March 31, 2020
Is eCommerce important for Australian businesses? | e-CBD

Is eCommerce important for Australian businesses? | e-CBD

Put a cup of coffee in a proper copper
coffee pot. And your rolling now aren’t you. Hi! I’m Luke and today we’re gonna
talk about eCommerce and look if you’ve been living under a rock and never
bought anything online you may not know what eCommerce is but I’m pretty sure
that most of us these days have actually purchased something online and
maybe you have an online store already, maybe you’re looking at doing it, maybe
got a business that you know you’ve got set up and you’re looking to go online.
So hopefully today we’re gonna talk about some things that will be helpful to you.
So first of all just a little bit about eCommerce and why we think eCommerce is so powerful and such a valuable method of finding new customers as you
know like I said if you’re just going purely online or whether you’ve actually got a store already and you’re going to take that online in
the eCommerce platform. So look, bricks and mortar stores unfortunately are in decline and eCommerce is growing. It’s not that you know we’ll lose all our
bricks and mortar stores of course but there’s definitely a trend and
particularly among niche markets and markets that might struggle,
it would need to be in more populated areas. There is definitely a value in going online and trading online in that regard because you know
obviously you can reach more people. The other factor is the the actual cost of setting
up an eCommerce store and the running costs obviously much lower than running
a bricks and mortar store you don’t have the cost of an expensive
fit out, your staffing costs can be much lower – even though you
still obviously can have staff running eCommerce depending on how big you are –
but the startup and running costs are definitely much lower but it’s
not like there’s no cost either so we’re gonna talk about that a little bit later
give some tips and advice about how to set up your eCommerce store
effectively. The other thing is that by having, by trading online, by selling
online you have access to data about your customers and potential customers
that you just wouldn’t have in the traditional methods of having a physical
store. That data is real-time and you
can optimize and and tweak your store to make it much more effective and to be
much more profitable without out laying lots of money to do
surveys and to do focus groups or however you would do that kind
of research traditionally. I think as we’ve mentioned
before reaching outside of your local area, so if you’ve got a physical
location obviously your reach is limited depending on you know your business and
how far people are willing to travel whereas online obviously you can reach
nationally, internationally there really is no boundary in that
sense. Ease of use when it comes to inventory and management of
inventory obviously whereas you have to stock shelves or
whatever it might be traditionally it’s very very straightforward adding new
product to a webstore. You’ve also got an employee who works when you’re not
working. So you can be at home and your store is online and it’s still
doing business while you’re putting your feet up and relaxing after a hard day’s
work. Certainly as I’ve kind of mentioned before if you’ve got a
niche business something that may have traditionally have
had to have been in a large metropolitan area to have the the market,
eCommerce stores have now allowed very unique niche businesses to be profitable
and to reach people who are looking for their products and services, or their
products, online and are able to find them without having to travel
great distances or like I used to do when I was a kid, I
used to get into comics and so I’d ring the comic store and I’d order my comics
from Sydney, I get them sent through to me and nowadays you could
just jump online, tick what you want, put it in your cart, pay for it and it will
arrive. So much easier in that regard at reaching those audiences and
particularly in the niche market. Ability to scale obviously is a massive factor.
So the ability to actually increase the size of your business, obviously
the overheads involved in doing that online are far less than if you
were doing that with a bricks and mortar store. Setting up a
brand new store somewhere physically obviously the cost comparison
is just – it doesn’t even compare. Most of all the convenience factor.
If you’ve ever shopped online, which I’m sure you have,
you know how convenient it is just to kind of browse take your time,
you don’t have a sales person coming up to you and saying ‘Can I help you?’ Well, sometimes you do. You have a little pop-up
there and people can chat to you and that can be helpful sometimes but in
general you can just browse at your leisure and then make your decision and
the process should be, if the cart is set up properly and the site’s set up
properly, very easy and painless and so that convenience factor is huge for
consumers and it’s good for you as a business that’s trading online.
So that’s a little bit about why we think eCommerce is such a powerful platform.
We’ve got a blog post about that written by Herve, one of our internet
marketing team who worked extensively and for a good period of time on an
online store and he was managing that site and managing all
the aspects of that, so he certainly had good insight and hands-on experience.
We’ve certainly had a lot of experience as a company with eCommerce websites
and we definitely think it’s a really very platform both for new
businesses that are going to bring a product to market or businesses that
already have a physical store and are looking to go online.
We’re going to do another video talking about the 5 things that we
think are really important in setting up an eCommerce website so please check
out that video. If you like this video please Like it, Subscribe to our Channel
and check out the other videos we have about internet marketing and websites
and all things with making your business more profitable online.
Thanks for watching.

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