April 4, 2020
Iron Terminator VS Dirty Rims!

Iron Terminator VS Dirty Rims!

Okay guys, welcome back to the
channel guys so right now we are going to start a new segment in
our YouTube channel which is about car DIY Okay because I’m a car guy you know
I like to get my hands dirty Do some repairs and some cleaning on my own
keeping us today we are going to have a special video on how to clean your
rims okay so let’s go everyone look at the dirt and everything okay and
the worst thing about this is it has a lot of brake dust embedded into it
okay so no matter how you wash this right it can’t be clean
okay but there are areas with the brake dust that even if you rub your
hand on it right it just doesn’t get up you know all the grime and everything
Okay and for this episode we actually bought something called the
iron Terminator okay you can check this out we just bought it at Autobacs
ok and this thing is supposed to lift up the brake dust that has already embedded
into the paint And it has the purplish you know
goo and everything that will come up okay which is lifting the iron from the
dirt so we’re going to show you how this works (Music) Okay I hope you guys have fun with
this episode yeah I hope you guys have learn something new and overall
look at the rim right now it is much much better okay because for normal wash
you can watch it clean but for all the brake dust and all these right
That is the part you know it will stick on the paint and it’s actually very
irritating for me to watch that haha So I hope you guys have learnt something
new okay remember to like and subscribe guys okay it means the world to us and
hit that notification button so See you guys, bye bye!

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