April 3, 2020
Is eCommerce Right For You?

Is eCommerce Right For You?

– Hey, everyone, this is Jamie
Davidson with AMZ Insiders. A little bit about ourselves, myself and my two fellow
co-founders, Jason and Brad, have sold over $75 million
on Amazon last year, and we’re on pace to do
over $100 million this year. One of the things we get asked a lot, and we hear a lot about is, people ask, is e-commerce right for them,
or is e-commerce right for me? And, e-commerce, which is basically selling physical products online, and there’s multiple channels, and, by far, Amazon is, by far,
the most dominate platform. So, as we think about e-commerce, we predominately think about Amazon, but there are other platforms such as leveraging Shopify on your own site, there’s walmart.com, there’s
a bunch of other smaller ones, but, mostly, and we
recommend Amazon, certainly. Is, is it right for me? And, there’s so much hype out there about selling on Amazon,
about selling on e-commerce, you’ll see a bunch of young,
20-year-olds out there with Lamborghinis,
(car whooshing) and hyping themselves on YouTube. It’s not just Amazon,
it’s all sorts of stuff with making money on the internet. But, so it’s hard to kinda separate the, kinda, facts from fiction about what’s reality out there. And we’ll tell you, absolutely, there certainly is huge opportunity with Amazon and e-commerce. And we’re an example of it. Now, we’ve grown over a period, since 2011, we have a big team here. Right now we’re here in Atlanta. I’ve got a team of about 35 people here. We have another hundred
employees in China, so we’ve built, like, a
real business around it. And, so, it’s a very large business. We have a large warehouse, although you don’t need a warehouse. Most of our product is actually at Amazon, but our business has
kinda grown differently, but most people are trying to grow a business to a couple million dollars. They would be very happy
in terms of sales of that, and the reality of what
that can mean for your life in terms of the bottom line of making a few thousand
dollars extra a month. For most people it would
make a huge difference. So, kinda back to the question is (truck rumbling)
is e-commerce right for me. What I would say is a
couple different things. One is you got to be grounded in that, on one hand e-commerce
is a huge opportunity ’cause there’s so much
scalability to grow, there’s incredible opportunity, so, from that perspective, I would say for most people the answer should be yes, if you’re just lookin’ at it
from an opportunity standpoint. For yourself, you’ve got
to be realistic, right, so you can’t chase, think that you’re just gonna throw stuff up
there and start sellin’ and makin’ all this money on Amazon. You need to know what you’re doing. And that’s where, we’re big proponents of getting mentorship,
coaching from people, and do coach people in own inner circle and try to help people
learn from our own mistakes and really execute on their end because if you purely do it by yourself, is it right for you, you’re really gonna have to
spend a long period of time. I think anyone can
eventually figure stuff out, but if it take you three or four years to figure something out
in terms of how to do it, by then, so much opportunity is missed. That’s why speed is important and the ability to find people. And, so, along those
lines, you’ve gonna be someone who is coachable, you’ve gotta be someone
who’s willing to learn. And you’ve gotta be,
really, someone who is willing to follow, kind
of a process, a process that has been laid out for
ya that, hey, this works. If you do these steps, then,
yes, you can be successful. That’s not everyone. Some people, they can’t do
that, or they’re not coachable. They have unrealistic expectations, meaning that they’re not
willing to the time in. It’s not an incredible amount of time because there is a passive
income aspect to it because we can check our phone right now and see sales comin’ in all day long. We’ll wake up in the morning
after sleeping all night and we’ll see sales comin’ in. So that’s the awesome and the excitement. There’s nothing better than seeing that, or get to the holidays and you see ding, ding, ding, ding, ding because sales are comin’ in like crazy around the holidays,
which is super awesome. Again, our own approach is we kinda take a very authentic approach
to this business. We’re not about overhype. At the same time, the
potential is very, very real in terms of the power of e-commerce, that some of the statistics
have talked about in terms of where e-commerce is, that and still only 10%
of all commerce out there. Over the next several years, over the next five years it’s supposed to triple, to only still only be less
than a third of all e-commerce, so we’re very, very much in
the early stages of e-commerce, so it’s not a matter of if e-commerce is gonna become much bigger, if people are gonna make a lot
more money with e-commerce, it’s really just a matter of who. Who is that, is that only big companies? Is it only established people that are selling on Amazon already? And the answer is it’s gonna be those, realistically, I believe, is those that take
action, that get involved that really invest in their own learning to understand how to, understand what works right now on Amazon and e-commerce, but also what’s gonna work
in three months from now, six months are now, next year, kinda stayin’ at the forefront
of where the industry going, ’cause it’s going in a great place. It’s going in an awesome
place, it’s growing, and, so, absolutely, we certainly think there’s tremendous opportunity with selling on Amazon for those that are willin’ to take action, that are grounded, have
a good mindset around it, and certainly have belief
that it can be done. And we know, without question
it does, ’cause we did it. There was nothing special about us gettin’ involved in the business, and we’ve seen plenty of other people and we’re helping a lot of
people be successful as well. So, if this discussion was helpful for ya, I really, really strongly suggest you click the link below and
check out our free workshop all about how to build your
very own business on Amazon and build your own e-commerce empire. I go through all the exact steps we used to build our $75 million business and, more importantly,
I really go through, kinda, actionable steps
you can start today to start movin’ forward with
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