go and
get the book at met Laker thumbs slash book so definitely open this in the new
tab right now Matt liquor that comes Sledge book and get the book pre-order
and this chapter is gonna beat her within a day or so so you’re gonna be
able to read that very soon now getting back to
percentages and the spread he pay them 20% you’re gonna make a profit you’re
gonna make a certain profit obviously you’re not going to make $300 there is
other costs in your business about this later and in the book but let’s just
assume for now that you’re gonna profit 20% of this so you’re gonna profit $60
on each package because you own this business so this is not necessarily
passive income because you pretty much manage these people who are working on
this but what is happening is that in one hour of your time you’re making 60
120 240 dollars well not in one hour of your time in 10 hours of your time
usually you would making 300 so you’re making less but you’re multiplying
yourself so this means that other people are actually doing this so you have time
to build a business so this means that if you were to get more of these because
you’re multiplying these all the time so one two three four five six seven let’s
say eight you would be having already $480 which is more than 300 obviously
$180 more and you can scale this indefinitely I’m not going with hyped
numbers and purpose because I don’t necessarily want to excite you how much
money you’re gonna be making but you can make way more you can make way more than
$300 and 10 hours of your work you can make 480 and still not work but just
manage the business and still have time to figure out how to make thousands and
thousands of dollars all the time so this is really awesome because you can
keep scaling your business I call this multipliers you can keep
multiplying your business all the time so this is mind shift number one and I
talked a lot about this mind shift in this video you can check this video here
I talked more about this specific mind shift but now let’s talk a little bit
more about mind shift number two now let’s talk about mindSHIFT number
two the big my chip that I’ve realized that people figure out is that if they
are freelancers in any kind of field whatever they do whether they help
building ecommerce website as a freelancer or the help as a designer
freelancer or they help with lead generation fun with a freelancer they
start learning the craft really well so now here is something really really
interesting you have two options you can either get some money from your bank
account and put this in your Facebook ads or put this to test something put
this to pass in your funnel and you can lose all this money or you have an
option number two you can serve some clients who are more experienced than
you work for them as a freelancer let’s say you work on their funnel you’re
helping them with their funnel of course you work for them as a freelancer but
have your ears open app and listen to everything those guys are saying cuz
those guys we’re paying your money and hiring as a freelancer they are running
a business and they probably know more about this as the new you and now is the
best part you are essentially getting paid for learning so don’t be one of
these freelancers who’s never getting any results and there’s always a
freelancer because he’s not frickin taking any knowledge from this business
learn what the hell they are doing and take advantage of this business
knowledge and apply this in your own business in the future learn everything
as much as you can become the best freelancer you know become really good
freelancer don’t be like this lazy asshole who’s just like doing the
work think get their feedback accept their feedback consume their feedback
digest it and improve the quality of your work
this is free education free hands-on education plus if it’s something like
Facebook as our funnels people are essentially paying you their money to
use the air their budget for you to test Facebook apps for you to test what works
in e-commerce for you to test which freaking Instagram campaign works and
which Instagram campaign doesn’t work how awesome is that to get paid for
testing things you know how much money my business partners blown on the
Facebook apps they blown so much money to test what works and what doesn’t work
and you know how much money was budgeted to some of the members of our group by
their clients to test different Facebook ads it’s millions of dollars but they
got results they figured what works but you don’t have a million dollars right
now well I’m assuming you don’t well if you do then definitely don’t watch this
video and if order because you wouldn’t get value but if you happen not to have
million dollars on your bank account right now then you probably want to use
some of these as Alice million dollars to be able to test what ads work what
ads don’t work what works what doesn’t work so take advantage of their money
and not in a bad way not in like take advantage and get something from them in
a sleazy way no they have budgets to test different things and they hire you
so you can test different things so they learn and they use you as a guinea pig
to learn things but they put the budget for this so this is amazing synergy
between freelancers and people who have money business owners and vesser’s this
is how you can take advantage of this so this is my shift number two
nothing like a freelancer because you’re always gonna be a freelancer thing like
a business owner who’s already getting knowledge digesting it and use it in
your business in the future once they invest all the money to build funnels
you can just do the same funnel in the future for your business that is
obviously not competing with them because you don’t want to be an asshole
but you can copy/paste what you’ve learned
your own business so that’s mine shift number to think like and Japan or now
mine shift number three and this one is really really interesting now my chief
number three and this one is really interesting is that if you have one lead
generation source aka you only get leads from upward or you only at least from
Fiverr or you only get leads from LinkedIn or you only get leads from cold
calling or you only get leads from referrals or whatever it is if this is
only one of these pillars then these pillars they can’t have a strong
foundation of your building of your business then if they block your app
work account or they block your fiber account or they downgrade your status on
Fiverr or maybe they block your LinkedIn whatever if it doesn’t work then you’re
screwed imagine you don’t have any of these fundaments and this one blows
you’re screwed your business is screwed as a business owner you need multiple
fundaments of lead generation so one two three four five so let’s say five let’s
say two let’s say three don’t have one and that’s the same for delivery we
can’t have one developer if you sell websites you have to have multiple
developers so that if one of them drops out you still have another one so you
always have a strong foundation you’re never in the risk of navigating leads
and you’re never in the risk of not getting work done now
this is a little bit tricky to build new funnels especially if you don’t know
anything about new funnels but yeah I’m happy to share with you how you can make
other panels work so here is a link to a LinkedIn funnel on how to build a
LinkedIn funnel and here is a link to a upward funnel and how to get upward work
and maybe let’s add another one here is the link to buy your funnel so this
already few links for you now the most important thing if this sounds
complicated and you’re a seller a freelancer and you’re successful already
somehow you make a couple of thousand dollars but you want to take this to the
next level definitely message me the link to my
facebook it’s in the description of this video because I have loads of value to
share with you so you can really start working on converting your freelancing
into a real business so message me because as I gonna release this video
this week I will have something special for the first two people who got a
message me about this so link to my facebook is in the description of this
video I’m sure that I have something for you that will change your freelancing
slavery into awesome freedom business see you in tomorrow’s video and see you
on Facebook

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